Departing – Problems to Avoid

September 22, 2019

What problems are we trying to avoid? Failing to look-out for other boats and other environmental factors prior to getting underway. Not connecting your engine shut-off switch lanyard or doing so incorrectly. When leaving a shoreline, allowing passengers to fall while boarding the boat. Failing to adjust the load to enable your boat to back off the shore. Not checking around the propulsion unit before starting the engine and allowing it to make contact with the bottom or objects; and causing other boats or people to have to take action to avoid a collision. When leaving a mooring buoy, failing to ensure that the propulsion unit is clear. Having the mooring lines snag on the boat or get tangled in the propulsion unit allowing the boat to contact the buoy causing damage. When leaving a dock or slip, being unable to clear the dock. Failing to cast-off all dock lines in a manner that controls the boat’s departure. Not taking fenders on board when clear of the dock or slip. Leaving lines attached to the boat hanging off the side. Not shifting gears cleanly and smoothly into forward or reverse. Being unable to engage the throttle from idle speed to no-wake speed smoothly, and performing sudden and excessive throttle movements. Not positioning the helm before shifting. Not turning or delaying to turn the steering mechanism in the intended direction of the boat. Not correcting steering before your boat is more than fifteen degrees or the equivalent of three minutes in clock-time off course, and not being able to maintain a consistent heading without over- or under-steering.

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