Dickey Boats Dickey Custom 800 – Boating NZ Review
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Dickey Boats Dickey Custom 800 – Boating NZ Review

September 2, 2019

Hi, John Eichelsheim from Boating NZ magazine. Today we’re aboard the Dickey 800 Custom. It’s another fine example of the Dickey Aluminium boat, 8 m long, biggest trailer boat in the Dickey range. It’s headed into Auckland where I’m sure it’s owners are going to be extremely happy. Very much a family fishing boat this one. It’s got the option of sleeping aboard should you wish to. Quite interesting – it actually uses diesel instead of gas which is safer obviously. There’s a diesel heater on this boat as well. And all the things you’d expect from a Dickey vessel, beautifully finished, it rides very smoothly, 20 kts feels the same as 30 kts. It’s quite surprising. So yes, a very high quality vessel from an exceptionally builder – here in Napier (NZ). This is a great feature – open this up … … and it opens the whole space up between the saloon and the cockpit. The galley is here, again its a really nice social layout, and also great if someone’s out of the cockpit … some people inside the boat they can talk to each other, see each other, hear each other. So, there’s very fishing friendly cockpit. We’ve got all sorts of features here that are quite exclusive to Dickey Boats. This bait station top swivels away so that you’ve got great access to the live bait tank. Nicely designed work top, underneath there’s a space for the icebox, again you can pull it out, it’s easy to access … if you don’t need just slide it away. A rather nice touch. Little boarding step makes it that much easier to get in and out of the boat. Up on the hard topit’s impossible to miss the huge Garmin HD Radome up there, and also the FLIR camera which is on the highest point on the hardtop, and that can be adjusted to look ahead of the boat or to either side. So, three of us on one side of the boat there’s hardly any heel at all, a very stable hull – fantastic for fishing from. 300 horsepower four-stroke, plenty of power for this boat, in fact its a really nice match. That provides some pretty respectable performance, 35 knots plus top end, and a comfortable cruising speed anywhere between 25 and 30 knots. And also reasonable economy, around about two nautical miles per litre at around 21 knots, So you could go out to the Great Barrier Island for instance from Auckland, you’re probably only going to spend 50 or 60 dollars. That’s pretty reasonable. On today’s boat review we’ve got quite a few experienced boaties, and it’s interesting they’ve all commented on this boat’s ride, and it really is quite exceptional, it’s very very smooth, and it’s a very easy back to drive as well. I can’t emphasize that enough. Once it’s set up and the trim has been set correctly, it pretty much drives itself. So if you were traveling any kind of distance this would be a particularly powerful boat. So if you were to take this boat aware for the weekend you’ve got a few options in terms of sleeping. There’s a full length berth in the forard cabin, and room for a child there as well, so you could conceivably sleep two people there, obviously you’ve got a separate toilet, its a manual flush toilet in a separate compartment, so there’s no need to share your sleeping space with the toilet. Here in saloon we can drop the saloon table, that forms another berth that would sleep two people quite comfortably. So quite a few options as far as sleeping overnight goes. This boat is fitted with the latest Garmin electronics suite, we’ve got dual screens two MFD’s, GPS map 7412s. It’s perfectly customizable, whatever you want to see you can watch on the screens. [Jason Dickey] This is a Garmin System, twin screens. I’ve got it set up so that they work basically as a single screen with these smart modes. So yeah, I’m finding the gear really easy to use. [John Eichelsheim] The Garmin’s communicate with the Fusion entertainment system by Fusion link, Fusion’s also owned by Garmin so it’s a seamless interface which works perfectly. You can also direct the pictures on the screen to the TV, which swings out so that you can see it from the cockpit, alternatively you could look at whatever’s on these MFD’s on a device like a phone or tablet, so you know any number of ways of seeing the information that’s being displayed. Dickey Boats supply this boat on a custom aluminum trailer. They build the trailers themselves, like the rest of the boat they’re a high quality product. It’s a dual axle trailer, braked on both axles. Electrohydraulic braking system – a sensor brake system. The trailer’s also equipped with a stone guard protector, which is a handy thing to have, it just protects the lovely paint work of the boat. All up the rig weighs 3.1 tons on the trailer, that’s dry without any fuel. So if you fill it up with fuel you’re still going to come inside the 3.5 ton limit. According to Jason Dickey this is about as big a boat as he can build, which is still legal on New Zealand roads. So, we’ve really enjoyed our time on the Dickey 800 Custom. Obviously today the weather’s not quite as nice as it was yesterday when we did all the running shots but nonetheless, it’s been good to take the boat in some somewhat different conditions, and see how it goes with a bit more slop on the water. Thanks for watching this Boat Review on the Dickey 800 Custom. For more boat reviews like this – go to our website www.boatingnz.co.nz John Eichelsheim again from Boating New Zealand Magazine. Thanks for watching, if you’d like to see more of these videos please subscribe to our Channel! Subtitles by BBGroup NZ


  • Reply jim dalton November 9, 2017 at 4:00 pm

    I love everything to do with the sea, boats, ships and fishing

  • Reply Nz Farmer1 November 26, 2017 at 8:22 am

    At 51 seconds you say it runs on diesel??

  • Reply Manfred Lurie February 26, 2018 at 2:43 pm

    Dear John, I have not able to contact Dickey Boats' for some resend or other. could you please forward my E-mail address to Dickey? Thank you. Monty

  • Reply Alistair Edge July 15, 2018 at 10:08 am

    is there an option to dampen the sound of water slapping on the hull?

  • Reply Bob Builder September 25, 2018 at 4:34 am

    This really can only be considered a day boat due to the 'slapping' noise on the hull. Very typical of alloy boats, can send you nuts after a while.

  • Reply Andrew Kinne November 26, 2018 at 8:16 pm

    Love the boat, but the slapping noise…

  • Reply Walter 777 Smith March 13, 2019 at 10:29 am

    That's 300 thousands dollars boat !!!

  • Reply Sammy Montana April 10, 2019 at 5:48 am

    That’s not quite enough power though to go over the Columbia bar. You need a little more power to climb up on those swells & not put yourself in a bad position. I do like the design of the boat & how well it rides in rough water but I would definitely want a bigger outboard or twin motors on the stern.

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