Fish cake soup (Eomukguk: 어묵국)
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Fish cake soup (Eomukguk: 어묵국)

September 3, 2019

(chopping sounds) (intro music) Hi everybody! Today, let’s make something, winter food. It’s very popular Korean street snack,
it’s called ‘eomukguk’. Eomuk is fish cakes, fish cake soup,
many people request this recipe, Let’s start! [ You will need:
fish cakes, radish, dried anchovies, onion, dried kelp, soy sauce, salt, sugar, hot pepper flakes, garlic, green onion, green chili pepper, sesame oil & sesame seeds ] Even you go to the Korean grocery store, you will see there are so many
different kinds of fish cake, and different shape, different color, and different price. The more fish inside, the more expensive, and also more delicious. So check out the back of the package,
how much fish inside. I chose these two types. This is- This shape, I chose this. And also, this diverse, made with snapper. First, let’s make delicious broth. We need 12 cups of water (3 liters). I’m going to use radish. You can use Korean radish or daikon,
and dried anchovies later, and onion. Dried kelp, we using just really simple ingredients
make a really delicious broth. Cut it off, the top. [ ½ inch (1.27 cm) thick] This is around half a pound (226.796 grams)
for 12 cups of water. Use cutter to make the shape. So we are going to use all this leftover thing. Keep it inside this strainer. Add this here. We all use this skin also. Chop it up, really thinly. And… put it here. So onion, one cup (236.588 ml). Also chop it up into small size. Dried kelp. Let’s bring to a boil. [ Bring to a boil over high heat ] These are dried anchovies, 20 large dried anchovies. Remove the head, and we are going to use this for this soup and remove this inside. It’s black, it’s going to be bitter if you use this. Twenty dried anchovies this way, so remove the inside. [ “ehh… Maangchi emptied all our stomachs!” : ) ] Microwave oven, just one minute. [ ow ow so fast! : ) ] Twenty minutes, I boiled this over high heat. It’s time for dried anchovies. Open the lid, dump in there. You don’t have to close the lid, just let it boil. Meanwhile, I going to skewer my fish cake. [ fish cake, fish cake, won’t you come out? : ) ] All red color. [ This type of fish cake needs to be softened first. ] This is hot water. [ This type of fish cake needs to be softened first. ] I soaked this, hot water, for five minutes. And then I have to drain this. When you skewer, fold in half, like this lengthwise. [ fold it like a blanket! : ) ] Fold this way. [ fold it like a blanket! : ) ] And skewer. These guys are waiting for the broth. Ya! This is our really delicious broth. Radish looks translucent, eh? And onion. And kelp. We remember beautiful flower-shaped radish. Let’s strain this. [ irresistible color of delicious broth! ] Beautiful color, this broth. [ irresistible color of delicious broth! ] We made this. So, I’m going to add soy sauce and salt. Two teaspoons (9.85784 ml) soy sauce. One teaspoon (4.92892 ml) salt. And, mix this. [ “Hello, my name is anchovy stock” ] And then, simple. These guys, let’s put them here. How many servings do you think this is going to be? I think one person per one skewer. Now, we have to put the broth. The radish. So, radish is also tasty. And, let’s bring to a boil. So, we are going to boil around ten to twenty minutes. Let’s make seasoning sauce! Soy sauce, quarter cup (59.14706 ml). Garlic. [ The sound of splitting green chilis sounds very spicy! ] And green onion. And add this. Soy sauce. A pinch of sugar. And one teaspoon (4.92892 ml) hot pepper flakes. Mix this well. Sesame oil one teaspoon (4.92892 ml). Sesame seeds. one teaspoon (4.92892 ml). That’s it. We are going to use this yangnyeomjang
to dip this eomuk. Much much more tasty when you eat with this. [ delicious sound! : ) bogeul bogeul (보글 보글) ] Bring it here. Sprinkle some chopped green onion. Okay, done. So, let me taste it~! [ oh good time : ) ] Then, grab this one also. I love to eat a lot of this broth. Okay, small bowl. Seasoning sauce. Lemme taste it. I can taste fish, cod fish, snapper, and also inside some shrimp flavor. Elastic and really plump and chewy. I love to eat cooked radish too. Hot! (chuckles) Hot! Hot! So tasty and hot and this soup is going down,
all body is going to get warm. Today we made eomukguk, fish cake soup. Share this delicious hearty food
with your family members and friends, and let me know how yours turns out. Enjoy my recipe! See you next time! Bye bye~!


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    Hello! Maangchi, I just made this and it's super delish! Two questions
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    Can we eat the anchovies with the broth or should I discard it completely?

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