GÄDDFEMMAN 2019 | EP.7 FINAL | PIKE FIVE | ENG. SUBS | Pike fishing competition in Swedish Norrland.
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GÄDDFEMMAN 2019 | EP.7 FINAL | PIKE FIVE | ENG. SUBS | Pike fishing competition in Swedish Norrland.

November 8, 2019

Ladies and gentlemen, beloved viewers, it’s time for the final episode of Pike Five 2019. It’s been a serious trial for our beloved tackle shops, and a challenge for the production team. But the amazing environment and the beautiful waters have truly made it very interesting. During the final episode the teams will chose to fish in the lakes that they’ve visited during this competition. It’s now, Pike Five 2019 will be determined. May the best team be victorious in the battle of Norrland. Pike Five 2019, is brought to you by: And by: Before the finals… the final episode… Maybe we can’t reach the absolute top. It’s a long and hard way up. But darn it, we’re gonna get a really big pike and finish with our heads held high, right? Yes, absolutely.
– So a 110 cm+ tomorrow. I’m so damn psyched. It’s in everyone’s hands, anyone can win. It’s crazy, just crazy exciting. Of course we are nervous. Where should we fish? Where should we start? Where should we finish off, what should we do? But it’s all in at this point. To be able to win tomorrow… …than we have to be on top of everything. Yes, we have to have 2 meter fish, but we also need the biggest fish of the competition to be safe. If we don’t manage that, then we’ll lose. But we will do everything in our power. The biggest of the competition is at 109 cm at the moment. That’s not gonna be easy… I’ve caught larger in these waters.
– That we have. We’ve won 2 episodes so far.
– Yes we have. The first day… I really couldn’t imagine that… But we never believe in ourselves.
– No that’s probably true. You always assume that everyone else have fished better. So that was really nice. Yes.
– But then we went from hero to zero. Yes, belly flop.
– Absolutely. Right down in the evening song. We caught fish, a lot of fish, but totally wrong kind. We might have fished the wrong spots and so on. We simply couldn’t find those meter fish that some of the other teams managed to find. And then we didn’t really manage to home in on those fish in the other waters either. We have a really bad “Pike 5” point where we have the second lowest point at the moment. So tomorrow we have to step up.
– Yes. We’re gonna “snask” 2 really huge pike, the largest ones, and then we’re gonna win the whole damn thing. Yes, 3 over meter is our goal.
– Yeah. 3 over one meter, Rostaren. Yes, level playing field. Everyone has the same lures, same colors. Only the best team will win. That’s the way it is.
– Yes, absolutely. You can’t get away with any special trix, because that’s the way it is. Well old buddy old pal, now we have to tie this bag together. Now we’re gonna get em’. The pike bag will be tied.
– Are you ready?!? I am ready. Are you ready?!?
– YES!!! I’m ready as hell. Let’s do this.
– Let’s do this. It’s exciting, really exciting. Yeah we are the only ones who haven’t made up our mind where to fish. No we have not yet made a decision. We’re probably the only ones that are hesitating. We haven’t said anything about it, but we just might be fishing 2 lakes tomorrow. Up here with the distances it’s not next door to put it mildly. It’s not like a bicycle ride to the store for some milk. But we’re gonna start out at the lake we fished yesterday. That’s 100% for sure. Then we’ll fish 3-4 hours and if that doesn’t pay off then we’re off to the next one. Hey, let’s go. Let’s get it done. We’re gonna bring this home all the way to Örebro. It’s our turn this year.
– It is. We’re hot like an iron. Let’s get this done now. The teams are in full swing trailing down in their chosen waters, which they are allowed to move between. If they want to spend all that time on transportation. New for today is that the teams are allowed to start fishing 8:00AM out on the water. A “flying start”. It is a really ruff weather to be expected today and the forecast says rain during more or less the whole day. How this will affect the fishing we will soon find out. If we take a quick look at the scoreboard than we se that, team SportfiskeGiganten is in a lead with 11 points followed by Sporting and Upplev who both has 10 points Team Jiggar.nu has scraped together 8 points so far and Böjda Spön 6. The “Pike 5” points will be awarded in the end of this final episode, the 2 longest pike of this day will be counted. And based on the new total, 1-5 points will be awarded. Here has for example team Giganten good chances to advance and steal precious points. But that means they have to catch really good top fish/kickers today. Good morning, good morning… What a wonderful morning we have ahead. Rain, no wind, it’s cloudy, I got a “beer banger” in my hand from Rostaren. Will serve as breakfast… We’re waiting to be able to fish, we were up early this morning to be able to… …move out to our little spot here that we’ve never fished. Looks very interesting. We have a big reef/shallow point in front of us and behind it a big spawning bay with a creak that flows out. And then we have a lot of smaller shallow points/sunken rock outside here. So this area here is our plan A, and today we have to deliver. Today we have to deliver. Yeah We’ve reached our first spot. Pumped as one can be. Wet and really unsexy weather today. Here we’re gonna spend 4 hours tops. If we’re not happy by then, then we pack up and go to the first lake we fished in the series. That’s our game plan today. And we’re in it to win it. That’s why we have this plan. We’re crazy psyched despite the shit weather. Today we’re gonna put up a good fight, that’s for sure. Right pappy?
– It’s gonna be awesome. Final episode.
– Let’s go. We have to see where the other teams have gone. I’ve seen one boat pass us and make a move to the northern parts. We’re fishing shallow points to begin with. The other teams, don’t know where they are.
– Never mind where they are. Never mind where the others are. It’s only up to us now. We have to fish well. 3 up today. One really, really damn nice and fat pike will surface. Yes, our starting lures. WolfCreek lures.
– McTail, BigTail. Hey, let’s do this. Today is a bit different day because we got to trail anywhere we wanted (within the 3 previously fished waters) We’re all starting to fish at 8:00AM Even if you’re going to the furthest water we all start 8:00AM to have the same amount of fishing time. At the moment we’re taking a look at a bay here. Looking at it now, it looks pretty good right?
– Yes it does. Here’s rock and stuff. We have a few minutes to 8:00AM, so let’s go. It was a move trough hell to get here.
– Naah it went well. Yes it went well, Håkan drives like a god. But the weather is not fun at all today. I don’t think the pike finds the rain to fun either. I don’t think anyone likes rain. It’s gonna be exciting though. What do you say old man? It’s gonna be very exciting…
– You’re a bit wet. Yes yes… Not underneath, there I’m just hot. Yeah… Good thing we have these clothes. Otherwise this would not have been fun at all. No. The teams have all reached their spots and are preparing for a long and wet final day. It’s 8 o’clock and the first casts of the day are in full swing. The finals of Pike Five 2019 has begun. I think it will be really hard fishing. We don’t have any wind what so ever. And an insistent rain so there’s a serious low pressure hanging over us. So…
– And it’s cold! It is cold. So it will probably be tough today. We have to of course fill our bag limit, and that might just be enough. But I don’t really think so. A meter fish will probably be grinded up here today by somebody so… In our minds we have to catch 3 meter fish today and and if we don’t than I don’t think we’ll have anything to do with he fight for the top position. Good thing we have good clothes. Just think about it. We can spend money on expensive rods, expensive reels, loads of lures. But if you don’t have really good clothes when you’re out fishing, then everything is in vain. Soaking wet and really cold, and you’re done for it. So a tip from me is to buy a really good fishing outfit that can handle rain, that can handle strong wind… In this case we’re using clothes from Pinewood. Extreme value for your money. That holds wind and moist out. Without a hefty price tag. I strongly recommend these. And look how good looking one becomes, I mean… Everything dresses a beauty.
– Yes, everything dresses a beauty. Nothing miss dresses an ugly person…
– What?? And nothing miss dresses an ugly person…
– No that’s true……..? No, yes. No. It’s pretty long. It’s pretty long Stephan!
– Yeah yeah… It’s a good one damn it. You said “No”.
– Yeah but I wasn’t sure. Good. There… Took a PigShad in the SnaskarGösen color. Very nice with a fish pretty much right off the bat. Of course we’d like it to be a bit bigger, but it’s a beautiful pike. And he kissed me with his… Garnish… Today’s conditions are really tough. It’s gonna be really, really boring… weather today. It’s gonna rain for almost 15 hours. And we’re gonna make use of every minute of that time, so we’re gonna be soaking wet from start to finish. And there’s no wind… That affects it a bit. But it’s the same for everyone, so we just have to fight on. We do have a chance at this. We would need a few really nice kicker fish today. Yesterday we didn’t get one, so today we could use one. Would be nice if we’d caught one now. A 110 cm would be ok. There will be a pig caught today… I just hope it will be in our boat. Another thing… When you are fishing like we are today, that means no numbers (not a lot of pike). We’re only going for the big ones. Fish hard spots, where the bites won’t be plenty. Let me tell you, if we get 5 bites today… Than we should be happy. That means that we really have to nail those hook sets. And that the fish got some size to them. And that’s a bit… …psychologically challenging to cast on the same spot over and over again for 3-4 hours and not even… feel so much as a shred of life. and then suddenly when you least expect it… Bam. Then you have to be ready. Because if you’re not ready and miss out on that fish… then you won’t forgive yourself. It’s a win or a total failure on the table right now. But try… That we will. Now we’ve fished with WolfShad with a 7g clip on. We came a bit further in to the bay. The nice thing about Darts clip weights system is that you have 3, 5, 7, 10, 14 gram. So in a few seconds you change your weight and adapt to the new depth that appeared. It’s really nice and smooth, easy. And you’re fishing much more effective in this way. So, clip weights. I really recommend that. We have a bit of a problem here, this bay is totally on the leeward side. Yes. So in the future we’ll focus on south facing bays, since that’s where the small amount of wind comes from. But it looks a bit to good over here, to not be fishing the area. A bite. No… Yes.
– Good Carl! That’s nice. That’s totally ok. And it’s in the net. Good good. I broke a couple of rod tips for you as well.
– Yes, while you’re down there. Yes A pike as you can see. 83 cm in length. On a McRubber, Black Pike. that we’ve caught many on during these days. If we can catch a few to the bag limit in here, that are decent fish then we have a good start. But considering yesterday… If we’d caught a 96 cm fish yesterday we would have been in second place and in the fight for victory. But we drew a big fat blank on that one so today we’re just in it to finish with grace. And can we climb a few positions on te beard then it’s really, really good. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you team Böjda, it truly is tough weather our teams have to fish in. But the fish seem to bite a little, straight away this morning. Let’s have a look at team Upplev. We’re at our first spot. I’m reeling in a small McTail, or a “small”… I mean a McTail with an BigTail. Good things come in small packages.
– I had such a strike. He was on for like 3 seconds. Then I lost it. I’m not sure why. We slowed down close to a bay that we were bound for. On the sonar we saw some really hot structures, so we decided to stop and try it out. It’s like the last outpost before the pike can swim out into deep water. This is just what we needed. Some confirmation that this spot holds fish And the weather now is… not optimal for any clear conclusions on if there’s fish here or not. Especially with this rain on this absolute calm surface. But if the rain stops, and if we’re lucky it might, a bit later, then this could be a super spot to fish. Because we know that there’s fish here, and we have not fished this spot before. And that makes it very interesting. We’ll hammer on…
– Very interesting. Oh yes. 62 cm. Oh holy hell… Today’s first fish took a McRubber, SnaskarGösen. A really nice color in this clear water. Would have been even more nice if it was one meter but it always feels good to start of right away with a fish. I think there’s gonna be a team who “tanks up” three…
– Yes, yeah. We just have to realize, if we’re gonna win Pike Five 2019, then we have to fish like demons today. Yes. And that our gamle works out.
– Yes I had a good… There, there.. They’re staring to come alive here now. Well… today all pike seem to count. But usually this is the type you only unhook quickly next to the boat. Here’s one too. Stephan is hooked up too, so they seem to be biting, but unfortunately only the small ones. 66… A small “sniper”. But beautiful as usual. 76 Well… we caught a few. At least we have 3 in the bag. That’s the important part. Now we can start upgrading. A day like this when it pours down, and will be pouring the whole day, then we’re glad we’re standing in super good clothing like this Grundéns set. With their special membrane that makes it 100% waterproof. Doesn’t matter how much wind and rain, you’re always dry inside. It doesn’t get any better than this. a day like this I’m very grateful for that. Face and hands get wet but rest of the body is dry. It’s worth saying: There is no bad weather, only bad clothing. So good thing that we have good clothing.
– That’s really damn good. Because today it’s very very bad weather. Team Sporting are first to fill their bag limit today. As usual you’re hot like an iron. Keep it up! It’s a small one. What the hell was that out there? That fin look like it belonged to a rainbow or a trout or something. Yeah ok, we’ll net him. Take it easy, hold up now.. Oh… It was definitely not these we came here for. Are we even gonna measure this? I guess we should. This is just sick… 69 This wasn’t one of those five… But still fun to get some adrenaline going. Let’s get this one back. Bye. First fish up. Still fun with strikes, but not these we want. The area we’ve arrived to now has an archipelago feel to it. With seagulls or whatever it is that’s making noise. Rocky islets that are sticking out. Under the surface hides big stretches of sunken rock. that we want to fish between without hitting them. So we’re crawling with the trolling motor in here. To avoid any prop blunders on the petrol engine. That would have been bad. The wind totally flipped on us so we got lee right where we thought we would have some wind, when we took off So now we have to think a bit contrariwise. And hopefully find some fish, because it’s been slow for a little while now. And that’s always a bit frustrating, and you start to doubt things. So we need a bite soon. Carl up there, is on it. You’re using Black Pike?
– Oh yes. Oh yes. Then it’s a done deal. Oh this is a chunk i think.
– I got my lure out there… Yeah but he’s…
– Yeah never mind that. Hey he’s not coming up… He’s big as hell. No….. Shut your mouth! Don’t talk that fish up to size now.
– Yeah but he’s big. He’s really, really big. No he wasn’t but…
– No, but he’s big… Yeah he’s nice… It’s a good start. He came in on the side so… Sna a a a aaask… That’s a meter fish. Damn, we grinded this spot and as i said, it felt hot as hell. The weather is shit, but next thing you know we have a fish. Damn fun. Nice fish, nice fish!
– Really beautiful pike. Congratulations Jonas. You got him there? He’s one meter. Damn that’s good!
– A meter pike! My guess was off by 3 cm, and I’m damn happy about that. Wonderful old man. So good.
– Norrlandic pike… Norrlandic gold! As we can see on the scoreboard, only team Sporting has a full limit. While the other teams have only, landed 1 fish each. But if you start out with a meter fish then the feeling must be pretty good. Nicely done team Upplev! Is it a better one?
– I mean… No, i’ts not… Yeah but it’s not a general snipe?
– Yes. Yes… Look at that… It is. Damn, it felt so good at first.
– Oh holy f*** what huge echos over there. But I thing we need to… There, never mind.
– 68. Rostaren got an idea… Here’s like 1 m deep. And then it drops to about 4½ m. And we’re close to shore so, it’s like a groove here in the middle. A shallow area over there, a shallow bay over there and a gutter in the middle And I switched over to the structure scan and there was loads… or loads, about 4-5 fish, that looked very nice on the structure scan. Then Rostaren takes a cast, bam… But that was not that big. But it’s worth to move up again, because i can’t see them any more. I’m ice cold… Rostaren is a bit hot though, but it’s only bicycle pumps. Should we get moving Rostaren?
– Mmm… Is it snaskus?
– It is not an… snaskis. It just comes along. No, it’s a bicycle pump… And it’s off. Quick release. This isn’t good… It’s not worth it… No. No but we are going to move so that’s nice. Will be nice and cozy in the car an hour. So damn nice. Either make it or brake it. We’re not catching them here.
– No. Now it’s game over. Now Sporting does a “Sporting” and does something totally crazy that no other thinking person would do. We’re gonna drive the car for over an hour to move to a different water. We don’t think we can win here and nobody remembers a coward. So now it’s out of our hands. We have to leave. It’s only small fish here. A very daring plan, team Sporting but at least you have a full bag limit, which is very good at the moment in the competition. You know any nice Elvis tunes?
– Me? I have no nice tones in me.
– This whole think feels a bit Elvis. What’s the saying… “Sing or die”. Not if your name is Hanc. Then you should just shut up.
– Rather sing than good.. Isn’t it so? I have a singing voice that only a mother can love.
– No not even here… No, my mom is kind. Yes she’s kind, she’s wonderful. Fishing doesn’t seem to my thing either.
– Yes, you’ll get one now. Maybe I should invest my time in music instead. I’ve been waiting for you to deliver. And I think it just might. “I’ve been waiting for you to deliver”.
– Yeah but I mean like a pig. This won’t do. Fishing sunken rock/shallow points in clear water without wind… Up in Norrland.
– That has always been hard. Right here, it’s been exceptionally hard. So we’ll do a… Well not a “hail Mary” just quite yet, since we have a whole lot left of the day, but… we’re changing our tactic completely. We’ll go to a shallow bay/march that’s protected and where it’s rarely windy. Where we’ve had nice fish before. And we’ll see if we can find a pig over there instead. Yes! Good! Shit..shit, I can’t net it… There we go… Good Carl! 79 79 cm Norrlandic pike. On more! Let’s go Martin. Next up: 100 cm. I’m tired of small fish. I would like to take the opportunity and show you a very smart thing that RAM Mounts got. These… Everything is on a rail/bar so that you can easily move it, take it away etc. So what I do is… Push it down, there and there. And you’ve got your net secured. And every time Carl hooks up… I’ve become some sort of net-boy these past days, Then I just… And I got the net ready. No tangle, nobody that stands on the net, always ready. It’s a really great thing. It’s nice when you find something new to your boat that you really get a great use of. So check those out. They seem to like a bit stronger colors over here. Jonas have had 2 strikes, I have had none. So it could be the contrast and stronger colors that’s needed on this cloudy day. Might sound strange, but sometimes it’s like that. And you have to work your way up the color chart. And get reaction strikes. I’ll grab a Black Pike, McTail. Also I screw on a red/black BigTail on it. And we shall see if I also get a strike. I got superglue on my fingers… It’s a classic. I glued together my fingers once, that wasn’t fun at all. Had to us a a razor and carefully cut my way trough. Because are you glued together with superglue, then you’re in trouble. Let me see that.
– What? Oh… You’re gonna get a 120… No I shouldn’t say that. I’m not gonna jinx it. You’re not gonna get shit on that.
– You and you’re babble. We’ve changed location and gone out a bit. Or no, gone in a bit… Into a bay, where we fished yesterday. Lost 3 fish here before. now we’re gonna try to fish a bit closer to land. And we’ll see if there’s more of them. If you loose a few fish on a spot, and they weren’t hooked on properly, than they very well may strike again today as well. We’re hoping for that. That they’re here and hungry. It is an incredibly wet day on the lake and teams have it tough to say the least. But the rain seems to stop for a while and the wind has increased. How does that feel Rikard? It feels extremely hard to fish when we don’t have wind. So we are very grateful for the wind that have increased. And especially the rain that has stopped. Enabling us to dry up and get back on track a bit. We’re just waiting on the slightly bigger fish. Johan has “snasked” 2 bicycle pumps so far. But when you’re fishing at like 5m depth and you’re just waiting to get that strike. Not any large numbers, But once you get a strike you can count on it being big. But in this case unfortunately it’s been wrong for us. Close to river outlets is usually hot spots at this time of the season. The water might just have become to warm though. But usually at locations with outlets, wetlands, marches the waters around get a bit warmer in the winter. So close after winter you just might get lucky and find concentrations of pike around those areas. We’re hoping that it’s still relevant here. Although it’s considerably warmer in the water now than during the winter. We’ve been in the car for quite some time. To a new rainy place. It wasn’t suppose to rain here, but it did anyway. And this place is… Well… We have 2 pike over 100 cm here so. We believe in this.
– And soon we have 3 over 100 cm. It feels nervous, I’ll admit. Right now I have a nervous feeling in my body.
– I’m having like a lump in my throat. We know that this is our chance. And we left the other lake, and idiot move, but we believe in this place so much. And the fishing was so incredibly slow over there this morning. So we were talking about this move, we’ve had it as a plan. So as I said before, nobody remembers a coward. we have everything to win and nothing to loose. In last season of Pike Five we became dead last and we did an incredibly bad job. This year we’ve done really well for us. We’ve still done it very well and fished good the other days. And here is a chance to catch a real pig. Due to the lack of wind, we’ve found our way to a little shallow bay/march, that generally don’t get that much wind. But what we’ve found here is our friends from Malmö… That are in here and “snasking”. So now we have to fight it out with them for a bit… Always fun. It’s so quiet here that you can hear a mosquito fart. That’s not nice at all… But here is quite a bit of birds singing. I was thinking about mosquito farts, that’s not nice. No. Hey, stop messing around (“larv-ing”)…
– What? I wasn’t speaking to you… Yes, no! Same direction again?
– Yes. Cool.
– There! Damn that’s good. The fun part is, since there is no large amounts of vegetation here, I let the lure sink to the bottom. Give it 3-4 quick cranks on the reel. And then down to the bottom again, lift it and then repeat. 76 There… No he want’s to go that way, sorry. Up here in Norrland it’s still spring. It can’t be that long ago the pike spawned according to the water temperature we got now. But… We’ve been into shallow bays and noted that it’s not any warmer there than in the outside areas. If you find areas like this with depths allround this flatbed. This is an “year around place” for the pike. We don’t know which is the closest spawning bay to this area but most likely on the other side there. So that’s not any particularly big distances for the pike to move back from to here, after spawning. It’s a big area and since we caught 2 quick pike on the same spot than we want to grind here for a while. But there is a lot more to explore. A lot more. Team Böjda spön have also a full limit and are at the moment in the lead this day. It is hard conditions today and every fish is important. Team Upplev have only caught one fish but it’s so far the only 1 m fish. How are things going for the guys? That’s weird…
– Is it a pike down there on the bottom? Oh shit… Is it a big ass pike down there?
– It is right? Yeah, he’s moving. Look he swims over there. God damn what a pike. Big god damn pike.
– Down there, down there he swims. That was a meter fish. I saw the shadow when he swam away on the side image. He was spooked when I threw my lure on him.
– Yeah that’s crazy. We’re fishing along this edge and we’ve seen.. I mean visually, pike stand here over the bottom. Whereof one of them was over 1 meter. He was just hanging about there, like a psycho. And waited for the food. He got spooked when we threw the lures on him. Yes, but it’s so incredibly calm so if we’d just get some wind than we can return to fish these fish, But we’re gonna move a bit because we saw another pike and have also noted them on the SI. So they are in here. But the thing is that it is just way to calm over here. So they are very timid and more or less apathetic. If the wind picks up and we get some disturbance on the water surface then things can start happening. I would guess about 67-68 cm. That’s not gonna take us far, but never mind that. Norrlandic bicycle pumop. Thin like a line. But still nice. 74 cm. Back home it goes. There ya go. Say hi to mommy. A lure that have… Won the hearts and minds on this journey. Westin, BullTeez. Wonderful rolling swimming action and I’ve caught a lot of pike myself on it. And Johan saved the first episode with a 94 cm pike I think, with this lure so a really good lure. He took it again. Out with the lure.
– Easy, you can’t get a hook set that close. Yes! Stay hooked. Keep it down, I’m coming to net it. Oh it’s a small one. Just a “sniper”.
– A small one? He’s not that small.
– Yeah it’s tiny. It’s an upgrade though. Damn strong. Good. Come on, come on now!
– Yes, we’re on. Damn nice, new spot. We’ve moved from the shallow point/sunken island. Wanted to try something else. So we drifted a bit to search the fish. This was so nice to catch, because it is really slow fishing. So this one means a lot for our self confidence and we really needed it. And it upgrades our 60 cm fish. 82 important centimeters, and best of all… I had a follower that was bigger than this one. Follower? It hit the lure.
– It did bite, but threw it away, it was never hooked. This one goes back now. We’re at a spot right now where it goes from 4-5 m up to… 2,5-2,6 m on the top. Robin just caught an 80 + and had one that went for the lure, so 2 fish on 2 casts. One of them didn’t hook up. We’ll fish this area now. We need an upgrade or two. We don’t have so very much time left and everyone has to be back at 8:00PM so we are a bit stressed out. Nicely done Sporting! Your daring move might just pay off. Team Sporting is back in the lead, but the day is still young and anything can still happen. Since it’s cloudy and almost misty… rain in the air, so I’d like to try… some black tones. I’m hoping it will make some difference. We need to get them up, and were not quite succeeding. But we’re hammering on the spots where we know they are present and are hoping for a feeding period. But as I said it’s… We just have to hope for that. And then get out there on the depth curves. As I said before… We’ll win it, or we fail totally. Team Sporting’s car is not there anymore. No it doesn’t… Damn, they’ve must have moved.
– Where the hell have they gone? Well there’s only one lake that is close enough to here. Bold move… But that’s good. Nobody remembers a coward.
– That’s the way it is. Respect. Let’s see if it’s an upgrade, I don’t know. Might be.. Oh shit!
– No! Well..
– Well… Well then… Contact.
– Contact. A bit to eager there… They get so wild. And when you pull in a pike that fast/hard then they still have all the energy left. At some point you need to stop retrieve and then you better hold on. They’re good at their head shakes, so that one unfortunately got off. But it was an 80 cm fish I should think. So maybe there are more in here. A nice little shallow bay/march that we spotted on the map, and entered. They don’t have cormorants here in Norrland?
– Not yet…They do have them on the coast. Yes, local cormorant populations with their enormous appetite for fish have at different locations, devastating consequences for the ecosystem and the biological diversity under water and on land. Those and many other challenges our fishing waters and ecosystems are facing, are “Sportfiskarna” working hard with. and need your support with a simple membership. That enables them to constantly broaden their field of operation. And make sure that the waters we are fishing, today, also will be in good shape and productive for the coming generations. Together we are strong, organized we’re also able to act with great effect. Join Sportfiskarna today. After many hours of grinding with no result, well I had one strike just next to the boat at the spot where Jonas caught his 109. …there was one that just touched the lure. It’s so slow, and everything transpires so fast. Had a PigShad on in the color SnaskarGösen. Then i got a bite… I’m sharpening the hooks right now, for some extra security. So you had a bite on the SnaskarGösen color?
– Yes. I have not fished that this whole day. I’ve changed around and… Will it be a rerun from yesterday if I put an SnaskarGösen you think? Yes I think so. You think?
– Yes, snask, and then you snask on it… We just have to grind on, nothing more to it. We’re in a tough spot but… We know that this is a spot with big fish and to win this we have to have those big fish. We can’t be fishing small ones. We can do that to get a ok position, but we are in it to win it. And in that case it’s all about the big ones. We can’t be doing…
– We cant be messing around Håkan. Let’s go. Yes, let’s go.
– We’ll get them up. 60…. 67. Yeah that upgrades one of the small ones. What do you say? Shall we cover this bay and then change location? Yes.
– Our gamble didn’t pay off. Nope, here’s absolutely nothing. Well not completely but.
– It’s just small fish. Yes.. God damn it! But also you’ll never know, maybe here are big ones but the conditions for them is just not good enough to bite. Or are they simply not here? Damn… It would have been so nice to have Joe Labero’s phone number. Be able to call and talk to him for a bit and get him to work he’s magic and conjure up a couple of meter pike, to us. Right here and now. Right?
– Yes. We are in a good location, that’s what’s frustrating about it. We are in such a great water. We have good spot. We knot that there’s big fish here. But yeah… You have to get them to bite as well. There’s nobody at home here. We have a plan, we have 4 spots to hammer, so we’re going to move again… again. To a nice bay that’s at the backside of the island we’ve been fishing around. With a lot of rock and gravel, underwater reeds etc. We’re gonna fish that spot. And then we have a few more spots along the way. So it’s gonna be like a pearl necklace. And at some of those spots there is a 116 cm that “Papa-Dane” will send to the dentist. Good Jacob, fish.
– But! It’s small fish eating. And that’s never good. But it might be a 75 cm. At least it’s good for the mojo, right? Second fish of the day. Buster Jerk, Zombie Zander or SnaskarGösen, we’re not quite sure. You know, because it’s out in stores now. We had to cut one hook in order to get it out of the net quickly. It’s always better to bust a hook and change it, than keeping the fish too long in the net. So always have that in mind, to bring pliers to cut hooks, change them and keep on fishing. I don’t have more time for you because i’m gonna get me another one. But we have time to see what has happened on the scoreboard. Team Sporting is still in the lead and have upgraded 2 of their fish. Böjda spön have a full bag limit and are not far from top spot. Team SportfiskeGiganten are in a third place with a full limit and an upgrade. Jiggar.nu are missing one fish, while team Upplev is last with only their meter fish in the bag. I think it’s a smaller… Or maybe… You never know.
– No it’s a smaller one. Don’t need to net this one. That was not bigger. Well.. I got a bite now and it was a smaller one, not an upgrade or anything like that, it took a leap of it’s own into the water. Pretty funny actually. Right now… I got a feeling we’re way behind the others today.
– I also have that feeling. No no no… Wonderful Håkan!
– Be ready now. It’s barely hooked up. It’s not a big fish. Yes it is.
– No no no, it’s not a big fish. He’s under here. I can’t see anything… It’s a small fish, I’m just taking it easy. He’s not small…
– Oh is not hooked well at all. Wonderful.
– So damn nice to get that at least. Damn good, now we have 2 fish. Totally crazy.
– It feels like I’m loosing it.. Got spagetti legs. I felt that it wasn’t a giant, but we really needed to get the darn fish in the boat. He was barely hooked because I felt the lure trashing around with the head shakes. So I thought, he’s just hooked with one hook. And he is, which shows that it’s slow today. And the fish aren’t biting properly, they’re just there and nibble a bit. And you better have sharp hooks on. As we have, from Darts.
– Yes. And then it’s also up to Lady Luck. But oh my god buddy, now we only have one damn fish left. One more pike. Yes.
– And if we catch that one then, no matter what size, than I’m satisfied. That’s how hard fishing it is today. I hope that the viewers understand that this is not easy. Let me know when it’s up. I think it’s 91. 91. So good. That centimeter may be important.
– Yes. That one looks a bit better.
– No I don’t think so. Oh but that’s a nice pike. Oh yes. Oh yes. 86 Yeah that was a bit liberating after several hours without a fish in the boat. Then this one came along. Beautiful, wide and nice pike. Norrlandic pike.
– Really nice. Yes, wonderful Rostaren. So damn good! Now we got the spirit up in this god damn boat again! He was totally crazy, hey go get your mommy! You got fish?
– Mmm… A general bicycle pump.
– Is it? Think so…
– Yeah but that’s what you always say. Can’t you put down your rod, so that we won’t have the fish on the surface? It’s 67 cm to beat. Yeah it is a bicycle pump but never mind. It’s pretty ok, looks quite long. No… It’s not even within measuring limit.
– And it’s hooked wrong. Is it?
– Yes. You’re hot Rostaren.
– God damn it. I’ve had one bite the hole day. Pretty fat… Finally they get a few bites in the waters that the teams have chosen for today. Sporting made a transfer to a different water today, how are things going over there? 10 hours with constant piss rain. That’s not a dream scenario, let me tell ya. Good thing we have good clothes, but now the hands, face and shoes are starting to get quite nice. I’m sending a sick leave request in advance.
– What? I’m sending a sick leave request for next Monday, in advance. It’s guaranteed that the fishing sucks everywhere today. It’s just all about who gets the kicker fish wins everything That’s how it is unfortunately. We’re 4 teams that have a chance on winning. The one who get’s the big fish today, they win the whole god damn thing. So far it’s not us. But we still have 1½ hour left. I think it will be decided on one fish. This weather, I can’t even remember the last time I was out in such weather. It’s raining so much. And it’s been for over 10 hours. It’s not human… It’s good for the water level.
– Yes that’s true. Better if it rained like this in Örebro. We need water. When you’re out on the lake. There’s 2 things you absolutely have to have in mind. Firstly, to always have a life jacket. We always have life jackets when we’re on the move from A to B. And usually they’re off during fishing. Which maybe you shouldn’t but that’s what we do. And as soon as we are on the move, than the life jacket is on again. And the other thing, make sure you are insured. The boats are expensive, engines… You saw what happened to us and our Talon… All the stuff in the boat. The electronics and so on. “Svedea” is a great insurance company. Go on their website and check out what’s right for you. Call them, they have good customer service. Just make sure you have the insurance you need, if you were to have an accident. And you avoid standing there with your beard in the mailbox. Like Jonas Milton… The big beard… It’s the third fish to the limit. It deserves to be netted. That was some strike! Holy shit what a strike it was.
– Is that something the big pike need to learn from? Almost immodestly small. It manages 70.
What? Yes, 70 cm. A small rascal, but still a lot of fun. Are you writing him up? Yeah that was a small rascal. You ready.
– Yes, come on. Lazy Jerk, ZombiePerch. It’s große Björn.
– What is it, 70? It’s more. 70… 73. Holy shit. What a top fish.
– Fantastic fish. Back it goes. And we’re gonna catch us an even bigger. Maybe a 74, or even 75 cm. That would have been something. Bye. I caught a fish Björn. Good there!
– Last time was 8 hours ago. Something like that… Well done there Jiggar. Now you also have a full bag limit. Unfortunately these 70 cm fish wont go far, in this competition, but you’ve seem to find fish. Now what’s left are the big ones. Not much has happened to say the least. We decided to fish a few spots before we go back to the spot where we caught 3 fish before. On the big flatbed. We’re not familiar with any other areas, so instead of moving around in panic, trying to find something new, that might not even be a good spot. And it all fails. Than we rather stick to what we know and hammer on here. We’ve caught fish in here before.
– We’ve caught fish here before, and we have a full limit. I would think that it’s not gonna be enough. Considering the sizes they caught here yesterday. We weren’t in this part of the lake yesterday. But it’s no fishing for numbers today, I’m pretty sure. We’ll need maybe just 3 fish over 80-90cm to have any chance at the top places today. Or maybe team Upplev have done it again and have 3 fish over 1 meter, you never know. What? They’ve done it. Yeah, they’ve probably caught a meter fish today as well. And then we have team Giganten that’s… well they slip in on a banana peel as usual. All the way to the top. Yeah that’s tuff luck. I got one! I got one!
– Yeah you get so fired up… Yeah but it can get unhooked also!
– I know. Yeah, so don’t get carried away now. Damn, is up to something. What’s going on?
– He’s got off of course… What’s going on?
– He’s off. It is so… God damn it! Was he also big??
– No.. He wasn’t… You only say that… He was probably 97 or something like that. That was just sick.
– Throwing a Jerk Bait in there just might be the ting. So god damn good! Full bag limit you old piece of shit! Man, I want to slap you for some reason, but I won’t. I got the crazy idea to put on a Jerk Bait and make a few casts. Why’s that crazy?
– No, it’s not crazy. First cast I got a pike strike… …second cast I got a pike strike. And then we drifted over the same spot and I caught this one. Nice done team Upplev. Full bag limit and you’re in the lead today. During pike fishing, sometimes you get a fish like this. It’s beautiful. It is pike food we are looking at here. Have you caught a rainbow on a casting rod before? No.. or yes I have. We had one of those type of lakes within our fishing club before. But this was a personal best. It was pretty nice. The rainbow wanted a WolfCreek Shad in the color SnaskarGösen. We’ve had good fishing on it. It hammered on like there’s no tomorrow. and I got all ecstatic since it’s so slow, today. Thinking I had a better pike on. Felt a bit funky though, and then that one surfaced. So it was an certain disappointment. But at the same time it was fun, that was a pretty good rainbow trout. Well…
– It was nice. Fun… “Damn my back, holy crap”. “My name is Hanc the tank”. “I’m from Järna (brain)”. But I’m lacking one. Oh holy mother of satan, I missed that one! Yeah I saw it, but it only pinched the tail.
– Yes. That was an upgrade! Big time!
– It wasn’t that big though. It was over 70 cm.
– Naaah… Hey, it was. “Pike fishing is so fun”. “Or what do you say Jonas?” “It’s so…” God damn it, I’m fishing a bit fast. With my soft rod. Oh damn what a snask! A bicycle pump. Naah it’s pretty long and thin.
– What? It is a bicycle pump but it might be over 67, what do you think? Yes. Thank’s Such a damn king you are.
– Oh yeah. I feel it god damn it, I feel it. What a specialist I am. I’m able to find these small golden nuggets. You check the lure box, you check the water, feel the currents… You know there’s a damn nice current over here, and then I place the cast… SNASK The clock is clacking. Never mind that, we’ve caught some fish now, we’re really happy. I promise, I got a good feeling now. We’ve found the right lure for this area. We’ve maybe even found the right spot, because here at least something is happening. Whit a bit of luck… One meter fish, that can make us… Straight up… So instead we’re making a move… I think we messed up big time by making this lake jump. But as I said, you’ll never know unless you try. What the hell should we have done, we weren’t catching anything over there. If we’d catch a 107 or 103 over here… – Yeah in that case it would have been the best decision we ever made. Nothing is speaking for that we would have caught shit over there but we had more contacts there. Yes there was. But we only caught 3-4 fish in 3 hours. This is the worst fishing day in the last 10 years. Can’t be compared to nothing… The rain has poured for 11 hours. Back home I wouldn’t even bothered to step out of the car. Just forget it. I would have been on the cough, scratching “Bumbi” on the belly. He would have liked that much better. What the hell kind of ring is that on the water?
– That? That’s a hot spot. A marked out hot spot?
– Yep. How practical…
– Soon I’m able to reach the hot spot. That’s so practical, now I know where to fish, watch this. We do need some help from above… Now it’s just Bom… First cast. God damn it. Can’t it just rain some more?
– Do I look like a wet dog or something? I cant even… I’m giving up Björn. You’ll have to fish by yourself. Our cameraman have lived under a Ikea bag the whole day. And the water level in this lake has risen 2 m. But he fit’s very good in that bag. Was I a douche?
– That was douchy. But damn fun. It’s a good look for you my friend. Damn, I’ve never experienced this much water in all my life. Not even when I’m taking a bath. Do you know the bright part about all of this?
– No? Without all the fish we’re not all smudgy on our hands. Man, you and your hands. God damn primadonna. Yeah we all know how hard it is to keep the spirits up in this kind of weather. Jiggar.nu seem to have broken down here at the end, but they seem to be in good spirit anyway………… Now there are not many minutes left of Pike Five 2019 But, as long as the lures are in the water, anything can happen. Not an upgrade, but a fish. No, never mind the net. It just gonna get tangled. Oh I have a bad grip. Well it’s 10 minutes to go, we have fought as well as possible. We’ve caught a full bag limit + a few smaller ones. And we’ve caught a full bag limit + a few smaller ones. We were hoping for at few upgrades in the afternoon but… It’s wet… it’s cold. It’s been a long day, but it’s been wonderful in Norrland. We fished a completely different area yesterday, and we had the chance to go there today as well. But, we realized that the chance for a 100 + was bigger in this part. So we went here instead, but… That was probably the wrong decision. We’re grinding as hell now. Just grind like hell and hope for… well you can see for your self how it looks… Totally calm and grumpy rain… Equals grumpy fishing. Not grumpy old men, because we’re not grumpy, But grumpy fishing. It’s been tough today. We’ve fished through this water where we had such success last time we were here. And we’ve been grinding on, and managed to catch a meter fish today, and a 91, so that’s good. And we have a 75 fish that we really would need to upgrade but that seems very very hard. But hey, anything can happen as long as the shit is in the water as we say. We just have to keep grinding. I think you talk to much. Fish better. Ok, I’ll try that…
– Quiet now. Get ready now! This one is nice! The 70 fish is gone at least.
– Yes. A god damn reed pike is what I have to pull out of the bag. Again a beautiful Norrlandic pike. Damn…
– Gimme a kiss then. I knew you wanted to. Right in the end… That was an important fish… Oh shit he has crapped, look at this! Shoes and pants and boat.What a damn pig! Gad damn it stinks! Release it so we can make 10 more casts. That god damn smell… Naaah stop crying now. a few more casts, come on now. We have time for one more. We’d like to take the opportunity to thank all the viewers who’s been following us. And the other teams. There’s 4 other wonderful teams in this. That we’ve had loads of fun with. Skillful photographers that endure the elements and everything… Us… We’re packing up for this year.
– Yeah we have a deadline to be back to. Yes we are in a bit of a hurry for the deadline.
– We have some boating to do. Thank you very much!
– Thank you very much, see you again! Never say never, but I think we’re absolute dead last. But the hope is the last thing that’s abandoned. So I’m gonna tell Lubbe to jump over to team Sporting’s boat, where the faces look completely different. Than in team Giganten’s boat. So… congratulations from us, SportfiskeGiganten. Bye bye. The fishing is over, finally. 11 hours in pouring rain, totally wet on hands, feet.. shoes. Fortunately the body is dry. But what an incredibly hard day. We maneged to scoop up a nice one the last 10min. So I think we managed pretty well despite all. Unfortunately it’s probably not gonna be enough for us. We’re probably gonna end up at a third place. maybe second if we are really lucky. I concur… I reason exactly like Stephan there. We want to thank everyone that have followed this production and cheered us on. It’s been an amazing time and we are looking forward to new challenges in the future. Bye now!
– Have a good one! Good job! Well fought, partner. Good job. That was all from us. Pike Five 2019. Didn’t work out as planned.
– No… Not quite. But that happens some times, it’s fishing. We’ve done everything we can. And congratulations to the winners. I hope you’ve enjoyed this year’s season. And for you viewers… Wright a comment on what you would like to see for next year’s Pike Five. Type of waters, techniques you name it. You’re feedback is good. It’s for you guys we do this.
– Yes. So send PM, send email and comment and above all. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel. Thank’s for watching. Yeah.. what is there to say..? In total… To summarize these 4 days of fishing. We started out really bad in the beginning. We lost our big fish and it was just… What can I say… Shit! It felt so bad to loose 3 big fish the first day. But then we’ve managed to turn things around. We’ve fished well in the archipelago. and when we came here, we did a great achievement. With a fantastic result at 316 cm, on 3 fish. Today we went back in this shit weather. managed to catch a meter fish and one 91 and one 75. So what can I say. I’m very happy with our effort. How about you, beard? I’m also happy… Incredibly satisfied. The whole body just aches. Yours to I bet. Get that last cast out. One should always make one last cast for grandma, that’s and old tradition. Last cast is coming up. There’s nothing left to do but to get back to the gathering place. and start the long journey back. And thank you all the viewers for following this series. Thank you very much, hope you’ve been rooting for us. Yeah, and we’ll se how we’ve done. We’ve done our best. Yes.
– Yes Beard…. Idiot. Oh yeah! This one has to be 100.. But you’re not. What a lump! Look at it! What a god damn pike! This one has to be a better one! Fish on! Pike Five 2019 is over… The teams have fought brave to the last minute despite a tough final day. It’s been exciting throughout the whole competition. But only one team can bring back the trophy to their tackle shop. Ladies and gentlemen, your winner of Pike Five 2019, “The battle of Norrland” is…. They started out with a bottom place on the first day, but have since then climbed and climbed. And stand today as winners, well done! If we take a look at the scoreboard, we’ll see that team Upplev and team Sporting actually got the same score. But since team Upplev had the bigger fish today at 100 cm to Sporting’s 97, than they get the today’s win. The other teams did not manage to find long enough fish this day. But with these conditions it was not a walk in the park. When we look at the Pike 5 points, we can see that team Sporting managed to keep their lead, throughout the whole competition, and receives therefore 5 points. Extremely well done! The 4 points goes to team Upplev with their amazing top fish. When we put together the “Pike 5” points, and the daily points. Than as we said before, team Upplev and Sporting ends up at the same point score, where team Upplev’s 109 cm pike makes the decisive difference, and wins the whole Pike Five 2019. Team Sporting have fished evenly during the whole competition but stumbles on the goal line this season. But can be proud over their second place. In third place we find our Scanian dudes from SportfiskeGiganten. They started out incredibly strong the first 2 days but were infected by the “Lapp-Sickness” as team Böjda spön so eloquently put it, the rest of the competition. Well done! In a fourth place we find team Böjda spön who’s had a hard time finding the big fish but has probably caught the largest amount of pike during the competition. In last place we find the last year’s winner team Jiggar.nu This year it just wasn’t enough and the big fish were to few. But they have probably the heaviest fish, with Björns fat 101 cm pike. Well done all teams that together with us in the production team would like to thank our beloved sponsors and all you viewers that have followed this fun and thrilling season. Please do comment what you would like to see in the future and don’t forget to follow tackle Shop Productions Youtube channel and Instagram so that you don’t miss out on upcoming productions. My name is Lubomir “Lubbe” Pytel, and you’ve been watching Pike Five 2019, “The battle of Norrland”. Pike Five 2019 is brought to you by: And by:


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  • Reply Fredriksson66 November 1, 2019 at 3:25 pm

    Underbart o följa,varför inte göra en vintergäddfemman,angel vs mete!!!,vore kul o se😜👍🏻🎣🎣👊🏻💥

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  • Reply sirlingar November 1, 2019 at 9:04 pm

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  • Reply Average Perch November 2, 2019 at 8:33 am

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  • Reply Peter Ruhlmann November 2, 2019 at 3:35 pm

    Vil gerne se lidt mindre sjöer. Kunne til eksempel gi et område med flere små sjöer som deltagerne frit kan vælge imellem….det udfordre strategierne….mycket gerne i Småland 😊🤘. Også Älv/å och Kalmarsund/Oskarshamn

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  • Reply Mel G The one November 3, 2019 at 4:35 am

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    Lite mer okända och oväntade vatten hade vart kul! Någon nämnde Runn t.ex., bra förslag. Mjörn i Västergötland har stora firrar men är en utmaning att hitta dem. Dalsland har en del tuffa sjöar också med rejäla bitar emellan varven.

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