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November 8, 2019

previously on Papa Jake I just press it doors opening
I can’t get a big red boy no all right well puts if you only remember getting
out of here is with some sort of crystal fall good thing I’m slightly trained in
acrobatics let’s stick this out sounds like success all right we made it to the
next room whoa okay it’s a bit of a smaller room oh but it looks like this
is in the last room though I’m not seeing a crystal ball anywhere
which means this maze keeps going on yeah okay I’ll have the video done in 30
minutes all right guys I need to update you on what’s going on currently the
game master has me upstairs editing Jake’s footage I think he’s trapped in
some kind of box for maze right now but essentially the game master has taken
over our channel I’m only able to talk to you guys when I sneak Clips like this
into the videos hopefully Jake can figure out a way to break out soon but
as of now there’s not much I can do guys the game master can disable
subscriptions so you have to make sure to hit the bell button it might be the
only way you can see our videos my guess is the ground fight anything
there’s a triangle here this might be the door it’s locked oh looks like
there’s a walk across it okay all right well it looks like we found the way out
of here I don’t think that has anything to do with this though I mean if the
gamemaster has all of these rooms being some sort of puzzle or game this room
has to be a puzzle or a game I’m not seeing anything like that wait what could he want me to do with this
okay well I mean you already had me popping balloons maybe maybe I have to
hit something with this I could hit the triangle all right let’s see what
happens if I hit the triangle flashlight on this okay that helps see if this does
anything nope doesn’t look like that did anything
at all alright well if it’s not that it’s gotta
be something in here something I’ve got a hit with this something something I
need to activate using this nerf blaster guys there’s got to be some sort of clue
in here to tell me what to do with this nerf blaster it’s gotta find it wait
with the pen lid I still the UV light on it
I saved this from the prison ok maybe there’s a clue in here written in UV ink wait wait there’s some righty l-o-l this
isn’t funny the keymaster think he’s funny putting jokes in here something
something wait the triangle the track guys guys I got something there’s an
arrow there’s an arrow point towards the triangle another arrow wait wait here
punch punch I think I have to punch it I have to punch the triangle whatever I
have to do with this nerf blaster has to be on the other side of this triangle
all right well I’m gonna do what the thing says and punch it here goes nothin
in three two one oh all right it worked and it looks like
there’s another room on the other side okay
well unless I’m crawling through a very small hole then I need to do something
to open the store using this nerf blaster okay guys so looking in this
room there’s not much information but at the other end there it looks like there
might be some sort of target I’ve got nothing else to lose I might as well try
shooting it with this and see if it does something to activate the door lock three-two-one okay that was completely
off and I only have two shots left let’s try that again all right this time I’m
gonna try bring the blaster through the hole and holding it like this here we go just missed getting closer let’s try
that again okay here we go last shot in three two one
nice guys I got it look Oh guys guess the logs moving perfect that looks like
it works guys the law completely retracted which means we can go into the
other room all right here we go sweet all right well looks like so far
the game master hasn’t been able to stump us maybe the crystal balls in this
room whoa okay well crystal ball is definitely not in
this room but I found ourselves a bigger room and there is the triangle that
we’re shooting from okay so we gotta find our next spot now it’s time for me
to give you the most valuable item you all ever have something something to
help you escaped from my mace you supply sleep the most the most important item
I’ve ever used what what do you what do you mean what what is it what what do
you what woody why are you giving me a gift
look this is another trick I’m not falling for it guys The Game Master
wants to give me some sort of gift to help me escape from this thing either
he’s tricking me or this is all part of him seeing me complete some sort of game
guys I don’t know about this I don’t know about you but I’m not exactly sure
what that is all right well we still have to complete this maze and if we’re
gonna get that crystal ball the only thing we can do right now is trust the
game master and follow him all right let’s see what’s at the end of this
hallway guys I don’t know what that is kind of
scared to pick it up and look it looks like there’s some sort of hole here all
right well let’s who this is guys do you have any idea what this is what you see
in front of you is a portable 3d printer use it to escape my base a portable 3d
printer what what am I gonna do with this guys I have no idea how I’m
supposed to use a portable 3d printer to escape this maze I don’t even know how
this thing works what I’m supposed to do with it print
print a way out of here print like a key to open me to open the door wait wait
wait yes that’s that’s a keyhole and I think this might be the next door let’s
try it mm nope
buzzer went off all right you know what maybe this is something I can use to
print a key look if you look here it looks like there’s a very specific
keyhole in here I’m not able to really get in with my finger anything but maybe
I could make something with this to get inside okay let’s bring this back here
and figure it out all right so it looks like it is some sort of 3d printer it
looks like this is I guess like ammo for it and I guess we just get guys guys
it’s working it’s pretty it’s pretty okay I got some
plastic it’s hot all right well it looks like this is in fact some sort of
portable 3d printer guys this could be a huge asset but why would the gamemaster
give this to me I mean I know he wants me to solve his puzzles I know he wants
me to solve his game but giving me an asset like this I could make things to
avoid his traps all right we got to use this and utilize it as best as we can
first thing starts with that keyhole all right looks like it should be a pretty
generic keyhole if I can make something that resembles a key I should be able to
use it to get in there and get into the next room I don’t know about you guys
but I think we’re getting close and Logan if you’re watching this I hope the
viewers know I’m doing this for them I’m getting out of here for them the only
reason I’m playing the game masters games is because he promised me some
clues he promised he tell me who he is Logan I’m not able to see the comments
or know what’s going on but maybe some of the viewers were able to crack the
code from the last episode maybe some of you guys know what the game master is up
to all right well let’s get to printing this key should be too hard let’s just
start making a generic key all right and there we go guys now all
they have to do is wait for the 3d print to set and I think we should have a key
and be able to get into the next room I really wish I had one of these before my
prison escapes this could have come in handy and guys let me know in the
comments if you have any ideas on how I can use this to escape from here I mean
I don’t know how much materials I have for this but if I can print anything I
want we can definitely use it to take down the gamemaster
looks like he’s ready and yeah it’s a solid key guys check that out this thing
is rock hard all right let’s see if we can use this to open that okay here goes
nothing in three two one looks like a one in hand let’s turn it
Oh perfect looks like the doors activated alright time to go into the
next room guys here we go game master yeah I think you forgot to turn the
lights on and in the next the next room that there’s no lights on in there okay
you guys I I can’t see what’s going on in there at all and knowing the game
master and knowing that he has creepers I don’t exactly want to go in there
maybe you guys can go first


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