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August 14, 2019

I wonder where Aleks is. Oh, that’s me! I’m Aleks, I’m Aleks! That’s me… Aleksander! I’m Aleks! What the fuuck! That’s kind of fucked up, dude. He’s your boss. Give him a better impersonation. I hurt my balls doing that. Go ahead and intro. Welcome back to The Problematic Zone™! Topical… Political humor. Is there political? //exhales You go first. No, I want you to go first. Let’s talk home defense. You’ve seen these assault rifle bans, right? what the f- Is that a harpoon gun? Don’t point that at me! Don’t worry I think the safety’s on… No, it’s not. That can kill a man! You’re making our camera people a little nervous! Basically, you use this… I’m – I’m thinking… I want you to be able to defend yourself in the case of a home intruder, and also participate… In sports! ’cause you are fat. Alright man, that was rude. That was a rude way to intro that bit. I got some targets… Let’s go shooting! I don’t remember Aleks being this fucking awkward. //SLAM Okay… So you’re at home… …roleplay. You’re in bed. You’re in bed, you’re relaxing. You hear a… -I love fortnite
..big knock at the door! //CRASH I love Fortnite so much. oh just… Getting those kills in Fortnite. It didn’t wake you up? lo…i just lo… That knock didn’t wake you up? …my dog’s got diabetes. A little creepy man… comes in your home. …a steppy… …a steppy… …a steppy. …he leans over… …you sleeping… …and he points his gun… What are you gonna do, dude? I love Fortnite. Is someone opening some alcohol? …you’re underage. that coca-cola’s really spicy… IS SOMEONE TRYING TO STEAL MY… …what does he have? YOU-TUBE GOLD PLAY BUTTON? stand back! This is a good gift, I like this gift alot! You can also use it for fishing! You got some fish? //rustles //crunches go fishing. Oh! I need to catch some goldfish for my… for – to survive out in the wilderness of this… …bleak warehouse! Jesus fucking Christ he’s swinging that I found one! //claps You got it, dude!
-Did i get it?! You nailed it! Now I can survive the winter You ever play on a playground as a little kid? No, my dad left me. Or he died? Well come over here, I’ll give you uh… I’ll give you the experience you never had. This… …is an industrial teeter totter. No, you sit on it. It doesn’t feel very industrial. Come let’s – let’s sit. You ever do this as a kid? Now it’s a certified-… You call me the fat one! You still weigh more than *burp* me If I weighed more than you then you wouldn’t have… fucking… AH! FUCK! my balls dude -Fucking bitch this is the second time already, in this one fucking video, my fucking balls dude. -Sit back down! Where’s the spicy water? //bottle pop //sniff //throat noises -Yeah, thats spicy water How do you actually use this?
-We reach equilibrium. Like, am I supposed to put pressure? Uh! No, you’re supposed to get me down. //burp Ah fuck! //grunts uh oh. this fucking sucks dude This is fucking garbage… uh oh! ooh nice! do Do a push-up off it! Do a handstand off it! i’m trying Oh fuck my-! Whew! It’s getting pretty wild down in the warehouse! I didn’t want to take a harpoon bolt to the chest, so I came up here to the safety of the rooftop, to talk about today’s sponsor, What’s the worst part about buying a new piece of electronics? Maybe you’re about to buy that new TV, a new smartphone, you get to the register, you’re ready to check out, the salesman starts pressuring you. “Hey, you want that two year warranty?” “Hey, you want that three year warranty?” “Come on, you know you wanna backup this new product.” “Don’t you care? you’re gonna accidentally drop it on the ground as soon as you leave the store, and then where will you be?” What if there was a simpler way? Without those heavy markups, of like, 900% margins, on in-store warranties. How about a simple app on your phone? that keeps track of all the receipts, so, y’know, 6 months 2 years from now you’re not looking for that Best Buy receipt, trying to figure out what happened. Well that’s where comes in. Upsie is the best electronics warranty on the market. Saving you up to 70% versus retailers. Better prices, transparency, and service, than any other warranty plans. Like Samsung, Apple, Geeksquad, and Squaretrade. Upsie makes the claims process easier. They keep all warranty information stored in one place, so no more looking for receipts when you need to make a claim. They provide exceptional customer service, and 24/7/365 claims. You can protect your TV’s, laptops, digital cameras, gaming consoles, smart watches, appliances, and more! Upsie features the same quality coverage that’s sold by other providers, but at a 50-90% discount over traditional prices, depending on the product. A simple, intuitive interface for browsing, comparing, and buying warranty plans for hundreds of products. Tracking reminder features on the app catalog all your warranty purchases, receipts, and claim instructions while sending prompt notifications of expiring coverage. And terms and conditions in plain English, that clearly explain your coverage limitations claim processes, and exclusions, so there are no surprises. LISTEN Rather than making those impulse buys at the register, go to Upsie, take up to 45 days, on your purchases, or smartphones, or other devices, and you can and you can be like HM Do I want a little extra coverage on this television? Well I work here at Cow Chop, and the TV’s going to fall on the floor within… 5 minutes of me, y’know setting it where it’s going to go. Maybe that is a good idea. …ok? It’s the comfort and freedom of making those decisions, getting better prices, all at And, you can save 10% off of your first purchase on, by using the link in our description, use our code: And save 10% off on that first piece of coverage, for whatever device you want to take care of. Upsie. Making it simpler, and sponsoring Amazon Prime Time, There’s a bee on the roof, so I’m going to go back down, and wade into danger! Here we go! //Sigh ‘Natural Vaccaria Ear Seeds …on self adhesive patches.’ It was supposed to be acupuncture, cause of your bad back. I wanted to help you. but it didn’t come with any needles… Acupuncture? Yeah.. How does that help with a bad back? The ch- The Chinese are very smart. //sniff //sigh Why do I fuck up everything? Such a fuck up… …I never do anything… …right. These things on patches are supposed to go like in your ear, I guess? Okay, I put it in my ear, what happens now? Did it say to put it in your ear? They’re called ear seeds, I just assumed. Well, you see, they included this… …ancient… …chart. This ancient scripture. Which says which portion of the ear, will channel the most energy to your soul. My soul… So let’s see, what do you… What do you want, external genitals? or internal genitals? I guess external. okay. Let me just apply some anaesthetic. And then we’ll just go in raw. cool… Also, put some anaesthetic in my mouth. cool Now let me see your cock. It’s gone! That my friend, is a twelve-foot beach ball. And you didn’t blow it up? No, I figured we’d save that. do you know how long this is going to take? we have an air compressor! From a previous episode. of Amazon! Here, I’ll… …Let’s do it. I’m chaotic Go do a funny bit while I do this. Matt, do you know what to do with this? Geez //sigh You done? Hang on! Shut the fuck up. Don’t worry, this is going to be really worth it! Okay. There she goes. I have an idea, what’s up? How about we pop my item, while this is happening? pop your item? Let’s open it up. Okay! You know what this show’s missing? Quality? A theme song! This little piano here… …can not only play, but record and play back! Your keys, and notes. Are you fucking shitting me? Whoa, is that like a dance pad- Dude, you do that with your feet! that’s awesome! Oh, my god. Dude, let’s play chopsticks- like in that movie, like yeah, Let’s make a theme song. I’ll do the lower notes, you do the upper notes, ok? I think we should go with a… …A trumpet. ♫Amazon♫ ♫Amazon show♫ ♫It’s so funny♫ ♫It’s the best♫ ♫ ♫a ♫ama ♫amazon ♫amazon show♫ ♫everybody ♫everybody laughs at it♫ ♫ ♫i ♫i am not ♫i am not sad♫ ♫ ♫im ♫im really ♫im really ha♫ ♫im really happy♫ -Key change! ♫ ♫i ♫i sleep ♫i sleep every ♫i sleep every night♫ ♫with no ♫with no nightmares♫ ♫ ♫not ♫not even ♫not even one♫ ♫I love Amazon♫ ♫Amazon show and the website♫ I like that actually, that was pretty good.
-Nailed it Aleks: I love you, dude. James: I wish I could say the same, you fucking little bitch. Hey, I think that’s about done! Beachball, dude! ow. It’s twelve feet. Do you think you could, jump on top of this? like, get on the table and jump on top of it? I mean, not from there, clearly, silly. why dont you get on top of it Because this is your gift! why dont you get on top of it Okay, you hold it. Then it’s going to roll away, and every – everybody will be really sad. Are you letting the air out? ow, my back! fucking stupid… …fucking little piece of shit! You better get away from this right now, Jakob! Thanks for watching this episode of Amazon, it was a very special one. Because it was not like a normal one. If you enjoyed this video, or didn’t enjoy this video, check out this one, it’s probably better. As well as check the description for Patreon, -Oh fuck my knees Patreon, Reddit, Twitter, uh- and the merchandise store where you can support us by purchasing clothing. Thank you for watching.


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