Deputies on lookout for drunken boaters during holiday weekend
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Deputies on lookout for drunken boaters during holiday weekend

September 3, 2019

TALENT — A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE EXPECTED TO HEAD OUT TO THE WATER THIS HOLIDAY WEEKEND. NEWS THREE’S CHRIS GOTHNER TELLS US WHAT DANE COUNTY DEPUTIES ARE LOOKING FOR TO KEEP BOATERS SAFE. 1 VO/MINI-DISCW1 55 WITH LOTS OF BOATERS GOING ON. NATS AND IN BETWEEN. THE LAKES THIS WEEKEND… 2 SOTW2 46 We’ll snug it up. 2 VO/MINI-DISCW3 55 IT’S THE JOB OF DEPUTIES LIKE SERGEANT JOHN BROGAN…TO KEEP EVERYONE SAFE. 3 SOTW4 55 You know, it’s kinda making sure everyone’s good about sharing the water. 3 VO/MINI-DISCW5 55 AND WHILE THE FOURTH OF JULY WEEKEND CAN BE A TIME TO LET LOOSE… NATS — one of ones with people yelling/waving? HE SAYS BEING DRUNK BEHIND THE WHEEL OF A BOAT CAN BE JUST AS BAD AS BEING BEHIND THE WHEEL OF A CAR. 4 SOTW6 56 It’s boating under the influence. It’s a DNR violation, compared to a traffic violation. The same very hefty fine with it. 4 VO/MINI-DISCW7 53 DEPUTIES LIKE BROGAN KNOW WHAT TO LOOK FOR… 5 SOTW8 56 Someone may go in shallow area where you wouldn’t normally go or past a buoy marker that says no wake at a high speed. 5 VO/MINI-DISCW9 53 AND SAY YOU SHOULD KNOW…TO KEEP AN EYE OUT AS WELL 6 SOTW10 56 kind of be defensive on the water. You want to assume everyone’s a safe boater but you never know how much he or she’s had to drink. 6 VO/MINI-DISCW11 53 SO IF YOU PLAN TO HAVE ANYTHING TO DRINK…LET SOMEONE ELSE DO THE NAVIGATING… 7 SOTW12 56 Someone you know that’s going to be sober when it comes time to get to the end of the day and you head into shore. 7 VO/MINI-DISCW13 53 SO YOU CAN MAKE THE MOST. NAT POP OF THE HOLIDAY WEEKEND. 8 SOTW14 56 I think it’s gonna be a really busy July 4th weekend. 9 SOTW15 78 The sheriff’s office has extra deputies on Madison-area lakes to ensure everybody is being safe on the fourth of july weekend. In Madison Chris Gothner WISC TV 3. LEAH — STATE D-N-R WARDENS ALSO PATROL MADISON’S LAKES. IF YOU WANT TO FIND ADDITIONAL TIPS ON HOW TO BOAT SAFELY…HEAD TO CHANNEL 3000-DOT-COM

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