Crypto Commandment #8: Learn Market Analysis | Ten Commandments of Crypto Trading by Caleb Wright
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Crypto Commandment #8: Learn Market Analysis | Ten Commandments of Crypto Trading by Caleb Wright

August 16, 2019

Hello my friend, Caleb Wright here from Bitcoin
Lifestyles Club, and in this video I’m going to teach you about the 8th commandment of
crypto trading… Thou Shalt Learn Crypto Market Analysis! So the key to having a winning gameplan for
the crypto markets, is to understand and analyse them more deeply on two different levels. Technically and Fundamentally. Technical Analysis is going to 100% be a study
of the charts and price patterns, and levels of support and resistance over time. All represented on the candlestick charts
on available crypto charting platforms like Trading View or Coinigy. I personally prefer to use Coinigy, it has
all the tools and indicators that you would ever need, and the interface is very user
friendly. When you understand the markets from a technical
perspective, you will be much so much more grounded in knowing when to buy and sell. You will understand how to identify bullish
and bearish market cycles, the phases within them, and how these various market conditions
and trends can be traded for profit. Learning the various methods of technical
analysis will be invaluable to your overall success in trading cryptocurrencies, because
it will help you to formulate a game plan you can have confidence in. When you don’t know what you are looking at,
when you take a look at the charts… it can be extremely difficult to come up with an
effective gameplan you can count on. This is where the educated trader wins and
lives to trade another day over the inexperienced trader who lacks the knowledge and enters
the market at a much higher risk of making fatal trading decisions as a result. But it’s not ALL about the charts, there is
another side to analyzing the market that we have to take into consideration. And that is Fundamental Analysis. Which is where we are research and learn about
the coin project, read the whitepaper and familiarize with the technology behind it,
learn about the developers… and most importantly in regard to trading, you learn about key
release, launch dates, partnership announcements or other types of news events that could potentially
have an effect on the price. So all the background info is good for helping
you decide if the coin project is of actual value with a real world use case… or just
some worthless vaporware. And if it doesn’t wreak of scam AND ticks
the marks of a good coin project, then you can have confidence in trading that coin. And once you are paying attention to that
coin, when you learn about an upcoming launch date or other type of important event that
can build hype around it… This will be your potential trading opportunity
to buy the rumor and sell the news on the date of the launch, which is typically what
happens in the crypto world. If you do your own research on different altcoin
price spikes, you will find many of these little bull trends end on certain launch dates…
all you have to do is research what was going on for that coin around the date it began
a significant correction to learn what was going on that led to the growth in price and
the correction that followed. Coins will pump right up until key dates,
and then the smart traders who are in position will take profit at the peak which begins
the next correction as other traders in the market follow suit. So this is why Fundamental Analysis is also
important. There are many factors at play between real
life events and the technical action on the charts, to make up what we get for crypto
prices on a daily basis. If you take your crypto trading seriously
and learn how to analyse crypto markets from a technical and fundamental perspective, you
will be way ahead of the average crypto trader when it comes to your ability to formulate
a winning game plan and reach your financial goals as a result. Caleb Wright here from Bitcoin Lifestyles
Club, and I hope you got massive value out of today’s 8th Commandment of Crypto training
and feeling inspired to take your skills to the next level. Watch out for the rest of the 10 Commandments
of Crypto Trading, that I have put together just for YOU. Because I want to help you avoid the costly
mistakes made by so many unsuspecting crypto noobs. In the next training video, Commandment #9,
I’m going to teach you the number one strategy that winning traders use to preserve their
capital and not only survive the crypto markets, but thrive for the long term of their crypto
trading career. And by the way, if you want to fast track
your way to mastering the crypto markets by developing your skills as a trader, you should
check out the powerful crypto trading education and 24-7 running mastermind community of WINNING
crypto traders available on the Bitcoin Lifestyles Club platform that we have put together to
help you maximise your potential with crypto! Just click the link below this video for more
information, and start accelerating on your path to crypto wealth and start living a financially
free lifestyle starting today…

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