Elephant Butte marine enforcement cracks down on irresponsible boaters
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Elephant Butte marine enforcement cracks down on irresponsible boaters

August 12, 2019

LAKE THIS MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND. WITH SO MANY PEOPLE ON THE WATER… COMES THE OPPORTUNITY FOR ACCIDENTS. NEWS 13 )S FERNANDA LOPEZ RODE ALONG WITH MARINE ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS TODAY — AND SHOWS YOU THE CRACKDOWN ON UNSAFE BOATERS. nat and shot of boat on water IT )S A BUSY WEEKEND ON ELEPHANT BUTTE LAKE…. Cory Stone, Boater;56 this year there )s actually a lot more people ;58 OFFICERS ARE OUT IN FULL FORCE. 2;43 we )re going to stop this boat right here 2;46 MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND your tuber fell off you didn )t have a skiier down flag 3;37 OFFICER GREG CLAESSON SAYS IT )S BEEN PRETTY CALM ON THE WATER SO FAR. ONLY A COUPLE MINOR ACCIDENTS. 4;14 can I also check your registration while I have you stopped?4;15 HE SAYS A BIG PART OF (KEEPING IT A CALM HOLIDAY WEEKEND — IS MAKING SURE BOATERS ARE FOLLOWING THE RULES. 7;48 nats of him getting having a life jacket 7;53 ;14 its just somebody ends up in the water no life jacket they get tired and they drown 7;17 THREE PEOPLE HAVE DROWNED HERE OVER THE LAST YEAR AND HALF… MORE THAN AVERAGE. 28;25 I )ve never seen anyone drown with a lifejacket on 28;28 HE SAYS A LOT OF WHAT OFFICERS DEAL WITH THIS EARLY IN THE SEASON IS TOWING BROKEN DOWN BOATS. 24;14 lots of boats that aren )t quite ready to go but they )re out here 24;15 A BIG CONCERN picks up and all of the sudden they )re in trouble cause that wind is pushing them away from shore 23;57 14;18 the reason i stopped you is when HE )S ALSO ALWAYS ON THE LOOKOUT FOR DRUNK BOATERS… 26;07 nobody yet but they are out here 26;09 A REATIVELY QUIET WEEKEND… AT LEAST, SO FAR… ON THE WATER FOR MARINE ENFORCEMENT… 17;22 until you can find somebody that can operate the boat it doesn )t go out for the rest of the day okay 17;26 CRACKING DOWN ON IRRESPONSIBLE BOATERS. 34;14 behind shot NAT FERNANDA LOPEZ KRQE NEWS 13. THIS WEEKEND ELEPHANT BUTTE OFFICIALS SAY THEY )RE EXPECTING 100-THOUSAND VISITORS. ABOUT 20-THOUSAND MORE THAN LAST YEAR.

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