Experience Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka’s Beaches
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Experience Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka’s Beaches

January 13, 2020

With a coastline that’s over 1300 kms long,
Sri Lanka is a true paradise for those travellers who can’t get enough sand, sun and surf
on their getaways. Begin each day with a beachside stroll before
hopping aboard a sailboat or watching the local fisherman do what they do best. Embrace your inner child and play on sandy
shores or swing for the stars with a game of beach cricket Enjoy hands-on lessons about baby sea turtles
before helping to release them into the wild Take in the impressive sunsets and watch the
beachside bars spring to life at night Each beach offers unique reasons to visit,
so what are you waiting for? Head over to TourRadar and experience Sri
Lanka’s beaches for yourself. Need another dose of inspiration? Then stick around to watch more. Just don’t forget to hit that subscribe
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