FORTNITE IN REAL LIFE BOX FORT BASE!! 📦⛏ WORKING Fortnite Traps, Launch Pad & More!
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FORTNITE IN REAL LIFE BOX FORT BASE!! 📦⛏ WORKING Fortnite Traps, Launch Pad & More!

August 31, 2019

We just installed the fortnite trap and as you guys can see it looks Deadly now the way that this works is let’s say we have an intruder enter the base just like in fortnight It’s gonna set up the trap and while the intruders going bye-bye so to demonstrate Yeah, I was gonna throw this man, okay, yeah, okay, here we go ready three two one That is crazy Heyo What’s going on guys its papa jake here from team epiphany and we are back with a brand new video and today Guys we are doing another fortnite themed boxfort for video. That’s right today. We are gonna be building our very own real life Fortnite box fort fort base fort fort that’s also a fort regardless of that all right We’re gonna be trying our best and using our extreme boxfort building skills to make a real life Fortnite fort I got to stop saying fort There’s too. There’s gonna be too many forts in this video We’re making it completely as you would in the game using well Cardboard and instead of wood because what’s heavy, and its bulky now I don’t like what it gives me splinters on my fingers, so we’re not using wood But we are gonna be using cardboard, and it’s gonna have everything that a normal fortnite for I guess I’m saying fort everything that a fort would normally have we’re gonna have a trap we’re gonna Have a launch pad a campfire a ton of really cool stuff like doors And then we’re gonna put it to the test we’re gonna get a bunch of nerf guns and see if we can assault this fort And see if it stands up at the same way that a fortnight fort would But wait a second where’s logan LOGAN Check it out it is looking pretty. Oh. Yeah, dude this new merch is awesome guys if you missed our last video We just dropped new merch in the brand new Papa Jakes store If you guys haven’t checked it out yet and grab a pair of merch definitely need to there’s a link in the description down below As well as on my channel and if you guys do get new merch be sure to tweet me tag me on instagram at papa jake te I want you guys wearing this I’ll give you guys to follow backs cuz we just dropped these there’s a bunch of other stuff coming this way But let me know what you guys think down below in the comments but yo Logan today. We are building a fortnite game Oh, man, I’m so excited to build our first fortnite boxfort but like legit this time, okay We should make a rule we can’t stay forward too much in this video, otherwise. It’s gonna be non-stop fort video I keep I keep doing it. Oh and guys Before. We jump into actually building. There is one more really cool announcement I have for you guys I just launched my brand-new Papa Jake mobile app available In the App Store as well as the Google Play Store if you guys want to go grab it There’ll be a link down below. You got to go check it out It is a really cool app where I get to connect with you guys It’s like an awesome social media app But for behind the scenes you guys can see behind the scenes of us building our forts Traveling around going to cool events meeting you guys and the cool thing is you can actually ask me questions in the app Directly and I’ll respond to you guys I already have a bunch of questions in from you guys And I’ve been having so much fun talking back and forth with you guys You can also help us decide on future video ideas. It’s really fun You definitely need it, and it’s a great way to stay up-to-date with all the cool stuff We’re doing so go check it out Link is down below, but we have a job to do today Which is build this fort so I think we need to grab our cardboard grab our supplies? Mine some wood and start building this thing time to grab ourselves some wood for building this fort I could do that all day, okay, that should be enough to start and also guys if you are wondering or asking yourself Where is part two of our real life fortnite box fort nerf war video it will be coming out next week So do not worry, but if you like these videos you like it’s doing real life fortnite. Let’s try and crush 50,000 likes on this video that would be sweet, but all right, let’s take this upstairs and start building It looks sweet this thing looks like a legit fortnite base. We got ramps We’ve got all sorts of different things in here, and I think I might see a chest not too far from here Which means we might be able to find some cool additions to our base like traps launch pads cool stuff like that But like I said guys We have to put this base to the test after we have to make sure that if we were in a legit fortnite battle It could sustain which is why we’re gonna have a battle after it’s completely built so we got to keep moving here But resource-wise everything’s going well as you guys got here We’re gonna make like a wall here with a lookout window also back here We have a secondary ramp that you can look out on the back side and then on the inside We’re gonna add some reinforcements as well as some other cool kind of like safe areas I’m not sure about a roof like we’re thinking about should we do a roof or not? I mean guided missiles are definitely an issue We don’t want people guiding missiles down into our base, so we might need to do a roof But I guess we’ll see how that turns out alright guys check it out the fortnite base It’s complete and as you guys see We’ve got all of our cool fortnite stuff out front as well as a fully functioning fortnite base to defend against all of our enemies Guys check this out so around the corner you come over here, and you can see the entire thing It’s all new protective. You can’t get it this is from guys Alright, so inside the base it is fully decked out like a real This might be the first time. We’ve ever had a full-size door check it out. It’s like it’s like a normal I’ll have to bend. I love that. Yeah guys look inside, so we’ve got a fortnite base here. We’ve got our ramps we’ve got extra places for weapons as well as Thanks your support like what and we got a ton of really cool fortnite to deck it out with and the cool thing about This guys is let’s say someone’s out front, right Let’s see we hear some footsteps all you have to do is to kind of walk up the ramp here And then you run up look out over the base And take out anyone who’s trying to attack us this thing is sweet Trap launchpad And a campfire. This is everything we need to make this base the ultimate fortnite base this makes extra ammo for me Cuz I’m always wasting our ammo alright. Let’s bring all this stuff back to the base guys Let’s set up our base and make it a 100% best fortnite base and then I think we’re gonna need to put it to a test we’re gonna have some enemies try and attack us and see if We can survive in this fortnite base so check You know we just installed a fortnite trap and as you guys can see It’s deadly now the way that this works is let’s say we have an intruder enter the face just like in fortnite It’s gonna set up the trap and while the intruders going bye-bye so to demonstrate though. You might want some Yeah, I was gonna throw this man Okay, yeah, okay here we go ready three two one That is crazy and guys check this out over here. We have a cozy campfire, which one we can cuddle up to in case we Definitely need one of these in our fortnite box fort and on top of that We installed the launch pad so if you go outside Check this out guys come outside like so you know maybe run away from your enemies, or you gotta. Go assault the base It’s right here and then three two one Dude that was awesome Wait Jake do you hear that? I think there’s a guy coming? Yeah, dude? I do alright get inside close the door All right, let me get up on the ramp oh He’s out there he’s out there watch out He’s right out there I have an idea okay cover me, I’m gonna take a shot three two one I Shot me it’s a good thing we have this campfire. I’m healing right now. Do I get this guy here we go three two one Got’em he’s down alright It looks like there’s more guys coming our way come on get in position and get ready We got to take them all out in the space Who’s that? Oh? Just came in where’s it coming from? Look a shot wait Up top jake suppress him. I’m gonna take the launch pad. Okay sounds good All right Jake we got him nice you got him, but Logan we have bigger issues There’s the guy heading this way, and I’m all out of ammo oh no no no he’s gonna be here any second He sees me all right hold on. I’ve got an idea all right when you grab my gun and put it here What are you doing looking? No one can resist the gold gun come on hide over here with me It’s gonna fall right into our trap. Now we wait Dude. We got him Yo That trap was insane Well, that’s one way to get out of a bind when you’re out of ammo dude that was crazy look at it Man, well, I think we did what we came here to do make the best fortnite base We took on three different guys no problem. That was awesome So guys, I think this is where we’re gonna end off the video for today I hope you guys enjoyed our amazing homemade fortnite base. If you guys did make sure to slap a like on this video Let’s try and crush 50,000 likes you guys have been so savage on our fortnite videos So it makes us want to do more and more more and guys make sure to comment your boxfort ideas down below yea guys let Us know if you have more ideas down below it even if there are fortnite videos that would be awesome and of course do not forget to go check out my brand new app and Check out some of this new awesome, sweet Papa Jake merch, but we will see all of you next time for another awesome video


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