Great New Products from Taurus – 2018 SHOT Show
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Great New Products from Taurus – 2018 SHOT Show

September 2, 2019

hi this is Joel Persinger I’m the gun guy
thank you very much for watching my channel I’m very very grateful I’m still
here at 2018 shot show and one booth I was not going to miss is the tourist
booth as you know I carried tourist model 85 all the time and it really
liked their guns so Dustin has been kind enough spend
some time with me they’ve got some very very cool stuff one of them is that
we’ll get to that in just a minute but anyway what else what else have you got
new for tour – thanks for coming by so what we’re at now is our new product
location as you see we have a lot of stuff going on here stuff everywhere
yeah so is everything here new everything here is new so you know we
have a lot of different hangouts up here a lot of variant of one and then we got
some new revolvers here if we’re gonna talk about we got some new polymer
handguns 1911 and even some long guns stuff going on but we’ll move around a
little bit absolutely so here we’re talking a guide my heart the Sholto all
right yes know you told me how much you liked your 85 so I get a lot let’s start
with this guy right here which is the tours 856 it’s basically your 85 with
the addition of with Shiksha now another slice it doesn’t seem to be any bigger
it is not larger at all so what we’ve done is we’ve made a little bit more
clearance for a larger cylinder to fit that extra round in but now you can walk
around and carry a little more power on one more yeah whatever shot can
oftentimes be the difference between tragedy and none absolutely especially
if there’s people so many people around the country carrying them yes you know
carrying is very important you know the tourist model you can look around and
you know we have a lot of different models whether it be a semi-auto whether
it be a you know a revolver to suit anyone’s need but you know we we tend to
focus on the carry concealed market a lot it tends to be one of the strongest
parts of the our industry and you know it’s very important very very just with
all steel this is all steel model right here so it’s a yes please
what that’s lighter than that feels lighter than my my 85 it actually is so
it’s when outs lighter than your 85 you’re getting ik you know in a capacity
increase of one more round so I love the group yes and a good point so our grip
is a very nice ergonomic contoured you watch it back you see him going like
this he thinks I’m Lee Yeah right there I can’t no you know I you know it’s it’s
a very good gun you know here at Taurus we’ve done a lot to to work on the fit
and finish of our revolvers you know earlier we were looking at together
needn’t mention the tightness of it when you look at the cylinder lock up really
you almost can’t see light through the cylinder gallery so we’ve done a lot of
here at Taurus to to finish off the fit and finish to get you know the side
plate you know flush with the frame here and really ergonomic s’ you know just
making it nice to carry well you know one of the criticisms that I hear about
the older Taurus revolvers from you know 20 years ago or whatever it is is the
fact that they don’t you know when they’re cocked they don’t lock up and
run tight there’s a little bit of there’s a little too much you give there
but this one is just tightest I could be and as you said you know I start looking
at the gap between the end of the forcing cone in the front of the
shoulder I mean they’re really it’s you know you couldn’t get a you couldn’t you
could you might get a dollar bill in there the age of a dollar bill but she
certainly wouldn’t get a get a business card in there exactly yeah it’s right so
a lot of what we’re doing now is adjusting the gun in the assembly level
rather than per part so you know we’re it really is much better you know and
even interchangeable you know it’s tough so not only are the nice and tight but
they’re also interchangeable very cool absolutely so we’re also going to what
we have here is very unique you know and new for us and we’re very excited about
this but we have the the tourist track it’s this is our trucker series but the
692 so this is a very unique gun go ahead and open it here so what we have
here weight push to four solar cell truck this is a seven shot we have a non
millimeter yolk assembly with the cylinder now with the push of this
button here we can actually pull all of this credit of nine
it was a nine okay wait wait wait wait hold up well you have energiehal this
boy yeah that’s an on millimeter cylinder with
the little Clips right yep so what we do is we’ll ship to moon clips with a gun
we call them stellar clips to me moon clips with a gun so that you can have
extraction of the nine millimeter and then here here we have a 357 Magnum oh
my goodness and that’s all show do four six seven same round count seven shot
the a 357 Magnum interchangeable shooting chillin yes and so what you
have here you give a push to the button here and we slip this back in and what
we’ve given the user is the ability to swatch swapped calibers with the same
gun so if you want to go 357 nine-millimeter yeah all in one gun that
is extreme versatility and then I want you to fill this grip okay I like to
yeah what how does it how does it do that so what we’ve done is we’ve got
like little yeah we collect user we’re calling our River grip but it’s it’s
it’s ribbed and what it does is when you hit rabbit it moves it forms to your
hands so you know a lot of that material will conform to how you you know the
size of your hand you probably have a little bit larger hand than I do so we
wouldn’t know but it’s like a glove it does conform well so it helps you you
know if your target shooting it helps you hold that and become more confident
with the gun now that’s one is very impressive I mean the grip is the guns
impressive a general but the grip is shit it’s a bit of a Marvel that’s
amazing we can’t we tend to keep the weight down on these guns so that’s not
that’s not as heavy I’ve got a I’ve got a 357 Magnum a lot more now
that’s not that’s not bad I mean it’s you know it’s it’s it’s a it’s a magnet
epistle it’s gonna it’s got a little weight to it but it’s not it’s not heavy
at all and I like the porting because that’s really going to control the
magnums and keep the the barrel on target it does well that’s extremely
cool which model is that again this is the this mixture I have a right here the
692 yes 692 interchangeable cylinders 357 Magnum or nine-millimeter 350 seven
thirty eight or nine through this guy one guy yep that’s extremely cool all
right now look so far I’m very excited about what they have but this is the
this is the mack daddy of them all whatever it is when I walked up to the
booth I looked at this and I went okay I don’t know what that is but doesn’t it
look what that looks cool so you got to tell me what this is that I don’t
yes it’s that’s extremely cool if you’re familiar with the line of Taurus
revolvers we have our Raging Bull series huh which you can also find a raging
judge so it’s our large-frame revolvers we took a gun about two or three years
ago and we took it to a high knowing gunsmith and we asked him to do some
things for us so what he did is he went in we put some picatinny rails on top we
put some on bottom we did a little bit of trigger work on it and we took those
guns out and we started messing with them we went on some hunting trips you
know yeah we do a little mag along here at Taurus and two years ago you could
install me in there and I shot a gator with it so maybe not the correct
application but I don’t know you killed the Gator to let me kill you well are
you open jobs yes you know we actually put a little 4x magnifier long eye
relief scope on it and it wasn’t it we were a few feet away but you know but it
was very effective we did some boar hunting and stuff like that but um you
know I the the handgun hunting market I you know I think that’s something that’s
just to get it could be really funny know what are the chamberings are this
so this right here what we have here is a 44 Magnum so we have that right here yeah and we have a two-tone finish here
it’s also available in all black matte black one thing that you know you
mentioned how cool it is and we’re gonna concentrate it up here on the front
where we have that Picatinny rail we do have a ported barrel and if you look
closer you actually see that there’s a barrel liner in here so
this is actually aluminum so this is a lot of shroud is aluminum but the barrel
of steel it barrel is still yes that’s why it’s bound it seems a balance really
would yes it is yes please dude the balance is right in the middle
mm-hmm and you know with you got a little like a little red the little
micro red dot or something on that exactly and we did that because it does
offset the weight you know of any kind of optic you might put on the front well
for 44 mag that’s not a heavy gun it’s not evenly as well and that’s not it
heavy vandal you know it does a lot for you if you’re carrying so if you are a
handgun hunter you know you’re tending to try to get closer to it you’re on
your target so territory yeah you know you may not be sitting in the stand so
if you’re you know checking my footing you know if you’re on the ground
crawling so it’s a much smaller package we’ve taken some weight off so again you
know much easier to carry now what’s what’s going on with that I
was just so with all of our AG series I was looking at it earlier I got all
these questions I probably just shut up and let the man talk I’m sorry so you
know with all of our raging series and even with the raging hunter we have a
double lock up so you have a lock up in the front and one in the rear for the
shoulder from the cylinder so we’re locking up the front of the oak and here
back at the rear of the cylinder for a nice tie super strong yes you know we
talked about fitting finish again very tight on that cylinder gap again I don’t
I’m not sure if you can get the dollar bill in there I’m not sure you could
either I was looking at it I don’t know tight cylinder and then and then if you
go ahead and cock it what I noticed earlier is that’s right there
yeah I got the tagging wait what I noticed earlier is doesn’t move I mean
once it locks I mean it it moves it but it’s imperceptible I mean it’s so small
it locks up so stinkin tight that’s like a bank wall dude I mean I know that’s
that’s and that’s really amazing yes you get the adjustable iron sight on the
rear and of course and a rail to put whatever a little with Optical necessary
so you know that that pretty much well this is my new pocket pistol yes please
carry this yes absolutely you have to have really deep pockets I don’t know
how you draw it and you know one thing we haven’t mentioned here you know
tourists you know if the attractive thing about tourists
is not only we’re coming out with start to come up with innovative product you
know we always have but you know with with the fit and finish here and then
our price points you know with the 856 we’re talking about the MSRP of 329 oh
my yeah and it’s just it’s a fantastic RP if you shop around Oh retail is you
know yeah as we get towards the 692 we’re talking
about MSRP and 650 oh wow yeah and then here you know this is what we’re really
proud of MSRP of just what we’re just over now at nine hundred nineteen
dollars so much got in here it’s a lot of cut for $900 like I said retail you
know as a retailer it’s gonna be lower and there’s many things you can do with
this I mean the applications are endless with this so they put a lot of meat on
the table with that thing that’s for sure yes so you’ve got some new
semi-auto products to go through we do have some new semi-automatic handguns we
can talk about some 1911 some hammer fired and also we go 1911 for a long
time can we go look at those let’s do it oh okay hang on we’re gonna go look at
those we’ll be right back we’ve shifted around a little bit now we’re over here
where we’ve got some brand new semi-automatic pistols one of which is a
commander sir about this yes 1911 SAR near and dear to my heart as well so so
far we’ve got we’ve hit two things I really love revolvers and 1911 you did
you set me up yeah exactly so what have we got over
here well we have basically our 1911 line here so new to Taurus
something that we’ve never had is the officer commander size so these tend to
be again more the more popular 1911’s because the concealed variability is you
know right if you like that metal frame gun 1911 is usually you know where you
tend to go to most people have a 1911 a lot of people make it like 1911 believe
it or not we make a really good nice and Levin a Taurus you know I’m very
impressed with how tight our guns out how smooth they are that tends to be a
lot of the 1911 you know what came from mr. John Browning but
right you know I’m really proud of our 1911’s we have the new Alfa sir we have
the new commander here we have our full-size all these are single stag 45
we have the note back cut we do have you know the nice extended extended yeah yep
then at safety you’ve got the extended beaver tail for comfort Becky absolutely
you know although it looks like yeah you know something really that’s really
important to note it on a lot of our hold it for us on a lot of our newer
nights and 11 says we’re going more towards the spec to the government’s
backup of a 911 you know some of our previous models weren’t so friendly to
the aftermarket you know aftermarket barrel slide sights and stuff like that
what we’re trying to get that back on to where people can get that gun and
customize it to their liking right so you know now we have the true novak side
couple tend to do that with 1911 so like they do where they are yeah every kind
of aftermarket featuring a and strip it down to the frame you put what you want
on that wraps and yet you’ve still got the skeletonized trigger yes you’ve got
the extended shapee you got the nice comfortable beaver tail on them yes I
what I was one of things I thought when I picked up as I really liked was that
was a real positive yeah rip on either side of the slide and I’m here as well
yeah our serrations are dug out pretty deep living this you know a nice you
know it’s it’s hung it’s it’s got some meat to it but a nice little Ridge there
which does provide a very natural positive if you’re you know if you’re
police officer or security officer or you’re just current it’s gonna and
you’re in the rain and your guns wet yes you need to have these really to be very
very strong so you can grip it absolutely I’ve experienced it where the
guns been wet and and you shake your hand watch the slip
yeah so these aren’t these don’t cut you they don’t aren’t uncomfortable they’re
they’re deep enough that they’re really strong and they wear down your scan your
clothes yeah they’re not gonna beat you up they’re not gonna grab you and I
could hurt you but when you need to get a hold of it to rack the slide you’ve
got a really strong positive grip on you crack found that very I mean it seems
like a minor thing but if you’ve carried one as I have for many many years that’s
not a minor thing that’s actually a very positive thing you’re correct you know
some of the things you can see here is you know we have our our own side plate
grip panel here we have the nice new Taurus logo in there we have our
serrations you know on the frame front and rear so you know there’s the other
thing I know there’s two of us looking at them earlier is a lot of times when
people do this on the on the front strap it’s not really called a front strapping
when they when they do that it’s it can be so it can be overly aggressive you
don’t I mean yep where it’s uncomfortable and these aren’t these are
just these are not they’re not understated and they’re not overly
aggressive so when I grip the pistol it’s a very comfortable grip I don’t I
don’t feel like that’s biting into my hand or gonna tear my hand up shooting
it I agree so again I just like kind of minor things but they’re you know when
you when you got the gun in your hand and you’re and you’re shooting three
four hundred rounds that day it’s not a minor yeah and these guns you know I
like the shoot are 90 Levin’s you know I think they’re very smooth like I said if
you know I’m gonna I’m gonna hand it back to you and ask you to do a little
Iraq there sure just to see wow it is written yes not hadn’t done that that is
very smooth there’s no grit to that at all
you know it doesn’t hang up it doesn’t okay that’s really smooth yes why do I
get the feeling he wouldn’t have hand it to me unless he thought I was gonna be
impressed planets that’s really smooth it’s almost like you guys did you polish
it or what did you do it straight off the machine
I just you know I I don’t know if our 1911’s get the respect they deserve
apparently not yeah apparently not I was very impressed when I was standing here
looking at him earlier I truthfully I don’t think of I’ve never thought of
Taurus in 1911 manufacturing he right until I came over and picked him up you
know I thought wow they’re precious when I joined the company you know I picked
some up and shot him I said this is good you know I’ve worked for some companies
that have done something nice 1911 stuff but I’m very impressed with this and
again you were talking about that that price point that that tours hits on so
you’re talking about a very you know our new product our new 911 officer and
commander both ago reached our suggested retail at 6:09 oh wow or 1911 yeah
that’s very inaccessible yeah and we’re talking about guns that are more towards
the spec now I don’t know if I don’t know if they’re available and I live in
the people’s Socialist Republic of California they may not be there and now
they’re not so if you’re if you’re with me and you’re a prisoner of California
I’m sorry I can’t get one either so that is what it is we’re in the same boat but
everywhere else and the last thing to touch on is you know we do these this is
our full-size here again 45 and we have a matte stainless finish and you know in
our grip plate here’s actually has a little bit of great tone to it which I
think pairs with the stainless as well they just really have a really good feel
tool I mean I like I said I’m you know I love 1911 anyway so it’s hard to get me
not to like a 1911 to be quite honest with you but just the way the grip is
and the way the you’ve knurled or whatever you want to call it the back
and front strap it’s just aggressive enough without being painful without a
job it does the job and no more that’s a boy that’s a great way of
saying it does the job and no more this one this particular model here you’re
going to get a ambidextrous manual safety and it’s just a really good gun
all the way around yeah you know I should have made it to Russia I should
have made it the industry ranged a media rainy day and I didn’t make it try to
get the shoot one sure so that’s our new night see look this
guy isn’t so much new but these are our new 1911
so you got a bunch of little guys over there that we can’t really she can you
pull one over to one side and you know this isn’t so much new to the world we
actually released the tour spectrum last year at shop show yeah and you know
really good really good stuff happen here you know
with the release we got a lot of attention and some fantastic done it’s a
fantastic shooter we just started shipping recently so you
know we took our time to make sure this pistol was right before it went out so
we didn’t want to deliver something that we weren’t proud of so you know
obviously I have not shot one but I have heard nothing but good about it you know
we saw this opportunity as there are a lot of problems that we can solve with
the torah’ spectrum so as we know we build our products buck out we you know
we made a bullet point you know these type of guns tend to be a bear to shoe
they tend to feel like you know I don’t feel social or you don’t feel right it’s
gonna come out your hand or you know and typically you know this size gun you you
you purchase it you get a nice stuff that fits around you go put that you
know a box do it you say I hope I never have to shoot that again and that’s the
problem and that’s one of the things I talk to students about if you’ve got a
gun that you don’t like to shoot you’ll never practice with it and then it’s
supposed to it’s supposed to be used to save your life exactly and then you have
to think about how it works or you know no it’s got to be something that you
like to shoot you shoot yeah and you know we talked that we’ve
hit on the concealed carry a lot you know a lot of people get into the the
firearms industry through concealed carry so they feel like they need
protection and they may not actually be a weekend range warrior or something
like that so you know they’re part they’re purchasing something to do a job
and has to protect them so we want to be able to make sure that we’ve made a
product that that person can take to the range and build the confidence that they
know they can use it in that time so to take it to the range and just shoot a
box and moku and say I never hope I have to use that again to me it’s not
settling you’re not comfortable with it obviously because you have it at the
practice and to know that you can take this and you can if if you have to get
an unfortunate circumstance to use it that you feel that you can do it you
shoot at all junk yeah right and we want you to be the one to come out of that
scenario so that’s why we that’s why we put our heart and soul into these
processes so they come in a whole bunch of different colors yeah you know the
spectrum hence the name it comes in a whole lot of different colors and the
idea there you know we have the black on black if colors offend you that’s fine
you know black black guns matter and you know they’re in the scholarship one to
Yuma though for me and I’ll reveal for you out there if you want to show you
that do it yeah back yeah absolutely absolutely I think you’ll love it I have
a question for you that’s not related to that and it’s related to your wall yes
one of the things I notice you have longest up there we have some long guns
I don’t think of Taurus as a rifle company you know and you know we’re know
and the reason is is we have another a few other brands in our portfolio so we
see some long guns back here and that’s our Rossi brand so can we look at those
absolutely ok let’s do it we’re gonna go look at us we’ll be right back
I saw these from before okay I really like rimfire type rifles in general as
you know because if you watch my channel you see me shoot a million of them and
these were very intriguing to me so what is it we have on this wall yeah so when
you look at our Rossi brand and what we have going on here
we have a whole list of new hand long guns here so I’ll rimfire like you said
we have some we have a semi-auto and then we have a few bold actions here our
semi-auto is a 22lr this particular ball action right here is a 22lr and we get a
little bigger a little longer we get the 22 Magnum and then down here we have 17
HMR which is that’s extremely cool very popular round these do these days so
bolt action you know it’s a typical bold action excuse me it’s smooth get nice
locking bolt with the 22lr in both both of these the the semi-auto and the bold
action you have iron sights we have a 3/8 dovetail cut on each of these right
the rear sight will actually fold down and go forward and allow you to get you
know for a little more scope of kind of accountability off extraction of fiber
optic sides nice and bright yes they are you know this is a these are
particularly for you know introducing kids into yeah my kids learned to shoot
on 22 Jared I am I started shooting when I was five my dad taught me how to shoot
on a 22 that’s pretty common way to know a lot of people come through something
like this so we got the you know both action if we don’t want to get into semi
maybe they graduate to a semi-auto all of these rifles here are magazine fed
the capacity on our 22lr is ten rounds well even the bolt the bolt cutter
magazine fit both guns our magazine fed as well yep
external magazine that you insert the 22 Magnum and the 17 HMR our five
round magazine-fed now here’s some I’m just going to share with you yeah here’s
the thing that startled me when I walked up here if you case you know what I’m
pointing at I’m looking at the price tag but these things what one now I’m old in
my eyes don’t work so correct me if I’m wrong a hundred and thirty nine bucks
that is 139 no semi yes sir 179 179 and I’m once like I said I’m blind
what is that this one 179 is what it is yes so 179 for our bold action and then
our semi-auto here is 139 and that’s that’s MSRP that’s MSRP that is
astounding it is great that’s actually this a great
price point is I mean I pick one up please that’s great for kids that doesn’t wait
anything and you know you know we worked with Rossi to do a lot of stuff on the
grip here the excuse me not to grip but the stock yeah so we have we’ve added
some some texturing here where it counts we’ve done a little bit of relief here
for your front arm we’ve adjusted we we like to say we put the the comb height
where it should be and the length of pull it should be right where it should
be yeah so you know it’s a good it’s it’s you know it serves the youth
purpose as well as you know an adult purpose so you know I think it also just
honestly the way you’ve done the checkering or whatever you want to call
here it just looked cool like I said you know there’s a certain cool factor to
guns when they look cool yeah I tend to you know push the development team to
really concentrate on that so again make it something that’s aesthetically
pleasing when the purchase at the counter you know whether it be the
aesthetics or the way it feels the smooth action but you know it you know
1:39 price range that openes live yeah you bet yeah
a lot absolutely so maybe this year so these are do these are brand-new for
Rossi so everything at this part of your booth is all new all new yes so come on
so come I mean good you’re talking 30 40 yeah we have a lot going on here yeah so
we have a little bit of repetition with different skis and stuff like that I’m
gonna but when you break it down we’re talking to almost a dozen new products
Wow we’re excited this year I think it’s
just a great year yeah bringing a lot to the 2018 and you know growing our
product offering you know it helps us become more versatile and what you know
these are available now these are available I believe they’re shipping
this week or next week so you’ll see these in the store this week or next
week Shayla next week or two yes no that’s pretty small dustin thank you
very thank you so much thanks for gonna enjoy chatting with you and I appreciate
you showing me the great chef yeah I may walk around look at some more of you
please do please do I mean some product it stand about 20 minutes we’re gonna be
at my next interview so I might wander around yeah thank you thank you again I
really appreciate your time great stuff you guys are doing great stuff thank you
i’ll be i’ll be i’ll be talking to you soon I hope yeah thank you very much for
watching stick around I’ve got more coming from shot show 2018 in a few
minutes in the meantime be safe


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    I checked that it was delivered to them and waited for a couple weeks, I called to see when I could expect to get it back and was told a gunsmith was looking at it and it would be a couple weeks. About the time I was going to call them again it arrived at my door looking like a new gun.

    Now I had a TC Contender 15" barrel I bought on Ebay, it too had a problem the seller had hidden. It would not eject the case after shooting and needed repair so I took it to a local gunsmith and he said he would order the ejector and fix it but I would have to pay $40 up front so I did. Months later I checked and he said since TC had been bought by Smith & Wesson he had to send the barrel back to them for repair.

    I know this is dragging on but there is a purpose. A year went by before I got that barrel back from S&W and it was fixed but is that customer service or was my Taurus service what you should expect. i'm just saying Taurus means what they say by lifetime warranty and service is reasonable.

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    Living in California is optional. Self defense is compulsory if you don't want to be a victim.

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