How to make Wireless Remote Controlled Car at home
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How to make Wireless Remote Controlled Car at home

August 16, 2019

To start, Take a PVC-T and two geared DC motors. Put few small pieces of double sided tape around the motors. Remove the insulation and fix the motors in the PVC-T in opposite directions. Take another PVC-T and a piece of cardboard. Draw few circles on the cardboard equal to the diameter of PVC-T. Cut all the circles carefully. Using Hot glue, paste the circles one over the other to form a stack. Also, apply hot glue around the edges to get a rubber like grip. Make two similar pieces. Apply hot glue and fix the stack to close the holes in the PVC-T. Insert both the stacks in the PVC-T like this. Mark a center point and drill a hole at the marked point. Make similar holes on both sides. Take a wooden stick and a straw. Insert the stick in the straw and pass them through the holes in the PVC-T. Take two wheels. Using hot glue, attach both the wheels to the wooden stick. Fix a small piece of PVC pipe to the PVC-T. Now, Take the motors and two wheels. Using hot glue, attach wheels to the motor shafts. Make a hole on top of the PVC-T. Insert the motor wires through the hole and also insert a 9v battery connector clip. Now, take the wireless receiver from an old RC toy. Refer to the diagram and make connections on the circuit board. Apply some hot glue and attach the circuit to the PVC-T. Using a PCB drill, make a small hole on the PVC-T. Take a small screw and a metal wire. Connect the antenna wire to the metal wire and screw them both on the PVC-T. Take the front part of the car and a 9v battery. Connect a 9v battery to the circuit. Insert the battery inside and assemble the car. Our wireless remote car is now ready. Take the transmitter remote and have fun playing with the car. So friends, this here concludes the tutorial. Do come back soon for new one’s or subscribe to my channel to receive regular updates. Thanks for Watching.


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