Couple plans to ride out Hurricane Dorian on boat

September 11, 2019

(MM) DORIAN IS CHANGING SOME — END OF SUMMER PLANS ON BLOCK ISLAND. THE BLOCK ISLAND FERRY SAYS — IT ANTICIPATES SERVICE —*WILL BE*— INTERRUPTED TOMORROW AND SATURDAY. (HE) AS EYEWITNESS NEWS REPORTER TORRY GAUCHER FOUND OUT — SOME PEOPLE ARE WORRIED ABOUT TAKING THEIR *OWN* BOATS OUT ON THE WATER. HE JOINS US FROM BLOCK ISLAND — WHERE HE SPOKE WITH *ONE* COUPLE CHANGING THEIR WEEKEND PLANS AS DORIAN HEADS OUR WAY. : “With summer coming to a close– many people are fitting in the last trip of the season. But those plans have been altered for Dan O’Connor and his wife they were planning on sailing their boat to Mystic, Connecticut — but Hurricane Dorian has changed that.” DOCKED IN FRONT OF BALLARD’S ON BLOCK ISLAND IS THE 50-FOOT SEAWAGON. A SUMMERTIME OASIS FOR DAN O’CONNOR AND HIS WIFE. “This was supposed to be our second stop on our three-stop vacation. But we thought it was a safe hold to hide here.” O’CONNOR ISN’T WILLING TO CHANCE THE ROUGH SEAS THAT DORIAN IS EXPECTED TO PRODUCE. “Every day keeping tabs with the harbor master. He helped us tie up here today and secured his boat so everybody is just waiting now” CONDITIONS THIS WEEKEND WILL NOT RESEMBLE HURRICANE DORIAN OF LAST WEEK THAT BROUGHT DESTRUCTION TO THE BAHAMAS. BUT O’CONNOR IS TAKING EVERY PRECAUTION “Double up all the lines, put fender boards out, put out all the fenders you have and make sure everything stays in place.” HE IS CONFIDENT HE WILL WEATHER THE STORM WITH EASE UNLIKE THOSE IN THE BAHAMAS. O’CONNOR WAS THERE IN MARSH HARBOR DURING 20-16. “that part of the Bahamas was still feeling the effects of a 2006 hurricane they still hadn’t recovered from that one almost nine or ten years later they were feeling the effects. And I am sure this will be 100 times worse” “Having to stay on Block Island the O’Connors are going to make the best of it and talked about attending the Rockfest that was pushed to Sunday because of the effects of Dorian. On Block Island, I’m Meteorologist Torry Gaucher, Eyewitness News”

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