Is this a joke? Homemade Beach Fishing Rig
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Is this a joke? Homemade Beach Fishing Rig

September 14, 2019

Woah, woah! Pablo, you got a fish! [Nathan] Pablo! [breathless] What’s going on, guys? Today, I’m going to show you guys how to use the home-made medicine bottle chum rig. Stay tuned for more! I made a chum rig out of a medicine bottle, and this idea was inspired by one of our active members and admins on our, uh, Senko Skipper Fishing Community Facebook Group, um, anyways, he posted a home-made contraption like this, and I was like, “Wow, this is, this is really cool,” this reminds me of the chum rig I used not too long ago, but this is homemade.
[Erin] Cool. So Stephen “Beach Boy” Tang, thank you very much for the idea, um, this is the first time trying it, so in here i’ve filled it with fish guts, uh, grass shrimp, uh, dead blood worms, a bunch of nasty stuff in there, um, just to add more scent to it. So, look, I’m going to fill it with some grass shrimp here, there’s like, guts, [Erin] Guts? Yeah, this is from, this is from the other perch that we ate… and then there’s like, dead blood worms just fill it with some scraps, basically,
[Erin] Mhmm. things that’ll smell. So now, the idea behind this is this will attract a whole bunch of different fish, but the fish cannot eat through these little holes,
[Erin] Mhmm. so what they do is, instead of hitting that, they’re attracted to this, but then they see this nice, juicy blood worm and they’ll hit the bloodworm. Or, you know, it attracts little perch *clears throat* and then maybe a striped bass will see that a lot of perch are gathering here, I’m going to try and eat one. Ha ha. [Nice.] Look at this. So this is how I put the bloodworms on– ooh– careful, ’cause these teeth come out. [Wait, let me see?]
You see? Ah, well, it’s going back in now. [It’s okay.] See, it went back in… So, I like to hook it in like this just like that. Nice chunk. …and this is why they call them bloodworms, look at my fingers [Ew…] [*high pitched* Eww!!] Okay, so I’ve tied this on to a Paternoster Rig, [Mhmm.]
I’ve got a swivel here, so it doesn’t get all tangled up, um, filled the inside of this with with chum, let’s give it a cast! See what happens! [Nathan] Oh, I hope to god it doesn’t get stuck down there… Retrieve it, fast! [Nathan laughing] Oh my god! [Nathan continuing to laugh] Okay… What the heck? *Erin giggling* Ready? [Yeah.] *Erin laughing* [You got it?] [Yeah, it’s still draining…] This bell will alert me if anything taps my line. This tube will hold my rod until I get a bite. and now, I can start a fire, I can cook, I can hang out and wait for this alarm to go off. What the–? [Oh my gosh.] [Oh my gosh!]
Ho ho!! Two perch! [Two!] On the chum bucket rig! [Oh, those are great, look at them.]
[Oh my gosh.]
Woooah! [Oh my goodness]
[Oh, those are like footballs, look at them.] [So fat.] Awesome. This is so cool. So this chum really did make a difference. Two at a time! On the circle hooks. Perfect. Two keeper perch because of the chum rig. So, in this rig I put, um, fish guts, I put grass shrimp, I put a lot of nasty stuff in here and it has attracted these two fish to eat. Well I guess– so I’m going to fill this chum rig back up because I want some fresh, new scent and I’ve got, like intestines, roe, all sorts of gunky stuff, this will definitely attract fish! I’m tellin’ ya now. Cool. Pablo. *bell jingling* Pablo! [Yeah.] [He’s on, I’ve got him.] Oh, did you change the battery, Erin?
[Yes, I did.] He came off. You got something? *bells jingling* I gotta go, there’s fish. [Yeah,] [Woahh!] [Whoo!] [What’d you get?] [Oh, that’s two perch, easy!] [Ah!] I got another one on the chum rig, working really well, and the circle hooks work really well too, they just set themselves. Circle hooks are great for for not gut hooting— for not gut hooking fish. You don’t want to gut hook a fish because that will kill them. Yeah, it’s eight inches. Wow, honestly, I didn’t think that it would be that quick I would start catching perch, but yeah, we’re catching one after another bite after bite, um, only problem I see with the chum rig is that it is a little bit bulky, so it has been kinda snagging me a little bit, but I haven’t lost it yet and it’s been, it’s been great. If anyone needs help on beach fishing or pier fishing, I want to introduce you to our new store, it’s in the link below, we specialize in helping people get on fish so check out our store, maybe we can help you guys. [Ah, Brendon.] *jingling* Ha ha, [ooh!] [You’ve got two?] What the–? It’s not moving anymore. [Maybe they weren’t quite, uh, hooked.] [You might have scared them off.] You found it!!! Yes!! My bells! [Wait, she–?]
She found my bells. [Erin laughing] You– you can see the color! I can’t see that. I can’t see it on the ground– women have women can see a broader spectrum of colors than males can, and I keep losing these bells, and either Erin or Kayla find them for me every time. Nice. I mean, the regular rig is working too, [But it caught a small one.]
The regular rig is working too, it’s just, I’m getting more bites on the chum rig. [Yeah.] *jingling* So I just want to talk to everyone about if–about– keeping fish. So, for me, I keep the amount of fish that I’m going to eat, no more… … Yeah, I keep the amount of fish [*jingling* ] that I’m going to eat…. [You got it?] I don’t know, just leave it for now. There’s a–there’s a cirlce hook, you’ll be fine. So I only keep the fish that I’m going to eat, if the fish are too small, I throw them back, you know, if I have too much fish, I throw ’em back, and I think that’s important so that we can keep the population of our fish up. If everyone took all the fish they caught, we might not be fishing today. I’m going to get the rig up, okay?
[Yeah.] *jingling* [You’re on, man] *jingling* Oh yeah, it’s on. I got one, I think. Chum rig. Oh yeah, I got something for sure. Ah, a nice one! [Oooh!] Ho!
[That’s a fat boi.] That is a fat one! This chum rig! With the circle hooks… I’m going to make an episode just teaching you guys how to make this, or you can check out Stephen “Beach Boy” Tang, uh, you can check out his channel, he’s the one who taught me how to make this, um, check his channel out if you want to learn. But that’s a nice sized, dinner sized perch right there. and now, when you’re fishing for like, fish like this, perch, you’re going to catch a lot, and um, you’re going to catch a lot, that are under sized what you want to do is instead of use J hooks, which can get stuck in their stomach, maybe think about using circle hooks, circle hooks are designed to not gut hook, it’ll come out and just get hooked on the side of the mouth every time. so think about using circle hooks. Look at that! I had such a good time catching fish and grilling it on the grill here, um, and building a fire, hanging out, pitching a tent, it was a really great way to spend the day at the beach, even though we didn’t catch any of the big stripers we were hoping for, the migration just hasn’t come yet, there was a cold snap three or four days ago, and uh, sent a lot of fish back, even though we didn’t catch any huge fish, had a great time catching the perch, those are really tasty fish, thank you guys for watching, tune in every Thursday night at 7:30 PM EST, uh, if you want to be notified every time we post a new episode, click the little notification bell next to the subscribe symbol, thank you guys for watching!


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