How to Fish for Big Trout – Fly Fishing Tips from Tony Space & the Game Angling Consultancy – 2
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How to Fish for Big Trout – Fly Fishing Tips from Tony Space & the Game Angling Consultancy – 2

January 15, 2020

Tony: Put the rod well away. It’d be a shame
to stand a piece of Mr. Hardy’s finest and you’d certainly see a grown
man cry if I did that. How are you doing Steven? Steve: Well, thank you. Tony: What a fantastic morning. Beautiful
countryside. What a fantastic lake. Steve: Good. [inaudible 0:00:22]. Tony: Absolutely gorgeous. Steve: If you look over there, they’re moving
quite a bit this morning. Tony: Yeah. Steve: Quite a few topic. We’ve had one or
two lakes. We’ve had a very nice brown, nice blue, just over five pounds.
Brilliant. Tony: Tell us, what motivates you? The reason
for this is- Steve: Well, originally- Tony: [inaudible 0:00:38] mom and dad drinking
beer all day and barbecuing. Steve: Well, originally it was just a stream
that ran through the field here, but it was quite a steep bank,
those sides to it, so at the time the, it was when the Carsington Reservoir
was being built, a lot of by- products floated down into this area, by the
time we decided to clean it all, make it a feature of a the pond really,
and obviously the alternative to it farming come with a diversification.
About 20 to 25 years ago it was dug out and it’s really snowballed and taken
off really well since then. Tony: Well, as you know I am from the GAC
Derby, right? Steve: Yeah. Tony: And I’ve got to tell you, we get seven
or eight emails every week telling us “Have you been to Alton Manor?
What a fantastic place.” Steve: Good. Pleased to hear it. Tony: This is the one fishery, perhaps we
shouldn’t tell you, it’s better for us if it’s a secret. This Fishery,
and this guy is really on the map. I would say “Come and try it.” Absolutely
stupendous, and on a warm summer’s evening when the fish are taking
sedges off the top you’re not going to get better dry fly spots anywhere
in the UK than you get here. Thanks. Steve: Thanks. Tony: Thanks so much Steve. Steve: Thanks Tony. A pleasure to see you
again. Tony: Nice fishing with you Steve. If you
don’t mind, I’m going back to try and catch some more of your fish. Steve: Okay. Great. See you then. Tony: Thanks a lot. Steve: Thank you. Tony: Steven James guys. What a guy. Steve: See you. Tony: What we’re doing now, we’re trying a
different part of the lake, different tactic altogether now. Putting
on what’s known as a beaded damsel. You’ll notice quite a few damsels
coming up, up on the surface. We’re getting lots of the smaller fish. This
end of the lake’s probably 11, 12 foot deep, and I thought by putting a damsel
on, different technique, getting down deep, we might try and pick up
some of the bigger and better quality fish. Very first cast we had something
follow in and little knot. Here we go. One of the important things of fishing any
smaller still water it it’s very, very important, fish will fly all
the way whether roll cast really comes into it. Too many people very
often lift off the new cast and you’ll get fish coming right into the margin.
If you roll cast it means you can fish in all the way into the banks, so
the fish that’s a little bit more timid follow in the lure or the fly here.
You just want to get all the way in using that extra opportunity. As you can probably hear now, the wind’s picked
quite up. Very often do you see people fight to avoid casting into
the wind. Now it is more difficult, but very often fishing the downward
bank of the lake is the most productive. This is a technique called double-hauling.
So just by double- hauling, speeds up your line, means that you
can’t actually cast just as easily into a head wind as you can across
it, or with the wind behind you. Very important technique. Using that little
bit of extra distance on a still day, but it gives you the ability to
cast wherever you are on the lake. Good old damsel fly strikes again. Not a big
thing, but any fish is a good fish. And here we are. Catch and release.
I like to try and release as many of the fish as I can without actually
bringing them out of the water. Beautiful-looking little fish. Why bring him
out and upset him? He’s in a great spot. Let’s just let him go where he
is. Off you go fella. And away he goes. Lives to fight another day. We’ll get started there. Safely into the net.
Just what we want. Another gorgeous little rainbow. Quite a bit
upset. Doesn’t like the idea of being caught, but we can’t blame him for
that. We’ve caught over 20 fish between us. Nothing
spectacularly huge, up to above five pounds. We’ve had browns, we’ve
had rainbows. We’ve even had a couple of blue trout. Stay with us. Next time we can meet at a different
still water, bigger rainbows, and some excellent blues.
Take care.


  • Reply Game Angling Consultancy October 8, 2013 at 2:50 pm

    Here's our second episode 'Get Hooked with the GAC Derby' fronted by our very own Tony Spacey!

    In this episode Tony meets fishery owner Stephen Jones from Alton Manor, Worksworth, Derbyshire. Using a Hardy Zenith 9′ 6″ 7# fly rod loaded with a Lamson Reel and Rio Gold line, Tony gives tips on stillwater fly fishing.  Including advice on how to fly fish directly into a head wind by double hauling, fly selection, casting techniques and catch and release practices. Of course he lands a Rainbow Trout or two!

  • Reply Game Angling Consultancy October 15, 2013 at 8:41 am

    Has anyone put into practice any of Tony's tips from our 'Get Hooked' videos? 

    Double hauling into a head wind will definitely be put to the test with this weather!  

  • Reply Game Angling Consultancy October 16, 2013 at 8:41 am

    Human error there Simon, thanks for letting us know. It's a great site and we highly recommend it. If you do stop the fishery, let them know that you saw it on our vid 🙂

  • Reply Game Angling Consultancy February 8, 2014 at 11:03 am

    If you're planning on fly fishing in this wind, you're going to need Tony's tips on double hauling! 

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