Floating Tiny Cabin is Perfect for Glamping on the Water
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Floating Tiny Cabin is Perfect for Glamping on the Water

August 18, 2019

>>MAT: Hey everyone in this video we’re gonna
take a look at this extremely minimalist floating micro cabin. It was all built
with locally milled timber it has a metal sloping roof and it was also built
on pontoons that allow the cabin to be in the water year-round because they’re
designed to freeze into the ice. The floating cabin was designed by our
friend Bonnie and the idea behind this was to create a really simple space
where people could come and enjoy nature and the water and experience spending
time in a space with just the basic necessities. And so she calls it The
River Zen. We actually met Bonnie two years ago when she gave us a tour of her
incredible houseboat and now she’s just finished working on this project and
she’s going to show us around. [Inspiring Music Playing] So welcome to The River Zen, this is my
new boat. [Taps Gong] Come on in. This boat is a lot smaller
than The River Den, those of you know The River Den. It’s a 8′ by 10′ cabin. This is
it, what you see is what you get! So it’s a small space it’s really designed for
for someone who wants to be on retreat or just spend the night here. It’s fully
insulated, it has four four inches of foam insulation on the floor, and the
roof, and all the walls. The framing is done in a post and beam structure and
all the framing and the rafters are cedar, rough cedar, and the trim is
douglas fir, the floor is cherry, and all the wall is pine tongue and groove
with a special oil that I used for finishing, it has citrus in it, it’s
a natural oil and so that was really… it smelled really good. And all these
shelves are live-edge cedar as well. The wood all came from the sawmill up in
Lac Ste. Marie where I work, yeah so these are 2 inch cedar rafters and they
were…it was like a curved tree that was milled, and an amazing builder
helped me put the structure of this together and then I did a lot of the finishing work with my friends. [Ambient water sounds from the river] When I was designing the
layout of the furniture, it was a… kind of a bit of a puzzle to figure out
how we were gonna make a bed that was gonna be like retractable and all these
special features. When I closed my eyes and imagined the perfect space
there was nothing in it, so I was like Okay well this is my project and I can do
whatever I want so I decided to make it a minimalist space and have the least
amount of stuff possible. And it’s also an experience for someone to go
stay somewhere where there’s not a bunch of stuff I think people are seeking that
out more and more and they want to live more simply so this is an opportunity
this is a place where they can have a little taste of that and see what they
really need actually. So there’s a few shelves pretty much there’s not much in
here there’s a few towels and blankets. This is a propane heater so it’s a
direct vent propane furnace and it’s super easy to light, I have two propane
tanks on the back with a double regulator so when one tank runs out it
just switches to the other tank I have a special little table feature
here that I custom-built. The people I was working with on the
boat they really wanted to have a table and chairs and I was like, no I want to
sit on the ground, we need to sit on the ground. So this is the little table
design for that. The leg comes out and then it just hooks up. So during the daytime there can be these…
these are Thai yoga massage mats. They’re really comfy. So these mats can be out and then at nighttime the table can go up and the mattress is just bungee strapped
to the wall and it comes down. The bed is just like with a bungee system so there’s just screws and hooks with two bungees and then it’s just…
it’s just a four inch foam so it’s really…it’s really comfy. It’s a dense
foam. I’ve slept in here lots and I find it so comfortable. [Ambient Electronic Music Playing] It’s completely off
grid, there’s no electricity or solar there’s this like little solar lights,
there’s a little gas stove to cook outside with a butane fuel.
There’s just battery-operated lights and some solar lights but that’s about it
there’s there’s no running water either it’s completely off grid. So it is quite
a challenge to stay here for a couple days like one night it’s pretty cool, you
know people go to restaurants, but if you stay here a couple days you really
get a taste of what it’s like to live without power and all these amenities
that we’re used to. Here we just have a custom shelf and this is a little kind of pirate chest custom thing that I made. This is my first box. So in here there’s utensils and this is
the little gas stove. It’s not the best setup to have dishes outside because there’s animals and stuff but for now, it is what it is, and it
might be that I build something inside to store dishes and have a little
cooking station for the winter. This is the bathroom, the way we’re using this sawdust composting system is that there’s one
bucket for liquids, so pee in one bucket and one bucket for solids with a bag and
sawdust. So poo and toilet paper goes in the bag with sawdust and that’s
composted and then the pee we bring it and we flush it down the toilet.
Something I haven’t finished yet is putting a canvas over here so that’s
like a curtain so it deflects the wind and the rain and the snow in the winter. Inside of the cabin is 8′ by 10′ and then there’s 6′ of deck that’s
covered by the roof and then there’s 2.5′ on each side to walk around
which the overhang pretty much protects. This is an extra floating dock
that I’ve tied on to the front it’s just uh it’s just an extra deck space and
it’ll stay here all winter long, too. It’s a real dream come true to be able to do this. I feel so lucky to be in a position
where I can conceive an idea, and then work with people to bring it to life, and then offer it for rent and invite people to stay here. It’s such an amazing feeling…yeah I feel
really lucky. [Music Playing]>>MAT: I hope you enjoyed this video.
If you want to check out this boat we’ll put a link to it in the description of the video.
If you want to see more alternative living stories and spaces, subscribe to our
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Thanks for watching, see you next time.


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