Fish Selection | Choosing Young Koi Fish for Your Pond – Part 1
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Fish Selection | Choosing Young Koi Fish for Your Pond – Part 1

August 18, 2019

[MUSIC] We’re in Upland, California at Mystic Koi and
today we’re gonna shoot a video, on how to select a nice group of
young Tosai koi for your pond. Especially if it’s your very first pond,
and you’ve never selected koi before, the tips and tricks you’re gonna learn
today are gonna be very helpful. Shawn, how’s it going today?>>Things are going all right. Things are going all right.>>All right, good.
>>Yeah.>>Hey, when we started of our koi
discussions video we went straight to some high dollar stuff.>>Mm-hm.
>>You know, high quality we started talking
textbook of what to look for. We went all the way through to reserve
grand champions and $60,000 koi.>>Absolutely, exactly.>>I wanna get back to like the roots
of it all, like what it all begins. I don’t understand textbook. I don’t understand. All I, all I know is they’re beautiful.>>Sure.>>I had yellows and whites and fancy scales. So, I wanna,
I wanna get back to the roots and kind of teach people about the Tosai,
the first year koi and what to look for. So take us there.>>Sounds great, man. It’s interesting that you bring that up, cuz
it reminds me of when I bought my first koi.>>Tell us the story.>>Yeah, so I grew up in this area that
has kind of a dairy farm area, right?>>Mm-hm.
>>And so there’s cows everywhere. So, I wanted to buy a koi that looked
as much like a dairy cow as possible. Which was a Shiro Bekko at that time.>>Okay.
>>Right? And so I read about the Shiro Bekko and went
to I went to my local aquarium shop, right? And searched through all these. Now would be very, very janky koi,
and picked out my first koi buttercup. Right?>>Buttercup.
>>[LAUGH] Yeah, and.>>That’s great.>>No, no I loved that fish. I mean it wasn’t a show fish, but
absolutely it was my favorite fish.>>And that brought you to here and that’s,
that’s why I wanna talk about this, cuz this brings and brings people to
that level that we talked about so far.>>Absolutely you got to start somewhere,
right? So let’s, let’s pick out a grand champion.>>Yeah,
that’s probably not gonna happen man.>>[CROSSTALK] You get that question, right?>>Of course, of course.>>Okay.
>>People always coming in, looking in this $35 tank as saying,
hey Shawn, pick me out a fish that’s gonna
win a show in a couple of years. And the truth is, probably not gonna happen.>>Well let’s get them in a bowl. They’re beautiful as is.>>Yeah.
>>And let’s, let’s get a close look.>>Absolutely.
You wanna hand me that tub there? All right, so today we’re not gonna
talk about pattern and quality. We’re gonna talk about really, really fundamental type things
when picking out small koi.>>Perfect.
>>Because, again, our goal isn’t a grand champion here. Our goal is a fish that’s
gonna last a long time, that you’re gonna enjoy,
that the kids are gonna love. That kind of koi, right?>>Sure, sure.>>So the first thing you
wanna do is take a look at where you’re buying the fish from, right? That’s really, really important
cuz we wanna buy a healthy fish. So, you wanna talk to the, to a shop and see what their quarantine protocol is what
they do to take care of the fish beforehand. And make sure you’re buying a healthy fish, cuz the last thing you wanna
do is buy a sick $35 koi. Throw it in your pond, and
wipe out your entire pond. That’s->>Yeah.
>>Not, not what we’re trying to do you know?>>Yeah, that’s the worst.>>The next thing thing I really look for
and this sounds really, really simple but, you know, these koi are beautiful and the,
the patterns are kind of distracting. I want you to make sure
the fish has all its parts. It’s got, it’s gotta have two eyes. It’s gotta have all of its fins, right? Those are really, really important things. And although,
I mean I’ve had koi with one eye, right? And they’d be fine, and they’d just eat and
have a great, great time. We wanna make sure that there’s
nothing really wrong with the fish. That’ll impair it four years down the row.>>Sure.
>>Because again, this is, this is your, this is pet buttercup, and
this will last a while, right.>>[CROSSTALK] So this is pet quality stuff. What I kind of wanna point out, being in
fish breeding, you know, not koi, but->>Oh yeah, sure.>>Over the years. Oftentimes at this point, you, you,
you believe that everything should be seen, whoever’s bringing the fish to you should
realize the fish is missing a fin or maybe missing an eye. But, when they’re dealing with thousands and
thousands of fish, sometimes.>>Absolutely.
>>Sometimes those things get overlooked. And to get to this point,
I’ve seen fish that miss a gill and->>Yeah, exactly.>>Yeah, it happens and it’s not. It’s not that the koi shop is trying to sell,
you know->>A bad fish.
>>A fish without a gill.>>Yeah.>>Exactly, exactly.>>Okay.
>>And, and absolutely true. I bring in 2,000 Tosai at a time and
I go through them pretty fast.>>Yeah.>>And often times I don’t have a chance to
go through each fish and check that out. Typically if I do have a fish
that has a missing eye. It’s a fish that you know, customers really
interested in, I usually just give it away.>>Yeah.>>If they’re interested in it.>>Yeah, give it a good home.>>Yeah, exactly, exactly.>>So more fundamental, so
we’re looking for all their fins. All their eyes, gill plates.>>Sure, exactly. And then we’re looking for for
sort of a straight body line. Some, some fish can be very crooked and
it’s really hard to see at a young age, but it will always exaggerate
as the fish gets big. So what, what may look like this at a young age,
when it’s big will just be completely bent.>>Right, right.>>So we’re looking for a straight fish. Straight body.>>Straight body and
usually a nice like rounded face. It, it’s amazing cuz look at just
these koi here, if you like at them, they all have sort of different shaped heads,
different shaped faces. And those are,
those are qualities we’re looking for. We want this to be kinda again straight,
straight on the fish. [MUSIC]


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