First race on the open sea – TU Delft Solar Boat Team
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First race on the open sea – TU Delft Solar Boat Team

September 1, 2019

Today was the first race day of the Monaco Offshore Challenge 2019. The first race that we have ever sailed on the open sea. During the race, we sailed between Monaco and Ventimiglia and back. This, of course, brought many challenges due to the fact that the sea is very unpredictable, and that we had to sail far away from the coast. Today, the boat and the team have performed optimally. Therefore, we were able to sail very fast during the entire race. We have even set a new speedrecord for our boat with a speed of 35 kmph! We have never sailed so fast with our boat and therefore, we think that we have performed as good as we possibly could. It is really cool that we have been able to sail today, on this location, with this team. During the race, the boat sailed perfectly and we were really pushing the limits. After the finish, when entering the harbor, we noticed that the connection-wires of the solar panels were really warm, and unfortunately were damaged. To avoid any unnecessary risks with the solar panels, we have decided to still participate in the race tomorrow, but without connecting our solar panels. It was a very exciting race, and after today, we are even more motivated to show what a team of 28 students is able to accomplish: A Solar Boat for on the open sea!

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