DAY TRIP TO NUSA PENIDA ISLAND: Snorkelling and water sports (BALI DAY 3)
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DAY TRIP TO NUSA PENIDA ISLAND: Snorkelling and water sports (BALI DAY 3)

September 1, 2019

This is Sanur beach Today we are going to visit Nusa Penida (island) in those boats Nusa means Island in Balinese whereas its called ‘Pulau’ in the Indonesian language – ‘Bahasa indonesia’ It will take about 40 minutes from here to Nusa Penida According to Mr Dewa, our guide, There are 33 provinces in Indonesia One of them is Bali Bali has 5 major islands. One of them is Nusa Penida its 9am Today we are also doing Snorkelling This bag has my towel Don’t forget to bring your swimming costumes But if you don’t have it, you can get it there itself This is Sanur beach Sanur is in the South-east of Bali You can get a beautiful view of sunrise from here whereas, the place where we are staying – Anvaya beach resort – gives you a view of Sunset It is situated in the west of Bali Corn for 10,000 IDR this equals 47 INR I think the corn was costly. I hope its ok the bargain with them This is one of the fast boat services for Nusa penida 1900 INR for a to & fro speedboat ride to Nusa Penida It costs 400,000 IDR in those fast boats This reminds me of a speedboat trip in Cambodia I paid 20 USD for visiting Koh Rong Samloem island from Sihanoukville From Sanur beach you can get boats to some other places also Tip #1 If you are going to snorkelling trip, don’t wear shoes like I did To catch those ferries you have to go inside the water. So bring suitable footwears This boat is running at 25 kmph from Sanur to Nusa Penida It takes about 40 minutes Its 9:56 am We are in Nusa Penida The people with me are locals and officials from Indonesia tourism authority My other friends are in other cars He said Thanks is called ‘Suksma’ in Balinese and Terima Kasih in Bahasa Nusa is Island in Balinese Penida is the name of Island This drink is like Daluman which is healthier than coke or sprite The road is not in good shape Many tourists hire a bike to explore this island Regarding the charges, I’ll inform you when I get get to know about them We have been using Telekomsel in Bali It is good in Bali as well as Nusa Penida He has also recommended Telkomsel in this area Look at the beautiful homes This is beautiful Kelingking beach It looks bit offbeat Over there is Indian ocean Australia is towards the south of this place This place is visited by many Australians Let me show you the incredible views from here! I am experiencing this first time in my life it will take 30 minutes to go down… at the beach This path is very risky Only one person can pass at a time, its so narrow But this scenery is so tempting you can not stop yourself to go down there its thrilling The board mentions – Go down on your risk My shoes are not meant for this place I am in queue always be attentive at such tracks its drizzling now my legs are shaking its not easy to trek with holding a selfie-stick like this With every step, i think I should not go ahead, but I am not able to stop myself And not its my turn to climb Salute to those guys who made this way for us Its seems so difficult to do this trek How did you manage with all the stuff to make this path!! If you love adventure, then you must visit Kelingking beach where are my other friends!! This place is so beautiful that I can stay here forever We had lunch at about 1 pm This is the name of the restaurant Today I had Nasi Goreng, a famous Indonesian dish if you are a vegetarian like me, order veg Nasi Goreng These people do not mention the last 3 zeros. He said 30… it means 30,000 IDR The Nasi Goreng cost about 150 INR You can get this dish, almost everywhere its 1:30 pm Going for a snorkelling trip I forgot to wear the seat belt Look at him… he is not using the belt but sitting over it to stop the alarm always wear the seatbelt You will get free wifi in almost all the restaurants in Bali You can trust the speed for sending a WhatsApp message or sharing a picture on instagram This is Toya pakeh village Now we are leaving for the snorkelling trip but due to personal reasons I am not going to do snorkelling Mr Sachin is also not going to do that we have reached now it took 10 minutes from Toya pakeh to Gamat bay This is the place for snorkelling this is snorkel people like me, using spectacles can use contact lenses to enjoy snorkelling properly 1. half pants or a swimming suit is needed for snorkelling 2. a t-shirt will do if you don’t know swimming, then also you can do snorkelling the snorkelling trip will last for 1 hour, including the to & fro journey from the beach now we are going back its raining its 3:45 pm I recommend a day trip to Nusa Penida I am sure you’ll like it Now I am sitting on the roof to make this journey more thrilling and now… I, Sindbad the sailor… I am ready to explore the world on this boat


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