Elite Dangerous beginners Guide Top 10 Items to buy for your Ship
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Elite Dangerous beginners Guide Top 10 Items to buy for your Ship

January 14, 2020

Hello its Ricardo and I’m playing elite
dangerous elite dangerous as a game they’re very complex affair I’ve been
playing it for a few years now and I’m still learning not only is the new
player go and look at controls joysticks keyboards mouse joystick controls
there’s also what seems to be the insurmountable aspect of upgrading your
ship and indeed choosing your ship so with that in mind I thought I’d put
together a quick video on what new players can do to start in elite
dangerous what are you going to spend your hard-earned money on number 10
straight in at number 10 we’ve got the SRV now the SRV is the elite dangerous
all-terrain multi-purpose vehicle the Oni will allow you to go trundling
around different landscapes but exploring abandoned outposts mining for
rare materials so you can take them to an engineer to modify other components
of on your ship the horizons customer or commander can do land-based missions and
not only explore those strange new worlds and find out what’s going on with
Guardian ruins sadboys ruins and the search the SRV I think is one of the
most important tools any commander pad within the elite dangerous Network and
readers open up the game so if you haven’t got horizons it’s my advice go
out and get it it can’t be that expensive and it will open the game up
tenfold number nine now I’ve got ninth place
allocated to shit now starting off in that old Sidewinder is going to be a
hell of a bind and you want to try and trade and work your way up to getting a
better ship one of the best ships the go for really is going to be the Cobra mark
3 one of the immediate goals that you should have and then from there on to
ships like the ask for a trading vessel steer clear of things like the Eagle
steer clear things like the adder and the hauler why you want to be looking at
is to get yourself a nice meaty ship like the Python but I think in my
opinion is the best multi-role ship you can possibly get with an elite dangerous
it’s got load a module babe it’s got good power allocation it can land at
outposts so small landing pads as well as accommodate some of a larger missions
however I run that and I also run an ass now the ass fire fine is another good
multi-role though it does look a bit like a dinner plate but it’s pretty good
for exploring number eight I love fuel scoops they give you the
total freedom to go out and do whatever you want to do without sticking it to
the man and buying your fuel from a space station or star port fuel scoops
for the Explorer are essential if you’re going to go anywhere with a long jump
range or a long journey for example to Colonia anywhere outside the bubble get
yourself a good fuel scoop make sure it’s at least a rated and you can scoop
up as much fuel as you possibly can the shortest period of time but remember you
fly too close to that Sun you’re going to get your wings good you’re also going
to need when to use the neutrons superhighway and to gather for that
neutron star fuel number seven ship power core
now the power core is the heart and soul of your ship without that power core you
can do anything you can’t power any of the toys or gadgets you brought up your
ship or your weapons or your engines now some players will target your power
core in combat to try and disable your ship power cause or power plant and
nuclear fusion reactors which supplied the ships with energy they are however
not a hundred percent efficient at converting fusion energy into
electricity so some energy is lost as waste heat and must be exhausted through
radiation panels the fusion process also produces helium in a highly energized
plasma state or very good however large power plants are able to produce more
energy whilst power plants with a higher rating are more efficient now you can
also engineer your power plants with armored power plant lower emissions
power plant and also overcharge power plants it’s number six the discovery
scanner now there’s a whole galaxy out there of rare and wondrous planets to go
and explore the advanced discovery scanner and discovery scanners the
discovery scanner is a unit that fits inside of internal compartment of your
ship which allows you to scan for unknown astronomical objects within a
certain radius of your ship this can be increased however with engineering all
vessels come with a basic discovery scanner figured as standard but there
are three levels the basic scanner the intermediate scanner and the advanced
discovery scanner and the advanced one has a system-wide range and you want to
be aiming so that one for you commanders who are intent on going out and
exploring the galaxy then having a scanner is essential you will get care
to graphic data which you can trading at the space stations to get you not only
money but also notoriety within the game of elite dangerous when you discover a
planet a system aster or whatever that nobody else has and get your name on the
game it’s number five and that’s the docking computer
now this really is one of the most handy devices in the game base at number five
for a particular reason is you should be able to dock as it is this is strictly
for convenience in my honest opinion the standard docking computer is a ship
module that automates docking with a space station
surface station if you’ve got horizons or an outpost the process can be slow so
it’s not recommended for pilots who need to dock quickly and please do not leave
your ship and attended so there’s a warning attached to this they’re not
perfect and may not work correctly at times especially around planets I’ve got
high gravity that I have found be careful because that docking computer
might outlast you cause you to get blown up by station defenses or just plant you
directly into the surface so be warned number four it’s that power distributor the power distributor takes power from
the power plant and distributes it to the ship’s three main onboard areas that
of systems sis engines Eng and weapons web it also includes a capacitor bank
for each of the three systems plus a three-way research capability power
distributors are rated by their energy storage capacity and they recharge rate
very important to have one of these doing all these big funky lasers on your
ship and then it being discharged really quickly you’ve got to have that
capacitance within your power distributor all distributors I keep all
of recharging the weapons considerably faster than what they do when they
recharge the systems or the engines so bear that in mind and make sure you go
and get yourself a good one number three shield boosters shield boosters are used
to increase the integrity of a ship shields but also increase the time it
takes to replenish the shields should they become depleted in combat or
through collisions it’s a relatively easy addition to your ship to increase
its endurance with in battle equipping multiple shield boosters will
see shield multipliers stack additively this meaning – Oh a shield boosters will
combine provided total multiplier of 1.4 to shield strength but when in danger
and they depleted turn them off to a charge of shields quicker number two
the kill warrant scanner the thing that every bounty hunter needs to make more
money from their kills and imma know what happens you’re going to get into a
scrape or two and you’re going to come into combat with other players or NPCs
if you’re a bounty hunter that’s going to be by choice if you’re not you get
pulled out a frameshift you can’t be getting attacked by somebody else or
something else now the kill warrant scanner is a great little device that
when you do get your kills and you defeat that player NPC you’re going to
get extra credits in the form of a bounty for it so in my opinion it’s a
worthwhile device fit into your ship as stand as it would be to fit thrusters
making those kills equals more money not only a rank towards the lead
number one the right weapons choosing the right weapon can in fact be a
minefield and there’s no punning to today do you have fixed weapons do you
have gimballed weapons do you have multi
cannons beam weapons they all have their pros they all have their cons with
gimballed weapons it gives you more time to fly around and concentrate on what
you’re doing the guns will move with your target with fixed weapons you have
to be a better shot Multi cannons and projectile weapons don’t use as much
heat whereas being weapon to the pulse being lasers they are going to incur
lots of heat and drain your weapon battery from your power distributor even
quicker it’s my recommendation I tell you my recommendation that gimballed
weapons and a mixture between beam and projector weapons would be your aim and
this is why I find Hulme player D player or any other form
of space combat to wear those shields down take the shields out completely
with beam weapons once the beam weapons have eaten through the shields and their
shields are decimated get in there with your multi cannons all your projectile
weapons while your beam lasers are recharging okay and the heat is
dissipating shred through there help destroy their ship that’s my opinion
anyway I’ve been Ricardo this has been my top 10 items to buy in elite
dangerous for your ship we’ve enjoyed watching this video I’ve had a lot of
fun making it fly safe and check back for more videos see you soon you


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    Will you do a review on the type 10 defender when it comes out? In 2.4?

  • Reply David Kennedy August 17, 2017 at 4:16 pm

    Blindin one mate!!! Proper good stuff, even though I've been playin a few months now, I still learned something (mainly not ta sell my python boohoo)

  • Reply David Kennedy August 17, 2017 at 4:17 pm

    Dude the betas out an all, get on it!!!

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    Great guide Commander!

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