How I Made _________ by Reselling Online Arbitrage Products on Amazon FBA [June Profit Breakdown]

September 13, 2019

what’s going on guys Brian here and
today we’re gonna break down the June expenses you know something to go
through my at the back end of the Amazon business with the online arbitrage you
know how much I spent on products what I expense
what you know I expense obviously on the business what I took home that so that
amount of money that Amazon paid me but then the amount of money that I
allocated for taxes and the actual money that I could take home and actually keep
we’re gonna break all that down here for you in a second
now in the next video so I’ve been putting out videos every other day in
the next video I’m gonna do a Q&A with about 20 to 30 questions so I’m gonna go
through past questions that people have asked about the online arbitrage because
I seem to be getting a lot of similar questions over and over again so if I
may be you know create an entire Q&A video where I read people’s questions
and I go through and answer them for you I think that would be a really great way
to kind of you know a create content that I can look back on or reference to
other people in the future and B it’ll help a lot of you out because it seems
like a lot of you have similar questions so if somebody else has a question that
you might ask or you might be wondering I can answer that question for you or
maybe a couple of them so the whole reason I’m telling you this you know
that’s obviously coming every other day so it’ll be two days from now when you
guys are watching this or maybe it’s tomorrow if you’re watching this you
know a day into it drop questions down in the comment
section if you have any questions on you know online arbitrage whatsoever if it’s
a bulk deal site if it’s a liquidation powered site or if it’s the coupon
arbitrage any questions comments section and maybe I’ll add them to the video if
I feel like enough people are asking question like that or it’s a good
question it’ll give you know like I said other students the ability to learn from
your questions as well as you so without being without further ado let’s jump
into the actual expenses now this one’s going to be I literally just looked at
this and I looked at my my statements this one’s gonna be pretty
straightforward I didn’t spend much on the business I didn’t expense much on
the business in June I wish there was a bunch of expenses that I can go through
and be like I spent it on this I spent it on this you know I went and got a new
laptop I got a new chair or maybe you know I spend money on advertising I
didn’t do any of that in June it was pretty straight forward I literally
bought products sent them back in I didn’t you know make any literally
expenses other than commissions and fees so let’s talk about that specifically
you guys want to see more breakdowns of this there’s an entire playlist I’ve
done January I’ve done February I’ve done March done April and I’ve done May
obviously now we’re in June I’ll drop the playlist
on the right hand corner if you want to check it out and you can also check it
out at the end of the video it’s down in the description below it should be like
you know Amazon like expenses taxes and something like that playlist or whatever
it’s called so and if you guys are interested in watching me source these
products there’s obviously the arbitrage playlist in the description down below –
if you want to check that out so what it actually actually Amazon actually pay me
they pay every two weeks so this is a – of Amazon pay me out two payments
totaling eight thousand two hundred ninety seven dollars and forty eight
cents so we’re down from a we’re down from April we’re right back around where
were yet we’re at January February and March so I had big huge April and then I
have a pretty good May and we’re down a little bit from that but there’s still
pretty good money to be made in June obviously people this fluctuates guys so
some months there’s gonna be more products to buy someone says me less
proxy buy some months you’re gonna be living your life and you’re not gonna be
online every single day buying products or you might not ship them all in on
time so I still make good money in June but it wasn’t as high as April or May so
I’ll break down those numbers for you so like I said two payments totaling about
eighty three hundred bucks spent the same 129 in commissions and fees in June
so that was like my jungle scout for a private label research which obviously
is on that same card it was some other software some some literally literally
all the expenses that I usually spend it always totals in 129 so that what I
spent on goods was my actual take-home pay well the net income obviously after
I wrote those expenses off was eight thousand one hundred six to eight
dollars and forty eight cents but I also spent money buying goods from
and obviously getting them to my house and then shipping them back into FBA to
make this money so let’s blow up the calculator and I’ll show you exactly
what I made and what I take got set what I get for taxes and what I got to take
home so uh total overall income was eight thousand one hundred and sixty
eight dollars and forty eight cents yes and then so the cost of goods was two
thousand seven hundred boat mess setup so eight thousand one hundred and sixty
eight dollars and forty eight cents and then if we take that the cost of goods
subtracting that it’s two thousand seventy six dollars
five cents which means my take-up not my take-home profit but my actual profit
overall after you know the cost of goods that I spent money on and the actual
income and the write offs is six thousand nine hundred or six thousand
ninety-two dollars and forty three cents I actually went out on date night with
my girlfriend last night we we we usually track two completely unrelated
but I just I feel you have to get this out completely unrelated we usually try
to go at least one date night a week you know and then obviously we do stuff on
the weekends here and there when I’m not working and no stuff like that but now
that I’m 28 years old like we went to a Mexican place last night and had like
two margaritas and I was completely bombed and I wake up in the mornings
nowadays and when I’m 28 and I like with hangovers I literally hate it so it you
should be fun when I was like in my early 20s and now it like completely
kills my productivity the next day so that’s why I’m like slow thinking and
slow talking today so let me know down in the comments if you can relate to
that obviously I still love the occasional drink and going out and you
know having a good time with friends and family and stuff like that but man it
really it really crushes me the next day it’s literally almost noon and I’m
barely getting this video out and I’m like slow thinking so got a cut back on
that that was definitely one of my new year’s resolutions don’t drink as much
this year it’s gonna increase my productivity and hopefully my wallet and
bottom line so back to recapping the money that I made six thousand ninety
two dollars and forty three cents was the profit but I get taxed on that so if
that’s the profit I’m gonna do on my phone here so we’re gonna show you now I
like to say take a conservative amount people always give me shit about this in
the comments but I would rather pay more ahead of time in taxes in January
February March April May June July August and that way toward the later end
of the year in the last quarter I won’t have to pay that much in taxes I might
be ahead of my tax bill a lot of people will you know pay ten or ten twenty
percent in taxes but then they’re gonna owe at the end of the year we don’t as
an entrepreneur especially if you’re doing this online you know arbitrage
type of business we don’t have the luxury of you know having an employer
deduct the taxes ahead of time from our paycheck so that we know if our
paychecks 2,000 that we get to spend two thousand on whatever we want we through
account for this tax wise now I set up usually a business bank account so if
you guys are interested in how to set up a business bank account that
ducks for taxes check out the I’ll drop that as a link in the description and
I’ll also drop that up as a card in the right hand corner still can’t talk
hence the the hangover but it’s really easy to set up you can do it with any
bank pretty much and it really really helps you don’t have to account for
these numbers and also if you guys want this business template that’s really
gonna help you you know you know this Excel spreadsheet that’s gonna help you
basically keep track of all your numbers so it oughta deduct stuff for you and
you know exactly what your numbers are shoot me an email to Brian that’s Brian
with a why at BG media innovation calm and I’ll just give it to you I know it’s
gonna really help a lot of you guys out I give this way my online arbitrage pro
course – shameless plug first link in the description if you guys want to
learn how to do this and basically make 5 to 10 grand like I’m showing you right
from computer doing online arbitrage so let’s break down the numbers really fast
six thousand ninety two dollars and forty three cents and I’m gonna take a
conservative estimate and say that I’m gonna save thirty percent in taxes now I
might be paying more than thirty percent taxes depending on what income brat tax
bracket I’m in you might be paying more you might be paying less I might be
paying less than that so I’m gonna take thirty percent I feel like that’s a good
conservative estimate so I’m ahead of it slightly now you’re also gonna have to
pay banked state taxes and also paying local taxes so make sure that you
consult a tax you know professional talk to your CPA I’m not a tax professional
so this is not advice this is just literally my anecdotal experience doing
this and setting this up so if I take seventy percent of that six thousand
ninety two I can just do it on the screen seventy percent of the six
thousand ninety two dollars because I’m paying thirty percent in taxes that will
tell me exactly what I know I can spend you know this month obviously this is
back in June of 2018 and I’m going through these numbers for you but this
would let me know if I take seventy percent of this actual payment this is
what I can take home this is my take-home pay what did I just do dit
there Jesus hold on I’m all over the place today
six thousand ninety two dollars and forty three cents is what’s the profit
if I multiply that by 0.7 so I’m taking 70 percent of that that will mean that
my take-home pay after I count for taxes is four thousand two hundred sixty four
dollars and seven or seventy cents so hope you
guys like this I still basically average 4000 and profit a little bit over now
like I said you can you can scale this up you can see all this down you can
order more products you can order less I’m not sure why the numbers were
slightly down this month sometimes they’re out very high sometimes they’re
a little bit lower it depends month-to-month sometimes I’m
traveling sometimes I’m not sourcing as much sometimes I’m focused on creating
content and I’m not waking up right away in the morning and sourcing products
obviously a lot of it depends on you and the work that you’re willing to put in
but there’s no reason that you can’t you know put an hour or two maybe three
hours max max a day you know doing this online arbitrage and turning it into
five to ten grand a month right from your computer’s so I’m gonna end this
video before I you know have any more brain farts and I’m slow with this
hangover hope you guys like this if you appreciate my genuine transparency and
you know obviously not just with the numbers but but with my experience this
morning and last night give it a like I really appreciate it it really helps the
channel grow and with that being said I’ll see you in the next one

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