How to Sail a Sailboat : How to Safely Sail into a Marina

September 9, 2019

We are coming into the marina. In this marina
we have a couple posts here and they are marked with red. Follow our rule, red right return.
We want to keep it on our starboard side because everything on the other side of those red
poles is very shallow. You can see the high water mark there so you know we are still
at low tide. That should come standard with all the marinas. Most of them either have
posts or a lot of them have little buoys that they’ll use. Actually there are some that
have sticks in the water and they actually wrap tape around the sticks. It depends on
the size of the marina. Again, coming into the marina you don’t want to come speeding
in. It’s always better to come into the marina under power than sail. You have a little bit
more control. In fact this part of the marina; in our marina they won’t let you sail into.
Come in under power and then again keep an eye out for boats that are coming out. We
have a lot of hidden fairways due to the houses so you always have to keep an eye out for
boats coming around corners.

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