Gennaro’s Italian Fish Soup
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Gennaro’s Italian Fish Soup

August 13, 2019

Hi lovely people, look where I am. I am in
Amalfi Coast, my hometown, and we are gonna cook together a fantastic dish. You will love
it. I’m gonna make fish soup. Full of flavour, full of life and full of passion. Such an
easy dish to do. Can you see all the fish we got in this morning? Everything’s extremely
fresh. Here on the Amalfi Coast this is what is available, use other different fish as
well; seabass, why not it’s beautiful, cod, why not it’s beautiful food, coley, yes, and
so and so and so. Let me show you what to do it. With this particular amount of fish,
which is about a couple of kilos, I use three cloves of garlic which I roughly slice. Just
squash them a little bit. Then I use onion, quarter, roughly chop. Getting a nice chilli,
half should be ok, chop it, fantastic. We cook on the charcoal. Olive oil. Get everything,
just put them inside. You sweat. Shake them a little bit. While that one is cooking get
a lovely sweet tomato. You see, people sometimes they smell the tomatoes and say ‘oh yes they
smell’. Tomato does not smell. What they get the smell of is they get the smell of the
top of the tomato so you can put them inside as well, that will help. Cut them in quarters
or in half. Put the tomato inside. It is about a kilo of tomato. I love it when all my friends
is around, they even write my recipe down. Turn around, it’s Vincenzo with his bucket.
He’s coming around. He just told me don’t forget the salt. Yes, you need a little pinch
of salt. Once it’s cooking this way you need the water. Fantastico. Now you let it cook
this one for about twenty minutes, let everything settle down and then you start to put the
fish inside. Look at that! Twenty minutes go by until almost the tomato melted. Let
me show you how you’re gonna to use the fish now. This is cuttlefish but squid will do
as well. Leave the skin and everything. Cut them in small pieces. Those tentacles has
been cleaned as well, just cut them in half, put them inside. Then you get to the nice
gurnard and then you cut it into small pieces. Shake them a bit. This one you can use for
making fantastic stock, put them inside the fridge. Then you get the weever. chop the
tail and then, again, chop him into small pieces. Look how fantastic it is. Then you
go to the monkfish. Here, oh yes! You got the prawn, I just remove the skin and you have
a look if there is any intestines to remove it, yeah. I need to put a little bit more
water. You can get so much fluid out of the fish but it needs a little help. Stir it a
little bit, make sure it’s not burning. We need to put in the parsley. This has been
washed, yes. Little bit of salt. What I like cooking in my home town is cooking for real
with friends, with family, all persons very near to me. You are very near to me because
we cooking together. Prawns goes in. Then you get the cigale, all in. Then we go with the
mussels, cockles, this is going to give a fantastic flavour. Little extra virgin olive
oil. Cook for about twenty minutes. I gonna cook inside the wood fire oven but at home
you cook more on your stove. Oh my, my. Look at this. It is so beautiful, so tender. Now
this is ready I just roasted some nice little bit of bread. I’m gonna put some garlic on
it, put it inside, I just want it to suck that lovely flavour. Just a little bit of
olive oil just on top then put it all in. So much flavour. This is memory, yes, it is
memory. A little bit of juice, yes. Parsley and a little bit more of olive oil. Bruschetta
on the side. This is fish soup made by Gennaro with such love and passion and I can’t wait
to eat! I want to eat! I love it! Lovely people of Food Tube channel please tune in, let’s
enjoy it all together. I love you. Bless. For lots more lovely recipes make sure you check
out Jamie magazine, the Italian issue. Love you!


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