Fishing Derby/Fiskederbyt 2019 – Episode 2
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Fishing Derby/Fiskederbyt 2019 – Episode 2

November 14, 2019

The program is presented by Volkswagen Stockholm Fromm Sweden AB Athletic Work and In the last episode of the Fishing Derby: Djurgården had a great start and caught two early fish. This put them in a comfortable lead. 78 centimeters, took a Rad Dog! Yep! Good fish right? AIK were unlucky during the morning hours. They missed many good bites that would’ve put them in a better spot going into the afternoon. Maybe did the lunch break provide them with some new energy and turn it around. Just keep doing what we do. Keep believing, never stop! Okay boys, first half is done. We had a few contacts. And Djurgården caught small fish. They’ve got two small fish. Not hard to beat. We’ll do that in ten minutes. It’s all about casting and retrieving. – Fight all the way down.
– All the way! We’ll try something new now.
Fish very, very shallow. Close to the reeds,
and new baits. Hopefully they are close to the reed feeding on bleak. We’ll start there and go further. We might fish around the rocks later. Whatever happens.
Get out there and have fun! Let’s do this now!
Don’t worry! Let’s take ’em down! We’ll keep doing what we did before lunch.
Keep grinding, and adapt to the fish we catch. It’s been a tough grind all day as we’ve seen. We’re getting very few bites for being in this area. The other team are having an even tougher day. So we’ve got a head start on them. We’re doing the right thing,
and we manage to hook the fish that bite. So let’s just keep doing what we do.
Hopefully the wind will calm down a bit. It’s great that you all fish different baits. We’re fishing both swim baits,
spinner baits and some rubber. Nothing has been outperforming. Let’s get this second half done! One, two, three!
DIF! Let’s go!
Round two! Thanks! After a quick break,
to recharge the batteries. It’s now time to head out again. Let the games commence. Mälaren is a huge lake, despite this both teams have ended up on the same spot once again. This time, they’re fishing a channel
running out from a big spawning area. Nah, if you act like that you won’t catch any fish. That’s just like not doing the goal kick in time. Just follow us and then stop in front of us. Just where we are going to drift. Not cool! But if they play dirty,
we better show them we are better none the less. Yeah! – Come on now boys!
– Come on! Let’s go! You too Bosse!
Do not just talk about it! You better deliver too! You can’t live off of others success. First cast in the new spot, second half running. Feeling good after the rest. Nice to be in the lead. But we can’t be comfortable here. We better be on our feet, and catch even more fish. Feels really good to get going again. There, got one! Bravo Stefan! Bravo!
Well done! – Sweet Stefan!
– Vamos, vamos! – Gimme five brother!
– So nice bro! So nice! Got one too! – No it came off!
– Keep going, it might come back! You’ve got a small one? You saw it right? Damn! You saw?
Yeah! Finally a fish in the AIK-Boat. Stefan Silva gives his team some hope. Unfortunately it’s not over 60 cm and won’t be counted towards their total. – Oh, come to daddy!
– Strike back! Is it on? Yeah But the drag…
Damn! It was over sixty! And I should’ve struck it! I were too soft. Yeah you should do like this. That hard?
Really? – And then he’ll be hooked?
– Yeah, best case. In my mind, I already had that pike in the boat. Could see you film me holding that fish. Give a quick update how the fish took the lure ten meters out from the reed. And now I’m standing here like Cliff Barnes. And he died a few weeks ago. Mr Cliff. Now I’m here all alone. Come on now!
Don’t look at that drone! Yeah, don’t look at the drone Bosse! Damn! Yep! Got it? – Do we have something going on?
– Yeah, but it’s not big enough. – Come on, be over 60!
– It might be. Yeah that might do it! What a boss! Calm down now, don’t over do it boys! “Calm down!” 67! First team with a full paper,
Djurgården! But they need to keep their attack at point since AIK also found some active fish. It’s nice to know that there are fish around. – Bro, fish slowly.
– Yeah I know. And another thing, when you’re half way in… don’t stress.
Sometimes they follow all the way to the boat. It’s 15:30 now, which means we’ve got three hours left. I’d say we should move. That’s about 500 casts? At least! 500 casts, and 10% success rate.
50 fish. Or… Wait?
No? Since they just caught a fish.
Let’s do another ten minutes here. Let’s see if we find any fish on this spot. Keep casting towards the reeds at all times. I’m casting towards that jetty! Right there, perfect! Yes! So nice!
So we’ll stay here? Drag it towards me! Get it up now! Let’s stay here now. It’s a good fish at least. Nice Sundgren! What an important fish! Well done buddy! You’ve fought for this one. Get it up here now. All the way up. It’s up? Yeah, 62 centimeters. 62 centimeters means Daniel will
break the slump for AIK. Finally a first fish on paper. This means they’ve got all afternoon to improve. I’m feeling like a million bucks.
Been struggling all day. To catch this one. I’ll let him go back. Can you hook it up on mine? And we’ll have two! Yeah exactly! We’d have two! I’ve been waiting for that fish! That one! Get in there! We should’ve had that fish two hours ago! Better late than never. Let’s just go for it now. I’m getting one more. – Come on now Bosse!
– I’m trying god dammit! Got my mind set! It’s a fish Bosse! There we go! Finally! I’ve been working so hard for that fish! Set your mind at it! What a sweet feeling.
I don’t wanna hear that nagging on practice in the future. Just get him on the paper now! On the paper he goes! So sad now.
He’s too short. Had such a great feeling. – You’ve fought for that one.
– So nice! Have a good life! Yes! To the right!
I’ll get it! We’re drifting towards it, and now it’s snagging. I’ve put the Talon down. Hold the net up! Yeah it’s bigger.
It’s the best we’ve had. – It’s in!
– There we go! So damn nice! We’re so darn good! I could feel that bite in my elbow. 72.
Sweet boys! – It’s an improvement. Important!
– 5 centimeters! I was using a Swim It’s a swim bait. But when these lily pads showed up
I switched to a Rad Dog. It’s a spinner that will And I got this beauty. A bit thicker than the others we’ve had. AIK tries to reduce but Djurgården keep there offense. This pike will increase their lead once again. If they’ll even stand a chance,
AIK must hook fish over 60 centimeters immediately. I believe in you Stefan.
You’ll catch another one here. Gimme some joy and energy! Gimme something! I’ll get a ten kilo fish now. In all honesty, they’re probably more skilled fishermen. So if the playing field is the same,
chances are they’ll do it better. What an analysis. So I’d say we should leave.
Take a gamble, and be alone. Absolutely!
And we’ll be alone with the fish. Totally right. I’ve got a few friends that I used to play ball with. But you’ll spend so much time playing
against each other, so you become friends. So I can’t say we hate each other
outside the pitch. But some you enjoy more than others. But it used to be worse. It used to be a lot worse. Both Djurgården and Hammarby,
they’ve got no people from Stockholm playing for them. Very few at least. Their guys come from all over Sweden. We are well ahead of them there. We’ve got a strong AIK based troop. That’s really nice. It’s over 80? Yeah probably.
I’d like you to keep fishing… Yes, yes!
Bite again! Keep fishing.
How does it feel? I’d say its small. I’ll get you the pliers. A bigger pike smashed the bait. It’s quite thick.
Unsure of the length. Should be an upgrade. Djurgården are steaming and
catch fish every other cast. AIK on the other hand are fighting head wind. Time’s running out. But two quick fish and we might
see a brand new points table. Got one! Bravo! Keep calm.
Do not give it slack line. Put pressure on the line at all times. – It came loose? No still there.
– Just keep calm! Get the rod down, don’t let it surface! Get it towards the net.
There we go! It’s really small.
Damn! Fish are always fish. We’ve got at least fifteen minutes to go!? We’ve got at least two more in us. Fish on board.
But once again too short. Unfortunately Sundgrens pike will
remain alone on the paper. But,
Nisse seem to not let this be the last word. I’ve got one!
Sweet Nisse! Tension on the line, get the rod down!
Sweet Nisse! Don’t let the pike get up in the surface and rattle around. It’ll come loose. Keep it down!
It’s a small fish? The sun is setting and they’ve started to bite. Get it up now! Awesome Nisse!
Everyone on the boat caught fish! There we go!
So nice! What do you think?
40? It’s less than 50 at least. Finally.
With 20 minutes to go. But I keep fighting! That’s the joy with fishing.
Just keep grinding. I feared not catching anything today. But this is nice. Nobody remembers a quitter. This is heavy! This is a heavy fish! So nice Nisse! Nisse from Manpower! Nisse just googled where the fish are. Come on Nisse, bring us a seven kilo fish or something! This is a big fish. Are you sure you’re not stuck on the bottom? You’re snagged in the bottom. I am? It’s not moving. You see the rocks here? You scared the shit out of me. That would’ve been a Cinderella
story unlike anything else. If that would’ve been a 110 centimeter fish. Bosse will catch a meter fish. Yeah let’s go now! I’ll catch a meter one! They believe in me.
I like it! Ten hours later. Long line, far out! – Hold it down!
– Almost fell over. Fish all over this bay. Keep fishing! It’s heavy.
But I think it’s bringing some vegetation in. It’s a full salad buffet coming with it. Can’t even tell if it’s still there.
No head shakes. – If it’s not snagged, it’s a big fish.
– Yeah it’s a big fish! Sweet one! Don’t tangle in the trolling motor! Ready? Got it? What a pike! – It’s thick?
– Yeah really thick! There! It’s 91. 91. Nope, it’s a two. 92! That’ll take our 68 right? This is a fat fish! Just minutes away from the end, and 100 meter from the start, Jacob hooks the biggest fish all day. A great Mälaren pike that brings Djurgården
to a total of 247 centimeters. I’m feeling like this. We’ve done what we could.
And we’ve caught some fish at least. It’s time to go. Last cast. Today. How are you feeling boys? They had their advantage. Coming into the second half. We might have equalized in numbers.
But not in length. That’s my gut feeling. The Fishing Derby 2019 is over. The teams head back into shore for a prize ceremony. WInners will be announced by Mats Enqvist,
Secretary General of Swedish Elite Football. It’s been a unusual day. Swedish Elite Football, Djurgården and AIK get together. Let’s call it Swedish Elite Fishing. It’s a little different, but shows how
the football can bring people together. Really cool to see a derby under new circumstances. It’s prestigious to win the first Fishing Derby. And we remain excited to hear who’s eligible to go home with that bragging right. We’ve had a tough day today. Despite this boat teams have caught fish. But one team outperformed the other. Winners of the first Fishing Derby ever. Djurgården! Congratulations Djurgårdens IF
on winning the Fishing Derby! First prize is 20 thousand crowns. Sponsored by Stadium. And will benefit the organisations youth. It’s all about Une Larsson. He’s showing tactical discretion. Delicate hands. Something he might be missing on the football field,
but he’s showing it today. Really impressive! Can’t do anything but agree. As a second prize, Stadium will donate ten thousand crowns towards AIKs youth organization as well. Thanks for this years Fishing Derby. Hopefully we will see you next year.


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