I Bought my DREAM CAR using Only Pennies & It Worked… ($100,000)
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I Bought my DREAM CAR using Only Pennies & It Worked… ($100,000)

September 13, 2019

We’re gonna buy a super car with pennies yo guys its morgs and today I’m gonna be buying a super car with pennies Morgz Mum-Why?? I dont know It just sounds like a fun idea. now you guys know theres loads of videos on youtube where people buy normal cars with pennies However your boy is turning it up the level because where going to be buying a super car with just P COINS All the way until the end Morgan I thought the car was for me. I’ve already bought you a car What you gonna do with another one, but Morgan I don’t mind having another Notice before we begin the video I’m gonna give you guys five seconds to subscribe to the channel and like the video Is it even possible to do both things in five seconds I can’t even answer the question in five seconds Morgan . So I don’t know. I almost think I know My favorite would be… I like two, I like white lamborghinis and I like black ferraris. Yeah, bye Hey guys, here’s the thing if we’re gonna be fine in a supercar with penny I don’t know if you gotta understand how many pennies that actually is in a pound the 60 pennies So that means that in ten pound there’s 600 pennies and in 100 pound or six million pennies and and that means that in a super Carver’s there’s a this Seventy four trillion pennies wrong. Yeah, I definitely Shouldn’t have dropped our school. Should I know you know what? You say about going on a quick trip to the bank Let’s go come on Are you coming? Yeah, come on Okay, so we have arrived guys were parked down there. We’ve got two suitcases and no I’m not going on holiday These are what I’m gonna be using to transport the pennies from the bank to the car and then home guys But here’s the thing. This is gonna be a lot harder than we expected. I came prepared with a team of trained professionals These are two of the strongest specimen in the world who can lift your steel. Look at that Look at what can you lift it? No Okay. Well, you can’t do you think we’re gonna be able to do it. Did you drop it on your phone? Oh my gosh, I Think I should have maybe brings a bad team Guys we have so many bags. These are like 20 pounds and they literally weigh more than me guys I don’t even know if we’re gonna be able to move the car after we get all of them in literally Come on, you can do it you can do it Yeah, this is hardly looks everybody drop a like on the video right now, this is ridiculous If you don’t like the video y’all just straight up me. This is more work than I’ve ever done in my entire life I swear I wish you were like with the other boys with muscles. Yeah. Well, no, I’m not crowd for this type of work Nope, you can clearly see it’s just not for me Today Well, I’m not worried anymore cares now, so what are students like Six and a half hours later. Oh My god guys we are home. We’re at the first bunch of pennies and guys we severely yes severely underestimated how many pennies we would actually have guys we had that many that the car wouldn’t even move like we Physically couldn’t even drive the car wasn’t because it’s the pen is what was that? Because of all that take away that Kirika I mean, yeah, I was I was hungry. I did a lot of lifting, you know carrying Carrying the one bag that you carried So, yeah guys we need a change of fun or something because we have so many pennies I think we’re gonna get some wheelbarrows and extra bags and all this stuff How many Why won’t you guys see do is comment down below how many pennies you think we have right here? I don’t know How many is but it is? Oh I can There are pennies in there hi jeff she’s she’s going to sleep in a rubbish shoot Okay guys so it is the next day right now and as you can flip into a bin Bit of a change of location we stole loads of penny’s and put them in mouse traps then drove to the porche place to get the Toyota We’re gonna be buying a super slow Toyota with pennies now guys one more time if you’re old here And you haven’t already unsubscribed. What the hell are you doing? You cannot see this level of unepicness anywhere else and also this new merch is craping on the four-team of July guys So if you have no any god that broke down in your nose get it wrote down so you don’t forget boys and girls It’s dropping It’s not vulgar it’s not playground Multan Take this door instead coming. I’ve got to show you this car. It’s absolutely amazing. Have you found one you like already already? Mom, you’ve been here for like two minutes It’s oh wait wait, wait, is it this one back here? Yeah. Wow, this is so nice Are you serious honestly mom, I just I only have three words for you right now. I love it Honestly, why get a big one when you can just get back? What’s the one problem it’ll only fit one it so those it’s mine then I’m gana No, no, it’s either mine or we like to get a bigger one Morgan. It’s just you know, no, it doesn’t suit you. You look Bad, we’re gonna have to get bigger world do that’s the big one. Yeah. Definitely Oh, Oh my oh my gosh Oh, hi gorgeous. Oh gosh You’re not gonna believe our Despard this is literally the nicest thing I’ve ever seen come here look at this Drink three drinks, yo, can we come here more often screw the car? There’s so many pockets Morgan no one will know keep it quiet They were mine Yeah Pull me a coffee in your pocket for later mom. Yeah they have Honestly like for real is this Morgan is it free awesome mom. Yeah Wow, I’m gonna go for it’s a little brainer gold signature But he’s dropping 14th of July guys. Remember why I get this once you get one of these. Oh my god mom Look at this. They’ve got suitcases Suitcases smokin. I know that’s amazing. They’ve got suitcases, but I thought I’m sure oh, yeah you know, I Say cause I’ve come to buy a car. Oh, yeah Not just that you could have reminded. I’m reminding you now Morgan what are you doing? They pretended to drive? No, I can drive her if you can’t drive I can’t look You don’t drive like that Morgan you need to pass your test. Otherwise I have addressed you I’m 16. Oh God, no, they won’t move Morgan What we’re doing You just under Porsche to see smoking could we just look at the car back there? I thought it was a car Okay, I got confused Morgan I’m really worried about you. I really am come on. Let’s look at some cars. I’m just like really confused I want that one. You want that one? Yep, that’s the one. Yep You want that one? Okay that one that’s certain. Yeah You want that one? Okay, is it that one? What that one and when my mom let me guess let me guess yep and Then even on sale I Just can’t decide Morgan. Oh God. I don’t what’s up that steering wheel that steering wheel or that steering wheel. It’s just so confusing Steering. Yeah, that feels that feels bumpy I just don’t know Wow with every Porsche you get free curtains. That’s amazing. Oh my gosh. I love that color I’m gonna fuck all the curtains in it and You can even get some free golf clubs with it. I never played golf buy one soldier to me. Oh my god I can’t believe it guys Morgan’s made some new friends Let’s go meet them. Hi Morgan. We got some new friends Morgan Morgan. I could tell it’s you even though you’re not moving Well good, I do it wish you I’m her. Who are you? I’m Morgan. I was that’s that’s just a mannequin Oh, I thought that was you no. Oh, okay on a real note though when we do need to pick one So which one’s it gonna be if you ask me I think this one just jumped out at me as soon as you walked in here Yeah, it’s massive so is this the one we’re going for yeah, definitely that one definitely that’s definitely Yeah We’re gonna have to go and find some help Julia magic do your magic Morgan I got this Hopefully I’m molded So basically I have came into this establishment today because I want to purchase a Porsche have I came to the right place Okay, we’ve came to the right place. That’s a good start now to be honest I just had a few questions about this motor firstly. I just wanted to check is it fast? Real fast. No problem. Great. Okay, it’s a good start. It is fast. Does it have four wheels mainly at the corners? I always tell the truth. It does huff, but I did say before we set off that. I wanted a three wheeler Do you remember? Oh This dude doing dentistry real ones. No we do for your free wheel washers I Still think I’d go for that one, even though it’s got four. Yeah an extra wheel I could my next question is obviously this is the Porsche. It’s got four wheels this fast. Can I driver? I am twenty five to thirty seven. Yeah, yeah. Yes. Yes Yeah Got the facial tattoo not quite look why that but it’s something We can sit in it consistently sit in it you Know what that is in a wide-open uniquely Drive just put it on the drive Come open it’s automatically opening on its own Okay, thank you why is the retire in it Morgan remember would pick a pick the top one over there for the steering wheel Could we have one of those things? Can we get one of those over there as the steering wheel? On this dude It really does a great job. Does it send the wheels will turn your wheels? Okay, that’s a good thing. That’s Wow I feel confident in this, you know, I feel like I can definitely drive it Well now the main question. I wanted to ice the game changer for me, obviously I’m a young lad driving is call an engine sotae like we all have four wheels You don’t have to have it But the one thing you do have to have in a car in my opinion is a cup holder Yeah, so like we go to McDonald’s all the time. And you know, what’s the deal? Where’s the cup holder, bro? Morgan what – It’s the one you have the mere weight. Oh Oh Is there any finished boat we’ll take it we’ll take it. Oh my goodness, you know, I wasn’t sure It would have been it would have been about seven out of ten yeah now it’s a 17 it’s got everything with The car well, you know what Let’s make this simple and quick. I’ve got the goods in the car I’ll go down right now and then we can get the paints all this fabulous Come on Guys just like that two wheelbarrow loads of pennies. We got way more in the car They’re gonna go and buy this Porsche using only one the coins This is gonna be crazy guys one more time. If I’m an artist subscribe, don’t do it. Let’s do this movie excited It’s so excited Heavy mold, I got it. All right, you can do it strong. There’s a Porsche stay You worked hard for the pennies We can all get the other one it’s not a coin I Know You didn’t think it was enough. Yeah, he doesn’t know and we’ve got more We’ve got more in the car. I saw Matlock you gave me but don’t worry. You have a lot more where that came from That’s only two we’ve got low got wakes when we could we tell the car Morgan got the car keys We don’t do cash what What? What is Leigh? Oh it’s real what I don’t Do cash. It’s oh no won’t transfer but this is no rage Morgan What did I say to you do you mean this is my voice said to you just pay pay on the card I don’t think we have to go to the bank and all these pennies sell them again Noel doesn’t much say they don’t take it you should’ve chat. Yes Possible you should’ve checked but this is crazy more every night to the car real cash What do we do now transfer from the bangle well-salted for let’s get this way we can sort the car Yes, we can sort the car. But what do we do with these now? If you go to the coast you can do really one of the machines. Yeah, that’s a good idea actually I’ve got a better idea. How would you like to get yourself? Your problem now Yeah, okay By the moon honestly, thank you for well. You know, you’re welcome. It’s been a we’ll be off man. Well, they’ve started They’ve taken my car I’ll just have to get a taxi a few moments later Okay, so mom finally arrived home, but taxi took you long time. Thanks for that Morgan. I can’t believe you just left me Well, I thought you were gonna walk so EQC. Yeah, I was going in the car and look driver I don’t see why you have to be in that well anyway Anyway, oh, no, we’re about to go for the first drive ever in the new Porsche But before we do that more mckinney rev Rev You didn’t say that Why would I come on come on That’s what we like to hear and mom. How about we bring back something classic to the channel something? We haven’t done in a long time. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? No, I’ve got no idea what you mean Okay, so seeing as we have a new car I feel like there’s something we just need to play okay Think about it don’t know don’t spoil it No burn, you don’t have to christen the car with that no, I’m Dan and I’m his date herself. Congratulations You played yourself 6 p.m. Tomorrow is the death Clean You know what Morgan I’m gonna make my own district on you comment down below this couple and also as well as the classic mortem, um district I think there’s something else we need to do when we get a new car Manolos Mom new car, but still the same old drive-thru. We’re humble. Are we? We like um, I don’t know us so mom’s already got car I can’t even drive and you guys are probably like not who the hell is this car? even for now Why wouldn’t you guys to do is comment down below who you think we should give the car to here is old enough to drive However, she won’t take her test Martin’s Gaga is kind of bad so we could give it to him we could give it to mom, but she’s already gone car So you really need it. I suppose I don’t really need it But do I want it Oh should I just keep it to sit in in the driveway? Should I give it to one of you guys subscribe? to the channel right now and comment down below if you want the car and maybe I’ll give it to one of you guys I Don’t know. I don’t even know I want to do with me. Oh one last thing guys. Just a quick reminder that these gold signature Embroidered limited hoodies are gonna be dropping on the 14th of July If you haven’t already told your parents, they need to get you this merch it’s only dropping for one week It’s gonna be super exclusive. It’s gonna sell out So make sure they’re ready on Saturday the 14th of July to copy this merch because this is the hottest merch I’ve ever Released and I want all you guys to be able to wrap it and it looks very nice again seatbelt Well, you took the words right out my mouth. It does indeed subscribe if you’re new join Team oil drop a like on the video and as always You guys been awesome and I’ll see you in my next video. Peace out


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