How to control your boat in wind and current by Alistair McGlashan
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How to control your boat in wind and current by Alistair McGlashan

September 8, 2019

Al McGlashan: One thing that’s really important
to know about your boat is how it behaves on the drift. Now, you can see here I’m in amongst all these
moored boats. I’m on the drift so obviously I’m facing side
on. But every boat changes. At sea it’ll often sit with it’s bum into
the wind because the current plays a role as well. In fact, if the current’s pushing harder than
the wind you’ll actually drift against the wind. So with my boat, because it’s got clears,
this actually acts as a big sail when they’re closed. If you open them, you’ll slow down your drift. So, to complicate matters, if my boat’s full
of fuel and I’ve got a crew on board and camera gear and everything, it will drift differently
to when it’s empty of fuel. The important thing to remember here is that
you understand those differences. And finally, if I turn the engine, I can actually
steer the boat on the drift. So, if I turn it to the left or right, I can
make the boat turn or drift on a slightly different angle. So do yourself a favor, get into some little
calm bay and see how your boat drifts. Knowing how your boat drifts will make you
a better skipper.

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