FFXIV 4.58 1324 Fish In A Barrel (Beast Tribes)
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FFXIV 4.58 1324 Fish In A Barrel (Beast Tribes)

January 19, 2020

and we’re back for another episode in
this episode we’re going to be continuing to wrap up the storm blood
beast drives and as always a lot of my free so we are carrying on in is sorry
and the next quest is called fish in a barrel so Joel hem seems
uncertain of how to proceed we can say we have some certainty that NAHASDA has
made for IV yancha or the Azim step where he can only be up to no good but
it’s also likely the Alpha has been imprisoned somewhere between here and
Coogan II so which should we seek I would be happy to ask other members of
the Divine Circle to search for your friend there are no finer seekers of
treasure on the Ruby Sea and it was free us to continue tailing the thief hmm
well I would prefer to see to our per se T myself I can’t deny that I am at a
distinct disadvantage in these lands it probably would be better to leave the
search to those more familiar with the area while P pursue Naza he’s after what
was it now Philosopher’s Finn correct and if our assumptions awry that’s the
only one left and we know he’s not too particular as to whether he lays hand on
the real thing Miffy do you have any idea what could
pass for the Philosopher’s Finn a glance the fin of a from sorry
so get sue the enlightened he talks enough a fin from guy okay he seems an
easy to kidnap saw analysis Peaks and articulately
at that yes he does sound like a prime candidate what say what you say is true
but one could easily call all of the damn asou who have mastered the common
tongue finned philosophers we cannot count on our
villain to be so selective nor do we know if he makes for you Zuka mana or
raava dora alloy so we see Obregon tiana are we going to same step
well if potential thin philosophers can be found in either location I suppose
we’ll have to split up and cover both I’ll take use you come on earth mazurkin
come with me if only so that I can keep him from
accidentally injuring anyone himself included anyway I’m sure the locals will
be able to point us in the right direction okay so I guess that means
we’re going to Azim step then we’ll hasten to doha aloy I only hope that we
arrive in time okay so thankfully we can teleport straight there so we don’t have
to travel and insane distance well let’s go okay let’s talk to him so I heard heard word of the festivities
taking place here but I wasn’t aware that they would be so extraordinary so by the big one our comrade in fins you
are here to assist with our new project yes yes
our latest greatest event I interpret that as I haven’t the foggiest idea of
what you speak so allow me to explain for Allah we are currently planning our
most ambitious event today an exceedingly cultured performance based
on the beloved Carol of elds Grey kings of Orient we have spread word of our
upcoming masterpiece far and wide from Coogan eighty on Tia
so doubtless a great many will be in attendance by the by sir is rare to see
one such as yourself here on the steppe am I correct in assuming that you are an
ambassador of the Kotian tribe and how might I address you
my name is Kabuto I am indeed a cogent of the blue and the
leader of the divine circle we typically pursue treasure but our quarry today is
a villain whom we suspect is searching for the Philosopher’s Finn we have
traveled here to stop him before anyone comes to harm oh oh are you perchance
speaking of the philosopher’s thin as detailed in new records of ancient Mars
one of the three wonders fascinating but why seek it on the Azim step a quite
certain I’m quite certain records make no mention of location so ah so naturally having spoken to me
free you concluded that I would most readily be identified as a source of the
requisite Finn esteemed as I am indeed there could hardly be a more obvious
choice for thinned philosopher wait wait I seem to recall from our many many
discussions that the philosopher will not be played by you Gaea Fuu Sogetsu
the enlightened we decided on a guy array for that role remember and if we
already made that costume to fit her the role of philosopher perhaps we should
hear more of this new event of yours oh very well in our upcoming performance
we reenact the journey to the west made by free kings in days of yore Gaia
Ray has been chosen to dress as the philosopher king one would think that
the namazu best suited for said role would be I forget sue the a Mayan most
erudite and learned amongst us renowned author of a meditation on the
metaphysics of merrymaking but Gaia shin continuingly insists that’s it
neither must have heard about the performance and learned that it would
include a philosopher that is why he made for the Azim step he also knows
that she would have been selected for the role of philosopher king a gaya will
be in grave danger where is she now if I recall correctly
she spoke of traveling to the dawn throne to retrieve ritual offerings from
the arena’s stock we’ve been running low as someone keeps partaking without
authorization and we must make for the dawn thrown at once with me I was not really following that no no
but I am most confident that guy Ray’s fins should remain attached to guy ray
she needs those it’s all well and good for Gaussian to sprint off to big one
knows where but it’s hardly advisable for me to leave the festivities
unsupervised I’ll remain here an informed guy array of the situation
should she return okay so let’s teleport now to the dawn throne okay so we shouldn’t have too far to
travel yep so I left so goodness how kind of the Orang are to
share so much food with us it will take more than a few nano zooty through all
of this thankfully so oh hello can I help you with something yes yes I’m
supposed to believe that’s the face of a philosopher by suppose the Finns offend
and the client won’t know any better and so in you go he’s mean what was the meaning of this
let me out no stop he really was after guy who raised
Finn’s and now he has both of them okay let’s talk to guy efficient so he
put her in a barrel the horror the indignity what do we do we should speak
with our comrades are you Zuka manner they need to hear this and may have an
idea where the house’ would take his ill-gotten treasures can you contact
them Miffy so nothing to report here have you had any luck he’s kidnapped a
namazu named guy array that’s no good he’s got all three of the wonders in
hand then but if we are to assume this it sorry his son in quest for the free
wonders and the young lady’s wedding dowry are connected and there’s a good
chance that he will revisit who Ghani at some point whoever to present the items
to her or to her would-be sua he would have to retrieve Alfa beforehand of
course meaning that we finally have a chance to get ahead of him we can return
to Ghana first and be ready to snare him when he arrives
lesson 1 de vous in Kagame I say by colas in I’ll see you there what did joel him suggest later – Gugu
nay it could work but we will need to return posthaste
we should tell a guy who say get sue the enlightened first I am sure that he will
have many many force in the situation maybe even a helpful one very well we
will speak to him before we depart he is doubtless worried – by gar a had it
would be unkind to leave him wondering ok so I’ll assume we have to teleport
straight back yes we do so let’s go awesome okay so here’s guy ocean so I
will find a zoo get sue the enlightened and be right back so gaijin has surprised me of the ill
news and you intend to apprehend the culprit Kagame yes if we travel fast
enough we should succeed in reaching the city before NASA job does I’ve always I
always had my travel hammer travel all travel spinning wheel and travel and
Ville pack too just in case I am prepared ready to go yes yes the sack
will be a tight squeeze were both of us but if you put so getsu in headfirst and
me in tail first stop right that guy Chen exactly what are an artisan and a
member of the literary meant to do against an opponent who has foiled even
me free for us to blunder in without a stratagem would be the height of folly
no you ought to journey ahead to Kagame lest the hazards arrive sooner than
expected meanwhile I shall devise an in flail
abour plan based on principles laid forth in the smart of war we shall join
you anon I do not know what those principles are not even a little bit no
no but I will join you if you think it will help get a guy array back Oh what
could he be playing okay so that’s complete okay next quest is called a wonderful
world we’ll get the gratis sorry gratuity emo
so Kabuto is more than ready to depart for kugali so it might serve us to have
a clear idea of who gets ooh the enlightens plan but we can’t sorry we
can wait no longer to the park um we should hasten to put Cairo in okay so
let’s go okay so we made it so let’s arrive so you to make good time we left fuku
Ghani just after I spoke with you and only arrived a short while ago ourselves
have you been able to learn anything of nas’s we were successful in returning to
Pagani ahead of time though not by much he’s already made port we saw dock
workers hauling a large barrel and screwing sack from his skiff under the
his clothes watch unfortunately so whatever his plans are they’re likely
already in motion the prisoners where has he sent them
there is a large vessel docked in Pier one it seems alpha and guy array have
been taken aboard I have Mazhar keeping an eye on the situation I saw that ship
when we arrived it’s unmistakably the core of Bora Maru if I recall correctly
the merchan Kageyama purchased it for a hefty sum some time ago Kageyama you say
and who might that be among easily as vile as Naza job himself
he once conspired to take Haqqani Castle holding the Baguio hostage as he made
lew distress or just let’s say ridiculous demands though forted he used
his wealth and influence to escape justice he has taken to using this
tactic recently he said in pursuit of a bribe spending more Gil than most will
ever see in his attempt to snare the perfect woman a Brydon well I think we
found NASA jobs esteemed employer so how long me free it is I you know
your favorite my coat a dashing good looks ladies man future
none of the em tribe yes well I’m afraid that we have a problem one that requires
our immediate attention that’s why I contacted you it’s vital that you hear
this as soon as possible I’ve been due to Li a keeping watch by
the kuru borough Maru and Alper and the namazu have just been brought out on the
deck we don’t have much longer until our mermaid becomes mermaids flesh I would
love to continue this little chat we’re having but I rather think you should
come to the harbour right away was I was at this is our last chance and we must
stop Naza once and for all okay let’s go okay here we are so there you are we
must hurry Alper is a dear friend and I won’t have
turned into mince by some scheming and rather unattractive I must say villain so my flesh the philosophers Finn and the jewel of
their souls with this she can no longer deny me and what a pretty thing she will
be beside me at Sawle matrimonial feast I can taste it now I couldn’t possibly
care less about what you intend to do with the goods so long as I am fairly
compensated i speaking of payment i think it’s time that we finish off here
I need only carve the meat nice not a chance find a co-op of you but I doubt you have
much more to offer this time around so Joel him that was dirty what afraid
you couldn’t defeat her in a fair fight I merely preferred to spend my time on
foes are actually worthy or at least suitably entertaining but if any of you
believe you will present a greater challenge than by all means very well I
will defeat you myself and have you returned to school mo here and now I see
them they are most visible so ramming speed yes yes aha fail nailed it that whistle it’s the Sousa goomy then
the gods of Kagome pity I was just beginning to feel a
twinge of excitement but I see I must take my leave so farewell Eastern beastmen the civil
chase has been most amusing perhaps you may entertain me again someday but this time as a future nun and a
friend of Joe him and Alper both I cannot let these crimes go unanswered so trust me sometimes you have to learn
the hard way seven hells oh well oh now we find one
that has with no powder huh as if explosives would save the
adventurers gaggle of misfits yeah again they’re gonna be in a life nice it’s
calmer isn’t it there is what you already got that face
mask Oh God in a ROM reborn I doing the quest friends forever
I wrapped up all the beast right quest for the wrong reborn so now we only need to ensure the car
yama meets with justice at the hands of the Tsugumi that may pose a problem
where has a keel slipped off to so he makes four coog on a dowry me free with
me we can meet at the pakoras in afterwards I will carry the wounded
there we’re counting on you nice so let’s go okay here we are so you need not push yourself alpha you
have only just been freed from what must have been a very trying ordeal I’ll be
fine as captain of the valid daeun gatekeepers I can’t let evil go
unpunished so there so what how did you well no matter you
have followed me this far but no further purpose of Kagame behold my loose change
Oh free money so part of me saw that if you could move a bit to the left ma’am
it is imperative that we capture this villain they’re not listening
aha ah just look at them scrounging up my feet it pays to be wealthy please
leave this to me you’re wasting your time Little Mermaid
I am a master of monetary manipulation and if no one is easier to control than
coin starved commoners so what is the meaning of this Oh cruel
fate why do you mock me well done but why a fish I saw one on the Namas UN’s
strange contraption earlier it was so cute I just couldn’t stop thinking about
it I don’t even like fish whatever man I’m out of here
subscribe to PewDiePie so I believe it is time that you accepted your fate yes
I think that’s quite enough escape attempts one day you’ve made it
perfectly clear who the villain here is right my cert guy Tsugumi friends so you
can’t do this to me I have a woman to coerce a matrimonial banquet to consume the swords bigger than me free it seems
that the matter is resolved at last we shall go and inform the others okay let’s go okay here we are so the innkeep was kind enough to call a
doctor but it seems that no one has more than minor injuries and apparently
there’s no better treatment for scrapes and bruises than the bokor sends hot
springs I guess we’ll just have to visit them again no less let’s get changed
again shall we I only switch the blue mage because it’s
wearing the least gear ôhe icon I need to be on the same class
I started with rip okay fine I see how it is so the innkeep was kind
enough to call it okay I read that read that okay yes yes because my blue majors
at level 70 so let’s continue where we left off
before we were rudely interrupted shall we
I’m so sorry alpha well you have absolutely nothing to apologize for not
now not ever it’s my duty to protect you and I failed
utterly then it took so long to free you and I couldn’t even manage that without
help maybe not but the rescue wouldn’t have succeeded without our leadership
not to mention how you saved me from being sliced in two you may not be able
to do everything yourself but I couldn’t ask for a better second-in-command Alper
thank you I’m grateful to everyone else – of course me free Kabuto Gaia Shin
moszer hold on where’s mozzie maybe he’s still
changing nope ah never fear it is i’ma zet I discovered this
floating in the sea after naisu disappeared how do I look
rakish I’m throwing that back in the sea and you along with it nice like that just one you think he’s learned
something if I may ask I ocean how did you know to find us on the Kura burro
Maru it was easy to spot you from above I knew that stuffing that the mikoshi
with all of the clouds breath in your stores was the right choice yes yes Maya
how convenient and I’m glad that you made it out safely – got your e thanks
to all of you being trapped in a barrel was harrowing and fraught with splintery
peril ESS but it was worth it for a chance to enjoy these Hot Springs
together if you say so what is that gem in your helmet it is
most unusual quite unique this is the sole of my dear friend to school mo more
valuable than any treasure in the whole world
the whole of the Ruby see he is war Naza stole from me and I am truly grateful to
you for helping me retrieve him as kayo he said despite our tribulations I feel
fortunate to have met you all I hope that we can continue to strengthen our
friendship now that we’re all safe and sound then please come to our festival
yes yes we can strengthen our friendship and all our assorted limbs by carrying a
mikoshi together and if you’re ever in yours Europe – come – al amigo the
villain sorry the Velo Dean are gatekeepers we’ll give you the Grand
Tour and you can stay at the castle cool so that’s complete let’s get the
grotto at sea emo reputation up your reputation is Greece
to alloyed your teeth are like reputation with the cogent the Veera and
the Nama soo so furthermore you know how axis y ver the selection of wares from
si si te kotahi Mathura and Gayo show you have learned the emo gratuity
through your efforts the most prominent B strives of Allah we go on the far east
our forged bonds of friendship that promise to remain strong through the
years you are a hero of basement across many realms nice so we got the
achievement West meets East so let’s see what this email is about so where is it well you would have four I would know by
now which menu is K emos grad – let’s see where is it
is it special hmm expressions maybe Wow
of course it’s just because I want to find it for the video I’m like blind to
it maybe they should add like a search there is they should add like a search
function nice there is so this is the email I see people spamming all the time
so this is where you get it from that’s good to know
it’s good to know let’s put it there okay cool
wrong button right so let’s go see what the other rewards are from the other B
stripes so first we’ll start with the Cochin but the Tama mizu we go okay so
here we are in time amis ooh obviously the home of the Cochin so let’s talk to
him exchange go to the other tab now we scroll down to the bottom we could see
new ones have become available so a new minion so let’s take that another minion
let’s take that you get sort of permits and so on now the other stuff I’ve
already bought beforehand to know if you’ve already bought something you just
click it again and it will just not let you buy it so let’s take a look so we
got that one we got this one right let’s quickly take a look at those minions so
let’s see okay I was like minion farming the other
day to be honest with the expansion being so close I thought that I would
try and gather as many minions as possible nice so you can see that these
were from the other beast tribes but now have this one this is obviously new it
literally is just like a couch or I can pillow to sit on on the floor that’s
interesting and then what else piggy yeah so I’ll have to look for the
other ones now the next step we’re gonna go to the
anatta okay so we’re now here with the anatta so let’s see what we can get so
thankfully I do have some spare thingies Tom’s
okay wind-up car Jana I think I’ve already got all the rest yeah I’ve
already got quite all the rest and then you get some furniture I’ll probably
take this just to see what it what it looks like I’ll just throw in my house I
guess okay so let’s take that I’m sorry that’s C okay so let’s see what the windup car
Jana looks like oh it’s so cute okay so last step we’re gonna go visit the Nama
zoo in azim step okay so we are here so let’s see what they have available so
other let’s see I’m gonna have only got fifteen so I have to be careful we have
already got that got that got that okay so it doesn’t seem like there’s any new
minions but it does seem like there is some I see an effigy by two outdoor
furnitures so I won’t get them just yet because I don’t think there’s literally
any space in my house but yeah so anyway guys that’s it for this episode so if
you liked that episode it was nice to wrap up the bee stripes for some blood
so be sure to give it a thumbs up you can watch around the video over there
you can watch latest upload down there or you can click down here to subscribe
thank you guys bye bye

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