halloween party planning ?maggie rogers concert, redoing my room? + more
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halloween party planning ?maggie rogers concert, redoing my room? + more

October 9, 2019

Morning guys, we’re kicking off today’s video from that room. I’m actually getting ready right now Just wanted to say hello posse dogs have been those Corrections logs, which all have leaked if you haven’t checked them out Thank you for all the positive comments on them Um, yeah, they actually ended up being really cool videos if you haven’t checked them out. I would recommend it But today we just have an exciting day in LA where I go out of town again tomorrow I’m going to Nashville to see some friends from college. Let’s get started. I’m currently editing. I made a schedule for today Aegeon and I were texting each other last night. I like did a breakdown of everything I need to get done before I leave because I kind of I think my fights earlier want to have to leave the house at like 7:30 or 8:00 tomorrow and So I like made a breakdown of everything I need to get done today and like a schedule and I was should have gotten up at like 6:30 a.m That was the goal. I don’t know why I thought that was gonna be possible Yeah, Adrienne and I we were like even like how the Wake Tech what’s happened? I actually even wake up to like text you Well, I was 7 it was like oops and you did tech you were like I just woke up to. Oh, yeah We were in sync but then I went back to that house at night Well last night because I’ve just been dealing with some congestion problems that didn’t help either. But anyways, gotta get to the editing What is going on over here? I? Pulled my tricep in classes Got some off words coffee that I definitely could have made at home But sometimes when I have very busy days as today, you smell a little treat just to get you excited, you know It’s nothing. They’re super cute hold kisi markzware’s a thousand and finally Time to get these new yells dog that I haven’t done since before every chef I just got my nails done sticking with black as always now driving home We’re about to have a little rushed couple of hours of some things I need to get done editing that Croatia vlog took still much longer than I expected So I haven’t edited part three, which I wanted to have done before I went on this national trip But on the agenda for the rest of the day, I need to shower have not washed my hair since Sunday Yeah, I need to get ready finished packing get a couple things in order before I go to Kenzie’s house I believe we’re gonna get uh dinner get some carbonara and he different some water. I’ve had no water today I realized they gave me this and I didn’t even drink it but tonight Kenzie and I are going to it the Maggie Rogers concert. So I’m just listening to that in the car currently I’ve been obsessed with her. I remember the moment I found her my sophomore year of college like on my bed found that video of like her and Pharrell And I’ve been dying to see her live I didn’t go to Coachella this year, so I didn’t see her there I’ve missed her in concert so many times so I’m so excited that it’s finally working out and it’s at the Greek Theatre in LA Which is just like a really cool video in general. I’ve been there once before I think I mentioned this in passing like what Sikhi kicked me up and Just to see if we could find a way to collaborate so they hooked me couple tickets for tonight Thank you so much to them. I’m very excited. You guys probably know the deal with C geek, but it’s a ticketing app for Sports games just like concerts festivals any kind of live event You can get your tickets there and you can save $20 off your first purchase with the code Morgan. No, let’s go gates That’s what it is code gates I feel like David Oberg right now, ah the link below to download that if you want to and I’m very excited for tonight so I’m gonna get back to jam into Maggie and then gonna figure out how I’m gonna cram like eight hours of stuff into the next hour And a half. Oh Let’s go. I’m so excited. Like I probably I think I’m gonna cry tonight I like probably will she is so good and okay now I’m getting passionate here But for those who listen to her if you don’t what are you doing if you do? Fallingwater have we noticed the track like she sings it in her head boys But lately if you’ve seen her do it live she belts that and I’m gonna lose my mind, so can’t wait Can we chuckle at me hanging laundry that I need to like air dry that some other things hang drying over here? So the best dress I’ve ever worn over this like four times of Croatia. Sorry I’m about to check in my analytics cuz YouTube changed like how you can see subscribers and you like rounded everyone’s number down to like an even thousand I’m pretty sure so only way you can see like how many Subscribers you actually have is like in the YouTube creator studio when you’re logged in so my pages I have two hundred ninety nine Thousand, but I may have hit three Also, can we chuckle that um I also got unverified in the same day because YouTube’s a platform that grew because of Regular folk posting videos there who then became verified ovary years of work suddenly today Everyone’s just unverified unless you’re an actual celebrity because it was confusing to have other people verified Oh, we’re not gonna let that get in the way of the fact that we hit 300,000 on that channel So thank you guys if you’re subscribed over there, if you’re not I’m gonna have it linked But yay So excited literally thought I was never gonna hit 300,000 because there was a period of around like the two 70s or two 80s that we were just like chill in there So yeah, very excited See if social blade shows it will it show it Oh Already I’m pretty casual tonight So we’re in a little the exact top that hanging from those Planet ratings in black a little cropped v-neck I’m gonna bring booties just in case I want to change for the concert because we have floor seats and When you’re short, you have to think about being able to see over the person in front of you in case they’re tall So if they want to bring these in case hello receipt, okay I’m running late. Alright, I added a leather jacket cuz I might get a little chilly Let’s go back with Kenzi. Hi, I don’t know it’s not focusing. We’re excited for our concert. Very what are we doing first? Carbonara right wing – yeah, we’re going to a place for dinner to get some carbonara Kinzie It’s not had carbonara If you’re this is like a reference from forever ago But the grease blog last year Kinzie night spite being in Greece went full Italy and got home And cousins that I’ve had it a few times but we’re in search of some good la carbon ion So we’re gonna go eat and then just uber over to the concert Very excited ask me if I got done anything. I need to get done today Cheers I got a blueberry lavender Bellini Kenzie is caffeinated. Here we go Like this, I can’t even tell you how good the smells right now. We are treating ourselves tonight. Ladies happy 300-thousand Cheers I don’t know Good morning Isaak. You could not tell already past footage was from a while ago at this point It was from before my Nashville and Vegas chips, you know I seen that biggest log at this point and you’ve seen a vlog over my main channel I did like a fall day in my life video. So check that out If you have not seen that I’m just going through editing yesterday and found that footage and completely forgot about it So I’m going to put that together with this. I’m just gonna vlog say it’s currently Thursday October 3rd I’ve had a very busy week not as busy as last week Which is a very busy week wrapping up a bunch of different campaigns and like Solidifying some things that like aren’t darn for a few weeks in whatever just like busyness going on but today we only have a little bit I guess like chill edit not like edit like Racing the clock which is nice and go to a boxing class and a little bit not too sure which person yet I’m still doing the 30 days of boxing video at this point I wish I hadn’t mentioned it to start with because it’s drawing out for so long Um, but it kind of just changed into doing like 30 days of boxing classes clearly Not 30 days of consecutive boxing because it’s been forever And with travel stuff, it’s impossible. Like I don’t think I’ll ever be here for 30 days But I’d be here for most of October so lots of a label it’s hopefully coming up. Yeah, I’m just staring and like Into my pantry it already got out what I wanted It’s over there and there’s something in my alright for breakfast. I’m thinking I don’t make oatmeal too often. I’m in the mood today so I’m not like sprinting out the door so I can actually like cook it on the stove top because when I cook in the Microwave it explodes anyone else. What’s the tip there? Um, I’m looking for hours and all this week I’ve been taking really early boxing classes. So I just been eating like a quick bite on my way out the door but today My favorite instructors teacher said 11:45, so I might wait around till then and like chill A helicopter just land on my house. So I might do that one But if I want to go earlier, except it’s kind of enjoying having like that like get there get home have my entire day Schedule set up then I might go back go back to the blog. I’m so tired I’m actually not looking like a lemon today another’s Fitbit recently. It’s like the Versa one and it tracks my sleep They gave me a sleep score of 90 I suffer So I should know I want to use oat milk or coconut milk Seems only fitting Now wait, she ready added some blueberries and banana a little more cinnamon on top oh, I’m just watching Brooks quitting my job vlog just Some of the worst hold music I’ve ever encountered come on hold it United Hello It’s new month, let’s see what the cat all says Oh A little narcissistic. I put just myself as this entire month, but it’s Halloween So what can you do right we’re heading to rumble going to Dylan’s 11:45 Here’s I’m wearing these like seamless leggings from fabletics obsessed You guys know the deal of talked about him in my last vlog and I have my link below as well. Very excited I’m like so important to this. It’s awesome like before your workouts Wow Oh Shade. Oh I just realized I forgot to put on deodorant so big whoops, but they have some in the locker room So we’ll take care of that as soon as we get there. Nice turn To some blob in the car, so I started my car I drove it yesterday and I just started it and it says And my tire pressure is low but only in one tire and it’s like stop carefully But I’m like mom my tires on this car are run flats Which mean like I can drive them Up to 50 miles an hour and it’s not like I’m gonna literally get a flat tire like I’m gonna be fine I think I mean for how many miles I could try before but it’s like a lot I’m just confused. So I know that like as weather gets colder your tire pressure kind of goes down So you need to like fill them up kind of like in the fall or like when the weather starts getting? Colder, so it’s like normal to get this notification But I’m confused because it only shows it’s in my front left tire which makes me wonder is there like a nail? Am I tired or have like a little leak in that tire? What’s going on? But it looks exactly the same as the back tire. So, I don’t know. Maybe it’s recent. Maybe there’s not a problem I called my dad. He said it’s probably fine, but just to take it in After this boxing class cuz I’m not missing a workout that I’ve signed up for it paid for Especially in a 30-day challenge that we are carrying out. So I guess after this workout I’m gonna go take this to the car place on a pretty day. So crazy things happening here It’s an episode of Animal Planet in our home I walk in I walk in and there’s a fly flying around but someone let in it was it wasn’t me because my biggest It feared what pet peeve is leaving doors open I go outside. I don’t know why bad for temporary Live stroke Bad for temperature regulation bad for outside things getting inside as has happened Anyway, there’s not a fly So I went over here to go like try to coach him out of the house cuz weirdly enough that works Sometimes I’ve been able to get many fly out. I’m sweaty. I’m a fly. What’s prayer? What can I say but I couldn’t find him but I hear the buzzing He’s stuck in a spiderweb and then a little spider comes out of hiding and I’m like, oh my god The spider is work to my benefit. But also now I have to kill a spider, but I’m just watching straight up like Animal Planet as this spider is going after Going after this fly. Haven’t heard me talk about this stuff before this is so good. It’s Stupid it’s so good at Trader Joe’s such a random purchase But I cannot go in there without buying this and also I devour in like a day Also not eating this right now, but new favorite dessert tastes like brownie batter Shout out to Burton, Michiyo for this wreck The chocolate hummus has changed my life in the past 24 hours good on like pretzel thin things or literally by the spoon It’s a very healthy Dessert option if you’re someone who just like can’t finish a dinner meal without like needing a bite of something sweet So YUM, I mean a little smoothie that doesn’t look appetizing but it tastes amazing See how this episode Animal Planet’s going Out he’s roaming. I don’t see the fly. They’re also still enjoying our fall decor. This is the only real pumpkin in the house I decorated in that in the vlog on my main channel all these fake pumpkins I’m gonna have a linked below if you’re interested in this one lights up if you have to put batteries in it Yeah, this little dude, then this one then I have nothing in Oh, hello who knew I had something in it supposed to be like candy in it. Yeah, I’ll link them all below I am now showered and I’m cold from drinking that smoothie. However Excited about my outfit choice today Paramore new wave Paramore. Wish you were a little squad by design Also just a random home decor update if anyone that’s been so long to you You might not even remember but I guess from photos and stuff you might recall in this corner of our living room You’re probably more used to like this angles back here We had this like tall tree because I ordered a bunch of plants a long time ago and some just were bigger than expected Somewhere smaller, so we have like a couple throughout The living room, but we ended up with this like tree of sorts and I had nowhere to put it it like made sense So we stuck it in that corner And I just have hated looking at it pretty much every day that we’ve had it. It just seems like Suddenly, this is a jungle and it’s like you don’t even see the whole thing, which I feel that makes it weird You see just like the top poking out with like the corner. So Shelby and Lorna kneeling next door we’re like doing some redecorating and he lives over here one day and I was like Do you want this plant because I was about to list it on the offer up so they took it so it’s just next door I can visit when I want but I’ll have to look at it every day and it’s crazy because ever since I got rid of that I have been spending like All day every day like down here in the living room doing my work versus doing it in our office or my bedroom And typically those are the places. I always died never did work down here And I think that tree was just really effective which is hilarious many hours has passed haven’t blog I’ve just been working slash lounging honestly tonight for dinner I thought I would get a little bit adventurous the first time ever my life. I bought steak at the grocery store I don’t have a grill or any way to like cook outside. So we’re about to pan sear This baby. I don’t know. I’m literally winging this so hard. I’ve no idea how to cook steak I don’t know what to cook with. I don’t know she’s season with don’t really know anything about it So naturally I went in big and got filet mignon. Oops. So we’re treating ourselves tonight I cook up these like country potato things from Trader Joe’s that have like mushrooms a great needs in them or something I got this like herb garlic butter spread thing and some rosemary. I’m like winging this I did a little dry rub earlier got my steak My plan is I’m gonna let it cook a little flip It cook some Try not to move it because I read online something about you don’t want to disrupt the like Crust type thing being made from the seasoning on top and then I’m gonna put in more of this like garlic butter towards the end and Cook around and baste it or whatever you call it season it tails. It’s game time. I don’t know if it’s cooked Adequately, so we’re gonna see YUM. Our kitchen has literally never smelled better in my entire life also shaking on fire So I’m gonna try a potato My the best thing I’ve ever had an I made it mistake is BOM central unfortunately, I’m not digging these potatoes I’m a mushroom fan, but everything just tastes too mushroomy. I’m something like a medium rare go. I won’t don’t be alarmed I’m gonna step outside. It feels so nice. So I think I’m gonna go in an evening walk I have about 30 minutes until the Sun sets since I’ve been working out in the mornings this week I haven’t been walking in mornings. I’m gonna call a friend It’s a good time to usually catch up with people just walk back inside slide it be known. I almost somehow ran into Maybe the biggest spider I’ve ever seen a person Ellen reminds me. I should check out Animal Planet. I don’t see a fly though I think the fly Escaped it’s the only solution but I see him It’s been a crazy day here. I’m already thinking about cooking that other steak. So it came with two in the pack I wish I could have just got one the Trader Joe’s apparently they assume that if you’re making take you’re making it for you and your husband or something next time so those potatoes so those are Nasty, I’m probably gonna go ahead and give those to a drink something ever need again next time I’m gonna make them with like honey. Balsamic Brussels sprouts. I think this would be really good question for any of you guys who have Fitbit’s I’ve only had for a couple weeks now, but I like it However, I am questioning the accuracy of the like calorie counter on it Like it tells you how many you burn in a day? Which I guess I’m just never known how many calories I burn in today But I can’t help but think that this is absolutely incorrect And like I have my like height weight down to like my body fat percentage in the system And so and I wear it during my workout So we’re like during when I sleep and whenever but like for today, hold on please hold I’m just like there’s no way that this is right. So it tells me that it’s so far today I burned almost 1,900 calories and but like every day this week it like goes to like 20 some 100 calories and I just feel like there’s Absolutely. No way that that’s possible. Like I’m a short person. I don’t know if you guys have this Let me know what you think I don’t like track my calories or whatever up against this so not like it doesn’t really matter. This is accurate or not I’m just curious like I feel like there’s no way I Hear the fly the fly escaped guys Comment below if your team fly our team spider, I see the fly. It’s somewhere over here. It was just like yeah I’m calling it like it’s Literally out here watching jeopardy like I’m 80 years old, but I love it. I’m eating Half of a little ice-cream sandwich from Diddy Rees in LA if you haven’t been there you need to check it out I post made it a bunch of their ice cream sandwiches and cut them in half and then like rewrap them that way they’d be Just like half treats. I don’t know. They’re so good. This one’s like mint chocolate chip and like an M&M cookie. I’m now Just going to town on targets website because I discovered that a lot of stuff is on sale There fall candles are on sale right now They have like their pumpkin decor on sale not so much their Halloween stuff, which of course it’s what I’m primarily looking at But I will link below some like good finds that I found that are on sale at Target if you want to shop online I don’t know if that’s happening in source But they have so much cute Halloween like decor online that they didn’t have in person and I wasn’t gonna host anything this year for Halloween last year We held that big Halloween party, and I honestly didn’t want to do it again because our house is such a mess Afterwards, but now I’m getting tempted but I think I found a solution of maybe just doing like a cute little like girls wine night Like move or hang out thing Cuz I just have some cute like food things I want to get and just like cute decor and I love hosting stuff still but I just don’t wanna have like a rager We’ll see I’m looking I want to buy it so much stuff if I buy this Maybe I’ll do like a decorating my house for Halloween video or like how to host Like an epic Halloween party or something like that going through like recipes and stuff I did last year and decorations and then why not? I don’t know if anyone’s interested in that let me know I guess if I were gonna do the hosting one in order for it to actually be like beneficial for anyone I would need to do it kind of soon or I could do a video just like decorating for Halloween and like Vlogging hosting like a little girls night. You think I don’t know Addams Family Values is on this is my faith Halloween movie are strongly wish I had not discovered. This is rd9 and this is gonna be on for two more hours But now I have to watch it I’m gonna go ahead and sign this off and I’m gonna go ahead and Sign myself off and put myself to bed because I should not be trusted on this computer anymore ended up wearing a bunch of stuff for some kind of Halloween gathering and then I also now Decided I’ve actually been thinking about it for a while and I still haven’t like fully Committed to this I kind of wanna redo my room. Nothing crazy. Just like the art vibe I don’t know talk about this more in another vlog and get some feedback because I love my room I just kind of want to switch it up I don’t know like it’s very like white gold pink and I kind of want to make it more like earthy Or like stick with the white furniture. I also want to get a new dresser. I’m just gonna talk about something stay tuned for Morgan’s room update I have about like 40 tabs open right now of like different options If you guys enjoyed it, please leave a comment below about anything and I will see you guys in my next vlog


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    Loveeeee these vlogs

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    they only have the tuna salad at TJ’s in Cali ?

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    The Fitbit also takes into account your resting metabolism. This is the amount of calories your body naturally burns because of the muscles you already have (=

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    the fitbit's calorie tracker is based on metabolism + any workouts you do. So its what your body naturally burns in a day by metabolism + what you burned in your workout.

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    it already includes the calories you burn if you were to just sit on the couch all day! Usually close to 1000-1300 cals; and then it adds the calories you burn onto that resting number

  • Reply Maria F October 6, 2019 at 9:16 am

    The Fitbit tracks calories burned as your resting calories + your active calories. Resting is the calories you burn just by existing (sleeping, breathing, blood flow, etc). Active calories are what you burn through a work out. It’s actually pretty accurate.

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    when I had my BMW my front left tire would ALWAYS show as low. I thought it was just the weather change too, but it kept happening even when it wasn't cold. Eventually I found out there was a leak in the tire. 🙁

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