How to get your wife to let you buy more fishing rods
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How to get your wife to let you buy more fishing rods

November 22, 2019

hi guys I’m making another run to Lake
Hartwell school is about to start up kids you’re gonna have to go back to
school or whatnot so we’re going to try to make one more run it’s a afternoon
it’s not supposed to rain although it’s kind of cloudy out there they’re holding
the deep water because there’s not a lot of oxygen to the surface now so we’re
gonna give it a shot see if we can pull some nice ones in and you guessed up get
our bait and all right I got some fish down near the bottom so waiting for
these poles to go down I’m expecting a fish to hit any moment here cuz we got
some activity down there not a lot but they’re down there that this other pole
is out waiting from the bend over can I stop videoing we that’s what I
finished the biggest let’s get the middle of boogers oh that is a nice cop
the big one get in there tight the middle speck go to that curve over there
hope so my group we got him I’m gonna let go and lift up his belly
to get him lift up the belly oh it’s here all right you got the big one we’ve been
after so I was about we’re guessing right now about 33 inches so 33 is long
we don’t have whatever we were on the scale but how did that feel when you
grabbed that rod for me that was awesome totally awesome did you know it was a
big one you had it on there yeah you could tell you think it was a log no cuz
I could feel them fighting and pulling around pulling the drag out yeah so you
probably don’t mind me having all these fishing poles anymore do you you

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