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How To Prepare Your Boat for a Hurricane | BoatUS

September 2, 2019

Primark or Kia from boat US magazine you
know when there’s a storm coming you’ll need to prepare your boats and make sure
that it comes through unscathed firstly we want to reduce windage so we need to
remove things like Emily’s cockpit covers even windshield covers to make
sure the wind can’t get ahold of them and rip them apart or blow the boat or
fold down and secure any Bimini frames outriggers and antennas and don’t just
rely on the straps that come with them use proper line remove anything from
deck that could get damaged lost or hurt other boats and includes fishing rods
fenders brooms brushes buckets toys thingies anything that’s loose if you
have a rudder it’s vulnerable to damage so Center the wheel or tiller and then
strap it down so they can’t flap around if you have out boards keep them in the
up position remove any valuables or portable electronics and take them
ashore where they’ll be safe that way they won’t get damaged and it won’t get
stolen after the store remove insurance papers boat registration and other
paperwork so that you’ll get a filer claim or better proof ownership of the
boat if you can’t get back to it later on take pictures of the boat and the
whole identification number because you may need these later on it helps the
claims adjuster to identify the boat some insurance companies it will
increase deductibles if you can prove that the boat was properly prepared
unplug the boat from the shore supply and remove the cable and then take it
ashore for safekeeping turn off all the boat electrics with the exception of the
bilge pump close any sea cocks if the boats to remain within the water with
the exception of those that drain cockpits are any other open areas if
your boats out of the water on you have a drain plug remove it so that any water
collecting in the bilges free to drain out take up any hatch openings this
prevents water from getting really low or from the hatch leads from being torn
off by the wind ensure cockpit drains and scuppers are clear and place large
mesh screens over them so that any baby or leaf finding its way into the cockpit
cannot block them thanks for watching and if you want more information go to
boat us comm forward slash hurricane where you can find lots of information
including a hurricane guide

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