I-90 Lake Washington Floating Bridges Anchor Cable Replacement – 2015
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I-90 Lake Washington Floating Bridges Anchor Cable Replacement – 2015

September 12, 2019

An unusual bridge preservation project is taking place deep in the waters of Lake Washington. Contractors are replacing aging anchor cables on the I-90 floating bridges. 108 cables hold the bridges in place against the tremendous forces of wind and waves. The cables are long ropes of twisted steel stretching between the bridges and huge anchors on the bottom of the lake. “We’re replacing 21 of the anchor cables. They are corroded and rusted and worn out cables pose a higher risk of snapping during a windstorm. So replacing them ensures the stability of the I-90 bridges.” Commercial deep-sea divers descend to the bottom of the lake, where they can spend up to two hours groping around in the darkness and muck disconnecting a single cable. After a cable is disconnected, the diver resurfaces to recover, while the rest of the crew hoists the connecting cable and its connecting pins to the surface before a new diver heads down to connect the new cable. The project should be complete by mid-summer 2015. You can learn more on the WSDOT website. Just search for I-90 anchor cable replacement.

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    While interesting, would you guy's get back to more video's of you blowing stuff up !?! O.k. Go wsdot yea!

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