Fishing in Video Games
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Fishing in Video Games

January 16, 2020

what makes a good video game well there’s
obviously a variety of factors but I think it ultimately comes down to the fishing that’s why
you’re going to have a look at fishing from various video games ahh yeah! now let’s first have a look at
Red Dead Redemption 2 – now this game was hailed for its realism which applies to its
fishing as well. now let’s first pick our bait yeah some Lake Lures yeah. For the
actual fishing though we hold L2 then we hold R2, then we release R2 – and then we
rotate the right joystick you know ignoring the fact that I got my left and
right joystick here mixed up uhhh Just ignore the spinning of the fishing rod anyway once we feel a catch
oh my it’s so realistic we just got to fight the fish a bit and then I have to
rotate my right joystick till I get carpal tunnel oh yeah that feels good oh
it’s struggling it’s strong oh wow back to rotating we go oh I think we’re almost there
oh yeah caught one fish now let’s compare this to fishing in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Now I think this game rivals Red Dead 2 for its realistic
fishing mechanics I mean first we pick from a variety of baits then we cast
our fishing rod and then we wait and oh we caught a fish ooh what now never
fishing really like before but the pretty sure that’s how it goes now let’s
look at stardew valley now this chill game about farming making friends and go
to bed at 7:20 probably is the most intense fishing when you game I’ve ever
seen now you’ve got a hold left click to charge up your fishing rod and then just
wait and then when you hear that hit I like left click this bar to balance it
out and it’s it’s struggling and oh ho my butt oh all right all right I almost
got you there oh oh oh yeah oh oh and there it goes now this is a game that
pretty sure you all recognize yeah terraria now fishing in this game is
pretty easy just craft your fishing rod like so there’s some sticks in it
straight and then just cast it and oh I almost forgot yep try that kind of make the blood
sacrifice you know people always forget to step now we’re almost there there we go whoo
and we right-click it ooh raw or raw fish yeah that’s good and
oh no really uh-oh I think he’s mad all right well
here’s another classic game we actually I think this game it’s called Terraria
well anyway just sick and the other game just make sure your fishing rod and some
bait you know I prefer using masturbate myself because I’m a master bait I mean
master fisherman anyway at the fishing rod we just left-click and then we wait
and just wait a bit and we call the bass ooh
now let’s go store the fruits of our labor Oh No they won’t be interested if it ain’t

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