Florida Travel: Family Biking on Daytona Beach
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Florida Travel: Family Biking on Daytona Beach

January 14, 2020

(upbeat rock music) – There’s a lot to do here. I mean, the weather could not be better and one thing you can do here that you can’t do at
a lot of other beaches is actually ride bikes on the sand. Riding bikes on the beach is super fun and it’s a challenge. We really had to cooperate and that brought us closer
together as a family. This was such a treat for our family. I mean, we’ve been bike riding before, we’ve been to the beach before, but to do kind of a mash-up of both, to ride bikes and get that breeze and then cool off in the ocean, just perfect. When we were ready to cool
off we raced for ice cream. My husband and my daughter won, but that’s okay ’cause
we all had a great time. We really had a full day. What started out as riding bikes turned into a full-on beach day which is great because it means they’re gonna sleep all the way home.

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