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Inside Look Norwegian Gem – Norwegian Cruise Line

August 14, 2019

Unveiled in late 2007, the 2,394 passenger Norwegian Gem was the last in Norwegian Cruise Line’s Jewel Class series. The deck-top pool area of the Norwegian Gem, which features two main pools, four hot tubs, a water slide and a palm tree theme. Like several other Norwegian Cruise Line ships, the 93,530 ton Norwegian Gem is home to a rock climbing wall. Other decktop features of the Gem include a kids pool. The Topsiders Bar & Grill is located on Deck 12 along the Tahitian Pool. The colorful central atrium of the Norwegian Gem contains a floor-to-ceiling LED screen where passengers can watch such things as live sporting events. The space also includes color-changing, fiber-optic ceiling lights and boasts an original Dale Chihuly glass chandelier, mounted on the wall above the staircase landing. The 1,042 seat Stardust Theater is home to Las Vegas-style shows, comedy acts, magicians and other entertainment on a nightly basis. Norwegian Cruise Line’s signature steakhouse, Cagney’s, is one of more than half a dozen specialty restaurants on the Norwegian Gem. It is available to passengers at an extra charge. Another extra-charge specialty restaurant on Norwegian Gem is Le Bistro, which serves French cuisine. Norwegian Gem’s 10-seat sushi bar, one of several eateries on the ship serving Asian cuisine. Pricing is a la carte. The 100-seat Orchid Garden restaurant serves a mix of Japanese, Thai and Chinese cuisine. Norwegian Gem also houses a teppanyaki restaurant that has room for 32 passengers at a time. The Bali Hai Bar and Grill sports a hot-air balloon theme with a rope-and-rattan bar front. It seats 91. The 558-seat Grand Pacific Main Dining Room is the larger of two main dining rooms on the ship. The Garden Cafe offers action stations serving various cuisines and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A 52-seat “kids café” area off the Garden Buffet is specially designed for little ones. Among the liveliest nightspots on the ship is the Bliss Ultra Lounge & Night Club, which features a stylish bar area and swanky lounge seating. The Bliss Ultra Lounge is home to four bowling lanes, a rarity for a cruise ship. Two other Norwegian Cruise Line ships, the Norwegian Pearl and Norwegian Epic, have bowling lanes. The circus-themed Gem Club Casino is decorated in bold and brash colors. It has room for than 300 people at a time. The 83-seat Magnums Champagne & Wine Bar has an Art Nouveau décor. The Norwegian Gem’s library offers ocean views as well as a wide selection of books. The Norwegian Gem has 1,197 cabins, including 360 “balcony staterooms” that feature floor-to-ceiling glass doors that open onto a private balcony. The balcony staterooms measure 205 square feet in size. The Norwegian Gem also has 243 “ocean view staterooms” that offer a picture window or porthole. They measure 161 square feet in size. A step up from regular cabins are the Norwegian Gem’s 134 Mini Suites, which measure 284 square feet and include floor-to-ceiling glass doors that open to a private balcony; two beds that convert into a queen size bed; a sitting area with convertible double sofa; and a bathroom with shower and bathtub. Even larger than Mini Suites are the Norwegian Gem’s four Romance Suites, which offer a queen-sized bed; full bath with tub and shower; living and dining areas; a flat screen television with CD/DVD player and libraries; floor-to-ceiling glass doors that open to a private balcony; and other features.Butler and concierge services with access to a private concierge lounge also are included with the rooms, which measure 460 square feet. The ship’s four Owner’s Suites include a private bedroom with king-size bed and flat screen television; living room with dining area; state-of-art BOSE entertainment center with CD/DVD library; full bath with separate shower, powder room and tub; two balconies and walk-in closet. Butler and concierge services with access to a private concierge lounge also are included with the rooms, which measure up to 823 square feet. Even larger than Owner’s Suites are the ship’s two Deluxe Owner’s Suites, which measure up to 928 square feet. The poshest digs on the Norwegian Gem (and among the most elaborate accommodations anywhere at sea) are the ship’s two Garden Villas.At 4,254 square-foot, they’re more than 20 times larger than the typical cruise ship cabin and include three bedrooms; a living room with a piano; and a roof terrace with open-air dining area, whirlpool, steam room and a private sunning area and relaxation area. The master bedroom in one of the ship’s two Garden Villas. A bathroom in one of the Garden Villas. The Courtyard pool area is a private retreat for passengers staying in the Courtyard area of the ship. The Gem’s Internet Center. Located in the Atrium, Java café is a full service bar that also serves hot and iced coffees, lattes, espresso, cappuccino, tea, pastries and cookies. The Yin & Yang Spa and Beauty Salon is open daily for massages, facials and other treatments. The Norwegian Gem’s fitness center. The spa is home to a Thalassotherapy pool. The Spa offers 16 treatment rooms, including three for couples. The Treetops Kids Club, a children’s hideaway that offers a rainforest theme. The Norwegian Gem’s video arcade.


  • Reply DixeyNormis July 23, 2016 at 3:06 pm

    Bowling lanes were removed.

  • Reply Cruising With Wheels August 8, 2016 at 10:59 am

    I dont know where you stole the pictures you used but the are all old. The NCL Gem was redone in 2015 and looks all different inside!!

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    i am coming on that cruise

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    voice is robotic and awful

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    this brought back memories of my vacation on that ship

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    my son made this video of our trip on the Gem

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    can I please see handicap rooms I'm crushing in August 2017.

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    Thanks for the vid!

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    there was no rock climbing wall the when i was there

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    Just came back today

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    My dream)

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    51 dislikes came from trolls who despise the robot voice.

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    I went on this one recently and let me just say it’s not for kids it is more for adults

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    Washy washy,
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  • Reply peter piper October 4, 2018 at 1:44 pm

    Worst boat I ever been on… service was horrible and they skipped saint Thomas and to top it off dinning was rude to me and woman … Then we waited 4 hours to be put on board … And tell you the truth mix drinks sucked and they couldn't make a drink called a trash can horrible never again!!! I advise everyone stay away from the gem !!!

  • Reply Donnyyolanda Calamusa November 5, 2018 at 2:20 am

    We boarded Oct 27, 2018- Nov 3, 2018 on the gem it was my husband (Donald Calamusa), myself (Yolanda Calamusa) and our 14 year old daughter. We enrolled our daughter in the teen club Oct 28th. At first our daughter really enjoyed it, Anchor (the teen counselor) seem to be able to handle things. Oct 31st we dropped our daughter off to the teen club around 9pm she was to participate in teen dodge ball on the basketball court deck 13 UNDER the SUPERVISION of Anchor (teen club counsolor). My husband and I went off to enjoy some on board activities. Upon my husbands and ny arival to the teen club approximately midnight our daughter wasn't there. Of course immediately we headed to our room 11590 in hopes she was their. Once arriving to our room we found our daughter in tears, worried and scared. As our daughter expressed to us that she had left the teen club due to the negligence and irresponsible actions of a groupd of young black african americans who were being aloud to drink in the bleachers by the basket ball court. Some of the kids that were drinking were also aloud to continue to participate in the teen program after consuming alcohol. Its our understanding that the younger kids were recieving alchol from a 18 year old who was approved to drink with his parents signuature (who btw by signing the agreement for NCL stated they would be responsible for any 'mishaps'. However once our daughter left the basket ball court she resported to the splash acadamy that their were kids drinking, as well as when our daughter told us we also reported to the splash acadamy and spoke to a female who claimed to be a manager 'marshmellow' she claimed was her name just to be told that they cant do anything about it. Clearly, i knew better so we immediatlh went down to customer service where i asked to speak with someone in charge. However i do not remmeber the gentlemana name he took down details spoke to our daughter and said he would get back to us. The very next day Nov 1st we again had to go to inquire about the situation because the same group of african american kkds were following us the entire evening and making comments, pointing , due to their behavior it was obvious that they were trying to intimidate us; to include throwing up gang signs at us (west side). Again to be told by security 30 minutues after we called them and they finally arrived that they could do nothing. Although the teen direcror called and spoke to me directly and verifiied even she seen the group of kids on the dance floor at the spinnaker pointing and etc, and we were also told by the same lady that they looked at the cameras and they were drinking- however NOTHING was done. We kept getting told its being investigated. Not to mention we were sitting inside the bliss for family karaoke and the same group of kids came in and was making comments and a woman and her husband told us the night before the same group got kicked out of bliss for singing a very inappropriate song and a mother and one of the members of their group got into an argument. Once our daughter seen the grouo walk in, our daughter said that's the group of kids who were drinking. We also reported this, and was told that nothing could be done by NCL GEM SECURITY. So the rest of the cruise was spent looking over our shoulder and our daughter not even wanting to go sing or dance in which she LOVES to do. These types of activivties shouldn't be allowed on your ships and the mear fact that more then a handful of adults including management and security knew about this and had the ability to ensure a safe enviromemt and choose not to really speaks volumes about the customer service staff, teen club staff, and security. It was VERY evident that this particular group of African American kids behavior was irratic, unpredictable and very clear their intensiions were not good. Our daughter will be seeing a therapist about this as we do raise our children with morals and teach them right from wrong. I understand not all parents do the same however we to spent money to enjoy our cruise and was unable to do so due to the lack of intrest from the gem staff to ensure a safe environment. There is a case on file about the incident. We expect to hear back asap about this matter we alao spoke to Alife at the service desk and was awaiting to hear something, and is still waiting.

  • Reply Emma Martin November 7, 2018 at 10:38 pm

    going on this during april vacation!

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    3:50 and so does the Escape,and breakaway and I beleive pride of america

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    Aren't there any humans available to narrate about this boat why do we have to listen an effin robot. You suck

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    Going on that tomorrow

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