Falls of the Ohio Fishing – Learning to Fish the Falls – White Bass
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Falls of the Ohio Fishing – Learning to Fish the Falls – White Bass

January 14, 2020

( Falls of the Ohio Fishing ) there we go, nice fish That’s what we’re here for boys, hey guys bump here, I’m here at the Falls the Ohio State Park fishing gonna go do some fishing this morning actually first time I’ve ever been here to fish gonna try to catch
striper hybrids maybe sauger a little late in year for
that but they do catch them still here in the summertime but gonna go give a
shot and see how we do let’s go what I’m gonna be using here today is
some Berkley Gulp I use this quite a bit for flounder and
saltwater fishing so uh give it a try down here and see how we do there we go this
is a 3-inch swimming mullet pearl-white welp somebody’s catching fish got one on
over there just had a snag myself had to get myself
out of. Looks to be a white bass, hybrid can’t really tell from here moving in there you can see them jumping the rapids there next to that big rock they’re definitely moving in, if I can get a good cast, that’s a good one there’s one there we go nice fish white bass, nice size white bass that’s what we’re here for boys fishing out here
you want to use cheap jigs cause you’re gonna get hung up quite a lot luckily so
far today I haven’t lost anything but I have got caught four or five times up
under some rocks and basically have to hold my bail and pull it out so definitely
want to use ah cheaper jigs because you know you don’t want anything expensive you’re just gonna lose it out here let’s see if we can catch a few more this
morning and maybe call it a day before it gets too hot well birds haven’t given up I haven’t
given up yet alright I think I’m gonna call it a day
haven’t had breakfast getting a little hungry a little warm so not a bad first
day learned it a little bit caught one nice uh wish I would have caught more but hey that’s fishing hey guys bump here again I’m learning to
fish the Falls of the Ohio like many of you may be so this is just below the McAlpin Locks
and Dam this particular day the lower gauge height was a 13 feet so you have an upper and a lower gauge uh I put a link below in the description on NOAA’s website
actually get what the current gauge height is for both the upper and lower
and projections based on the amount of rain that they’re expecting but the
upper Height is generally going to be around 12 foot that’s the normal summer
pool and then down below the Locks and Dam is the the lower gauge height which
is the 13 foot that I’ve mentioned uh you really want to look for
anything below 17 foot above 17 foot if you’re not gonna really be able to get
in and do any wade fishing again so this particular day it was uh 13 foot and then at the the upper site they actually only had the gates open one foot this day I didn’t
have a lot of time to fish I didn’t want to get in and fish in the tail water
area where a lot of people are and didn’t like getting wet that day so I just fished
one of the sloughs and runs coming off the lower section there but also if you
call a five zero two seven seven five five zero five six
that’s the Army Corps of Engineers uh recorded line at the McAlpine Locks and
Dam see you can get what the lower gauge height is as well as how much water
they’re running so like this time of year which is late summer early fall
what they end up doing is shutting that that upper site off completely so any
water they need to run they run on the lower site you can actually walk across
the tailwater deck there and there’s a lot of really cool hiking opportunities
but again I’m just trying to learn it the Falls of the Ohio is a really cool
fishery there’s so many different types of fish from hybrids white bass, striper,
Sauger there’s a lot of really unique fishing opportunities just a couple of
minutes out of downtown so I hope to post some more videos fishing ( falls of the ohio fishing ) there and if
you enjoyed the video if you learned something click subscribe over here and check out some of the other other videos on my
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hope you enjoyed it thanks


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    Solid vid! Consider checking out my channel as well! we have similar content!

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    Cool video. Had no idea. Looking forward to next video.

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    i am going next time for sure

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    We get a white bass run up here in the Maumee river, they come in heavy for the spawn, non stop action, great vid bud, perfect bait choice, continued success from Jim at R & J, sub your way dude

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    You got the sub man !

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    I want to drive there catching hybrid stripe bass catch and cook. I have never caught one. Do you fish on the Ohio side

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    New sub, that's a great looking area nice video man ๐ŸŸ

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