Hot Snack Attack Showdown

September 23, 2019

– What’s the spiciest
snack on the shelves? – Lets talk about that. (playful theme music) Good mythical morning. – Hot snacks are very popular these days. There was even this hot Takis challenge that allegedly sent kids
to the emergency room, because it got in their
little kid stomachs and burned their little
kid stomach linings. – We’re not little kids,
we’re big grown men, we got big strong stomach linings.
– Stomach linings. – How’d you know I was gonna say that? – ‘Cause there was a
pattern between what I said and what you said. – Jinx. Our stomach linings are strong and big. They’re not gonna pitch
a fit over some corrosive ingredients in these hot snacks. That’s right, it’s time for
Super Snack Death Match. – Hot Snack Edition. Okay, so we are going to
determine the spiciest snack that you can get off the shelves. I mean there might be
some totally obscure thing that is just not at your fingertips, but these are the ubiquitous spicy things. – Readily available snacks, okay. – And we’re gonna do
this in tournament style, because scientifically speaking, – Tournament style’s the best way. – That’s the best way to do it, man. You take two, you taste
both, you see which one is the spiciest, it moves
on to the next round. Let’s determine the spiciest. (rock guitar riff) – Okay, for round one over here I’ve got Andy Capp’s Hot Fries. – And I have got Cheetos Extra Extra Flamin’ Hot Crunchy Cheetos. Basically, these are the
hottest of flamin’ hots that the Frito-Lay brand
puts on all types of stuff, most ubiquitously Cheetos themselves. – Right, so if you’re
like, where’s all the other flamin’ hot stuff, all
the flamin’ hot stuff – They’re beneath this.
– Is the same. Well it’s the same stuff,
if it’s exxtra flamin’ hot, that’s as hot as it gets. – Let’s taste the Andy Capp first. – Now this was around when we were kids. This was like the one
hot snack that I remember that you could get in the ’80s. – Yeah, there’s nothing like
comic strips to make me hungry. Andy Capp.
– Have you ever read the comic strip?
– No. – Have you ever even seen
it, besides on there? – No.
– You know, these are corn and potato.
– Wow. It is (coughs), it’s hot. They call ’em hot fries for a reason. – I mean I ate these as a child. – I’ve never eaten these,
because I don’t like hot things. And I’m not gonna apologize for it. – Okay, these look a lot hotter. These look like these took a shower, those took a shower and became these, also got a shave, shower and a shave. – This is a real, it’s
almost purple it’s so red. It’s gotta be hotter than that. – Oh, it’s got a roll, got a rolling hotness, call
that a rolling hotness. – Yeah, you eat it a
little bit, and then it, it’s making my nose tickle. – That seems, clearly hotter. But I’m gonna go back to Andy Capp, ’cause I don’t wanna sell him short. He’s been through a hard time. That tastes like fish food
now, tastes like nothing. Tastes like it’s got no spice at all. These, easily the winner of round one. – Oh yes, very hot and
sneeze-inducing almost. (rock guitar riff) – Okay, for round two,
I’ve got Takis Fuego. – [Link] Oooh, is that the one that sent the kids to the doctor? – Yes it is, straight to the doctor. – And I’ve got Jack
Links Hot XXL Beef Stick. – A hot beef stick, huh? – Sounds more like an
adult movie than a snack, but I’ll taste it. – Now, you recall team during
our recent trip to Six Flags over California is what I like
to call it, Magic Mountain. There was a whole roller coaster
sponsored by Takis Fuego. A whole freaking roller
coaster, that’s what I love about Six Flags, is they’ll
name a roller coaster after a potato chip. – Man, and it’s got a strong scent to it. – That’s a good flavor, – There’s a very
– Takis Fuego. – There’s a striking lime flavor,
it makes it not taste hot. – No, it builds.
– Oh there it is. – It’s your second Taki
where it really hits you. Get your second Taki, get a second Taki. Tell me I’m wrong about that second Taki. – You are not wrong about the second Taki. – Now let me try your beef stick. – There’s a beef stick. That doesn’t smell great to me. – I haven’t eaten one of these in years. – Did you get the spicy ones, though? – Oh yeah, I got Little
Chubs, remember those? – Those little toes
floating around in a jar? – No, the little red sausage
that’s floating in vinegar and it’s in like a little package, – Floating in vinegar, yeah, oh in a pack. – I would get that, and
it was a sealed pack, man. Little Chub, hot Little Chub. That was my best little friend. – It doesn’t look like
it’s gonna be as spicy. Whoa, whoa, daddy-o, this
is a lot hotter than that. – You must have hit in a hot spot. – Yeah, take another bite. – Is it your second beef stick where I really start feeling it? – Yeah, this one you get the lime moment and the spice moment that comes afterward, but I’m telling you,
this is beating it out. – Yep, you said that. – You’re not convinced? – This is a really, really tough one, but I think that what
I’m feeling now is that these have a very high
initial heat quality. This thing builds to an
almost unbearable level. – Yeah, makes my nose is running. – 15 to 20 seconds after
consumption, and I think if you’re going for ultimate heat, I think the beef stick takes it. – I agree. (rock guitar riff) – Okay for this round
we’ve got Doritos Flamas. – And boy they look hot. Now I have the Pringles Loud Salsa Fiesta, bold flavor, epic crunch. You know what, I’m gonna do two just to kind of like really hit it. Lime right off the bat. – Still definitely a Dorito. – So it’s a very similar
sensation to the Takis of the previous round,
hits hard with the lime, and then it’s a question
of how much of the heat’s gonna roll in afterward. – Not that hot. – That’s what I’m feeling. – Let’s try your Pringles over here. – [Link] I’m feeling this Loud. – Also pretty weak. – I’m tasting mostly chip with this one. You know when you’re not getting flavor, but you’re getting to the
Pringle essence very quickly. There’s not a lot of
hotness going on here. – These are both kind of weak. This is definitely
hotter than that, though, after a second taste. Doritos takes this round. (rock guitar riff) Okay, moving right along,
in this round I’ve got Hawaiian Kettle Style
Potato Chips Mango Habanero. – Oh yeah, she’s dancing. And I got the Snak Club
Hot and Spicy Peanuts, may be spicy, I don’t know. – So hot it knocked the C
right our of your snack. – Let’s try this first. – Now we’ll just make some
observations about this lady. She’s pretty hot, and she’s
got a volcano behind her, and there’s also a sun in
the picture, three hot things on the package.
– Lot of hot things, yes. Now I expect some mango. – The mango’s strong. – Lot of sweetness right off the bat. I love a good kettle chip,
whoo, something just happened. It just got hot. – It comes real strong. – It’s hitting the back
of my throat like a– – Boy it goes deep, doesn’t it? – It’s all the way back there. – Whoa, how did it get back there, how did you get back there lady? – It’s hot. – She snuck to the back of my throat. – It is hot back there, right? – She snuck to the back of
my throat and did a little, did a little dance in
the back of my throat. – So you, too, are experiencing the same back-of-throat hotness as me? – Now you’re talking about
me and the lady, you two? I mean I’m not that close to her. – I’m in this.
– That’s hot. Here we go. – Yeah, I’m hurting a little bit, and burping a little bit. Throw some of these down. – Whoa, I may have done one nut too many. – These are kind of hot, too. This is a deadly combination. – Man!
– And I’m gonna tell you right now, these
are some spicy nuts, but once you make peanut
butter in your mouth, it squelches it. – These are way hotter, way hotter. There’s no peanut butter in it. – You’re right man. – You’ve done it again. – She has done it. (rock guitar riff) – Okay now we’re moving on
to previous winning rounds. We’re back with the Cheetos Exxtra Hot Flamin’ Hot on this side. – Again, they look very hot. Oh, and they still taste good. It’s immediately hot, the slow
burns on these other ones, including potentially the meat stick. – It’s not that bad. – It’s not that bad, but it’s immediate. So I think you might feel like it’s hotter than it actually is,
because it doesn’t even have to build, it’s just bam. – I need a little bit of
ice cream in between now, ’cause I want to be really accurate when we move into these rounds. – Yeah, this is important. – People depending on us
being right, being scientific. – It takes a thorough chewing
of the innards of the beef stick before swallowing
to experience full spice. – I really miss beef sticks. – This thing took Takis down,
beef stick tackled Takis. – Here it comes.
– And there it is. It takes about that
long, and then it really, it’s just like cresting a hill. – It’s like when you hit
the wall, when you’re on the exercise bike. – I’ve never been on an exercise bike – Holy moly.
– in a sincere capacity. – Man!
– I tell you, it just, once you crest it. – How do they get it in there? – There’s another hill. – How did they get it in there? – It’s in there, I don’t know. – What did they do? – This wins.
– Man, beef stick takes it again.
– Beef stick done it twice, y’all. (rock guitar riff) – Okay now we have every reason to believe that the dancing Hawaiian lady
is going to take this round, as well, but let’s give Doritos a chance. – [Link] I mean the
packaging is pushing it hard. – I’m laying it on thick, man. – It’s a good chip,
very respectable taste. – It tastes great. It is hot, it is Flamas, but it’s not, it’s nothing to write home about. It’s not overwhelming.
– It’s not anything that demands a warning. – Here we go. The first thing you taste is, oh, – I’m afraid of that.
– just sweet, it’s a sweet mango chip. – Mmhmm, It’s like, oh, they
put a lei around my neck when I got off the boat. – And then you probably
grab another handful, and you’re like, oh man, there’s
no warning on this thing, it’s a dancing lady. – Then you’re walking to your
hotel and you’re like, boom! And there she is, dancing a jig. And once she arrives, she’s all there is. It wins this round. – Okay, she takes it again. (rock guitar riff) If you had told us, hey man,
you know what’s gonna make it to the final round? A beef stick and some Hawaiian chips that look like regular chips. – We’d be like (laughing), crazy. – Look at what has happened here. – I have no doubt that these have earned their spot in the final. – There’s no red powder on anything. They could just be normal,
that’s what I love about it. I love the unexpectedness. – It’s not about the marketing,
it’s about the flavor, it’s about the spice y’all. – This one just says hot, hot, you know. – This one says tropical heat. – Come on, grab a–
– Tropical heat’s not to be messed with, man. – Grab a stick, man. – I didn’t even know
beef stick was a snack. I’ve always considered these meals. – It says snack stick on there. – Again, both of these have a delay, which there’s something
to learn from that. Anything worth being burnt
by is worth waiting for. – Wise words. – Starting to hit me. – This one hits earlier. – It does hit earlier. – It hits earlier, and it hits hard. – My stomach is really starting to hurt from the cumulative effects of science. – You wait until about 12 hours from now. – Now we need to go in with something. – Well here she comes. – She hit me early.
– She comes around the bend. She comes around the bend,
and you hear the bongos. Man, this is so tough. – I mean these are neck and neck. Put a grass skirt on this sausage, and you got yourself a winner, but. – Can you give it to a beef stick? That’s the real question. – Can we in clean conscience? – It just feels wrong to
give it to a beef stick. – I think this is edging
it out a little bit. Oh, she keeps shaking it. – Yeah, but then when you
add him on top of her. – I’m out man, I’m out. I know that this is my vote, only by like a five percent margin. – Okay, let me just one last one. – I say it comes out on top. Breathe out, feel that burn. – Man, I tell you, but she
always sneaks up behind me, and then she just,
– Aloha. – Takes me off guard. It’s gotta go with the Hawaiian
chips, I can’t believe it. – Ladies and gentlemen we have it. The world’s hottest
snack, according to our collective palates is
the Hawaiian Kettle Style Potato Chip Mango Habanero, tropical heat. – Sorry, I didn’t mean to
do, how did that happen? Let me cover that up with a beef stick. – Yeah, put a beef stick in there. – Thanks for liking,
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