Get Engine Data from the Lowrance Elite Ti Graphs

December 5, 2019

So we have the engine data cable hooked up
on our Yamaha engine on this boat. We’ve got that connected to our NMEA network and now what you can see is you can actually see on screen our engine
data. You can see we have RPMs, our water pressure, our speed over ground, our
voltage from our alternator. So all of this information comes right
here on your dash. Over here on the side, we’ve got our dash gauge. You can see as I
trim it up, it shows us where we’re at on trim. As I
trim it down again it shows us where we’re at. Now we know where full trim.
I’m going to step on the throttle here a little bit. You’ll see RPM speed up. You can see our speed go up also. We’ve got our
water temp and our depth on screen also. So these are a lot of features that are
really great. Using this feature you no longer have to
have all of the gauges on your dash you can run these gauges right on your unit.

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