Guide To Los Angeles 🌴 Venice Beach California
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Guide To Los Angeles 🌴 Venice Beach California

December 3, 2019

hello guys welcome back to my channel
today’s video is going to be a Los Angeles guide to Venice Beach I love
doing content around Los Angeles you guys have seen my moving to LA video and
my living in Los Angeles video in this video I’m gonna tell you all about the
places that I love to go in the city of Venice Beach tons of people travel to
Los Angeles every single year at all times of the year because it’s pretty
beautiful here all of the time especially in the summer
sunny California days are the absolute best because I travel a ton I am super
excited to be working with hot wire to create this video for you guys how I are
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link that I put in the description box for you guys so you can book killer
prices on hotels car rentals or flights alright so you get to Venice Beach and
you want a coffee because if you are anything like me the very first thing
you want to do in your new location is find the best coffee shop I got you but
no D’s is my favorite coffee shop in all of Ennis speech I actually owe that to
Marco who is part of the vagabrothers he is my boyfriend’s brother he introduced
mono teas to me and ever since it has been my favorite coffee shop in all of
Venice Beach potentially and this is a bold statement by me potentially my
favorite coffee shop in all of LA that’s a big that’s a big statement coming from
me but I freaking love that place it’s a tiny little hole-in-the-wall cafe that’s
right underneath signe there’s usually a good amount of
people there you’re probably always gonna have a line unless you go midday
on like a Tuesday the location is amazing because you have a lot of really
cool places to grab a quick bite to eat and you also have the boardwalk right
there which is the best place to people watch I love everything that they have
there my favorite is just Spanish a lot today though so if you guys go and get
it please tell me and let me know what you think about it one of my favorite
places for breakfast in Venice is the butcher’s daughter first off it is so
aesthetically pleasing I have to say every time I go in there I’m like I want
my entire apartment to look like this place look it up online if you don’t
live in LA and you will get all of the inspiration for just decor in general
but not only that the food is so good the butcher’s daughter is 100%
vegetarian the food is so delicious they have tons of vegan options and
gluten-free options so if you have dietary restrictions this is probably
the place for you but if you are somebody without dietary
restrictions you will still love this place so much my favorite thing to order
there is the surfers breakfast burrito and I love this because it is the best
bang for your buck there because there are definitely things there that you’re
like a little bit expensive but potentially worth it but the surfers
breakfast burrito you get a really great sized burrito
with a lot of deliciousness in it and it tastes so good at a really good price I
think it’s about 10 bucks or so and it’s filled with tons of stuff and it’s super
delicious so I get that and a nice matcha and it’s a delicious
combo 4 things to do Venice Beach has such a wonderful neighborhood vibe to it
everyone is riding bicycles skateboarding and as of late everyone
and their mother is writing Electra scooters called Birds and there’s also a
new one called lime I think it’s kind of like your uber lyft rivalry situation
but in an electric scooter but literally everybody is on them it’s insane most of
the locals in Venice Beach have bicycles and if you want to rent one as a tourist
or if you’re just visiting the area there is a place called Perry’s bike
rental that is at the Santa Monica beach near Tower 26 that’s the one I recommend
if you’re going to be spending the day at the beach
obviously there is like Muscle Beach which is really famous in Venice Beach I
would recommend to lay out and spend your beach time at the Santa Monica
beach at Tower 26 because it is so close to Venice and it’s gonna be a little bit
more secluded to enjoy a beach day if you want to like eat and lounge it’s
just less people and its really nice to spend a beach day there another reason
why I like it is because right next to Perry’s bike rental is this little food
hut where you can order coconut so you can feel like you’re in the Caribbean
and they’re only like six bucks which is so awesome
I just had one this week and I just thought why am I not gonna do this the
entire summer so that is that is where I will be the summer when the Sun starts
to go down and it’s becoming cold an hour
I highly recommend a walk through the Venice canals there’s so many people
that don’t know about the Venice canals or feel like it’s just a myth or
something I’ve talked to so many people that are like where are they I’ve heard
about these things but I don’t know where they are just pull out your Google
Maps type in Venice canals it will take you there walking through the canals
it’s something I would highly recommend something you have to do when you’re in
Venice Beach cuz you’re pretty much just walking through history Abbot Kinney is
a developer that created the Venice canals to resemble Venice Italy and it’s
so stunning shout out to the vagabrothers for that history
information they always give me all the best history information for everywhere
we go so definitely learned that from my boys
last but not least for dinner time you have to check out Julie
on a bikini I would highly recommend it for dinnertime I’ve had breakfast there
and lunch and if you’re gonna have lunch there definitely get the mushroom pizza
oh it’s so freakin good they have several mushroom pizzas and they’re all
amazing I really like the one with goat cheese but I would rather recommend to
go there at dinner because they have a ton of veggie sides and like all of
these amazing dishes that are so delicious
I’d recommend to sit outside on the patio
obviously there are so many places in Venice Beach to eat off of Abbot Kinney
but when you’re in Venice Beach and you want to try a place that a lot of the
locals love and a lot of people that are coming into town – it’s a very popular
spot Gelinas is where it’s at and if you go for dessert you have to have the
butterscotch pudding it is my mouth is watering just thinking about it right
now it is so delicious the first time I had
it I just had this moment of like we belong together me and this butterscotch
pudding it was salty and sweet and just oh I can’t even tell you guys so yeah
you you’ll have to get that and then if the Sun has not yet set walk outside and
watch the sunset over the ocean whether it be rooftop somewhere or right there
in front of the ocean there is nothing like a Los Angeles sunset I mean that’s
not entirely true because I’ve seen some really great sunsets in my life but Los
Angeles sunsets are pretty great so you you know you’re gonna get the orange and
we got like we’ve got pinks and oranges it’s it’s really it’s pretty beautiful
so definitely catch the sunset if you can and that is it for my Los Angeles
guide to Venice Beach for you guys I hope that you really enjoyed this video
I hope you got some really good tips I know you guys have asked me lots of
times where I love to go and eat in LA and
those are some of my absolute favorites so enjoy them let me know if you go and
how your experiences here in LA and definitely
check the link in the description box for more information about hotwire
because why not get deals when you travel travel is the best thing in the
world and getting good deals while you travel is even better so definitely
check it out I love you guys to the moon and back again and I’ll see you very
soon in the next one happy travels


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