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Internships at DRW / Stages chez DRW

October 10, 2019

“The people who I met at DRW stood out the
most, and I felt like if I was going to start my career surrounded by a group of people,
I wanted to make sure I could really grow. The people at DRW, they just really inspire
me.” “Just everyone was super nice and really,
really welcoming, and I didn’t find that nearly as much elsewhere, so, I think that was probably
the biggest draw.” “I found it super interesting that it was
a trading firm but very technology focused, a really big percentage of their employees
are software developers, and I really liked all the people that I talked to.” “I’m excited to work at DRW for a couple reasons. One is I’m definitely going to be able to
tackle hard problems, really unique and interesting problems, and they take you in and explain
things to you on a deeper level.” “Getting to explore Chicago, since it’s my
first time here.” “I’ve been to New York many times, but it’s
my first time living there, so it should be fun to live there, and they plan lots of fun
activities for us throughout the summer.” “I really loved it, ya know? As a city, I think it’s a lot more fun, a
lot more exciting.” “A couple other interns and I went to a music
festival, Mamby on the Beach.” “I really enjoyed the architectural boat tour.” “We had a food tour, that was my favorite
part.” “Indoor skydiving. An experience that I’ve really enjoyed.” “I’m with the autospreader desk, they trade
multiple fixed income products.” “I’m working with the compliance team. Something I’m working on right now is a server
and UI for keeping track of running jobs.” “I’m interning as a trading analyst on the
Fixed Income Options team. We’re doing projects that have a real impact. It’s definitely something that I can feel
really matters, and so knowing that my work will make a difference is really important.” “I have a mentor, I ask her so many questions. She’s always super friendly and willing to
help me out whenever I’m having troubles.” “My relationship with my mentor is one of
the best parts of the internship. I can ask him more personal questions.” “My mentor isn’t in the same group as I am,
so I get a view into another team, I get to learn more about the other groups within DRW. For me, I’m having a lot of fun. This is definitely a place where you can learn
a lot.” “I feel great. I like DRW.” “Definitely check it out and try your hardest
to get here. You’re going to have an amazing experience.”

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