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Fix Holes and Repair Leaks in Boats – Customer Testimonials | Flex Seal® Reviews

August 25, 2019

– I had a boat, an aluminum
boat and it was leaking in the back in the seam. – I have a 10 foot pontoon boat that I use for pond fishing. – I have a jet ski and came into the dock a little bit hot one time. – I have a canoe, an aluminum canoe. And I actually had a couple
leaky rivets on the front of it. – It had some leaks. – Water was leaking into
the engine compartment. – I took Flex Seal sprayed it,
let it dry and that was it. – I went and purchased six
or eight cans of Flex Seal and I Flex Sealed the whole boat. – I was able to spray it with
Flex Seal and let it dry. – It went on just fine
and works just great. To this day. – It completely waterproofed it. I have not had any leakage. It’s scratch resistant. – Hasn’t leaked a drop since, excellent. – Water doesn’t come in at all. – Very easy to use. I’d recommend it. – It works great. I’d recommend it. – Flex Seal is a great
product it’s excellent. – Flex Seal is fantastic. – Flex Seal’s versatile. – I’m a believe in Flex Steal.


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