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How to Sell a Boat | Boating

August 17, 2019

Hi, my name is Toby Stull and I’m captain
with Out in the Water Sailing. We’re an adventure sports sailing company,
providing charters, sailing lessons, vessel training and consulting. Please visit our website at We’re here today in Liberty Harbor to talk
about boating. On that day you decide to sell your boat,
you want things to go as smoothly and quickly as possible. Following a few simple steps will make that
transition easy. First, make sure your boat is in the best
possible condition it can be, even before it gets on the market. No one wants to come and look at a boat and
discover it has problems. If your boat is not in the best of shape,
make sure you list it reasonably. Ask a fair price and be straight up front
before anyone comes to look at that boat that it’s got problems. A smaller boat can go in a local newspaper,
or an online service such as Craigslist, or even E-Bay. For larger boats a lot of times people employ
brokers, listing agents similar to a real estate agent to sell their boat. When you hire a broker make sure that broker
has the resources where they can come and show your boat regularly, on a whim when anyone
sees it and wants to see it. Also, make sure that they have similar boats
in their inventory, that they know the type of boat you have, and that they have the resources
to get it onto the online websites you’re going to want to have it on. On the day someone comes to look at your boat
make sure everything’s out in the open. You don’t want to hide anything, because it’s
going to come up later when someone has the boat inspected for survey. Any misrepresentation about the condition
or operation ability of your boat can cause problems later down the road. Make sure all your paper work is in order. You don’t want any surprises there either. That could potentially delay the transfer
of your boat up to a month or even more. Following these simple tips can make selling
your boat as easy and painless as possible.

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