It’s the Gulf of Mexico! | Sailing Soulianis – Ep. 32
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It’s the Gulf of Mexico! | Sailing Soulianis – Ep. 32

January 14, 2020

– On the other side of
that wall is salt water. (upbeat music) – [Kirk] That’s a crazy looking ship with a helicopter landing pad on its roof. – Feels like we’re comin’ home. – Oh my God. All right, let’s go
find our mast (laughs). – We can sail again! (upbeat music) Last time on Sailing Soulianis, we showed you our typical
routine traveling down the river. That routine wouldn’t last long though, as we left you all with a little
over a hundred miles to go before reaching the end of our journey from freshwater to salt water. – [Kirk] Okay so where are we? – We are at the last lock, on the other side of
that wall, is salt water. – [Kirk] Brackish water. – Same thing. (Kirk laughing) – It’s salty right? – [Kirk] It’s prolly a little salty. – Yeah, I mean, it’s salty water, let’s put it that way, it’s salty water. Look at that, it has no wheels. – [Kirk] Lauren is fascinated
by the no wheeled bollard. – It doesn’t squeak at all. – [Kirk] Yeah, it’s pretty cool, check out the setup we have goin’ on here. We’re usin’ out spinnaker tie-down spot combined with our
miniature little deck cleat to form a nice little U midship. – And a virtually maintenance-free, oh that’s not right, a virtually, what’s the word I’m looking for? – Effortless?
– Effortless. locking situation (laughs). I haven’t had my breakfast yet. – [Kirk] You’s good at da words. – (laughs) yeah. (upbeat music) – [Kirk] Ah, the sky. (upbeat music) – We’re almost to the ocean! (upbeat music) – [Kirk] That’s a crazy looking ship with a helicopter
landing pad on it’s roof. Either that or it’s a spaceship
teleportation station. (upbeat music) Wow, to be able to pick
up a tow like that, those tires are taller
than that truck next to it. (upbeat music) Holy crap! Lauren it’s the Gulf of Mexico! That’s the ocean! (Lauren laughing) (laughs) that’s the ocean! – Kirk that’s the ocean. – That’s the ocean. All the way from fresh
water to salt water. From Michigan, to the Gulf of Mexico. We made it! – Feels like we’re comin’ home. I know we’ve never been here,
and it looks weird right now, I shouldn’t say weird, it looks industrial and not like home at all. Looks completely uncomfortable
and scary, but out there, just beyond that horizon, is palm trees, beaches, clear blue water, warm temperatures, that’s all I got. – Lauren. – Kirk. – We’re gonna be a sailboat soon. – Yay! – That’s a big old mound of water. (upbeat music) We are just about to pull into the marina that has been holding our
mast for the past month, to be reunited so that we can
turn back into a sailboat. That’s a sweet boat. (Lauren laughing) – [Lauren] I took off the
microphone to shoot photos but, – That’s okay. – [Lauren] Tell me how
happy you are right now. – So happy right now. We’re gonna have a beautiful sunset, then we’re gonna get a nice cool rain, which is gonna kill all the bugs, they’re all gonna go
away, every one of ’em. We just washed all the salt, and dirt, and Mississippi mud, no, Tennessee mud off the boat. Drinking a boat beer. Stoked. – [Lauren] Oh hi boat. – I am a happy chappy. – [Lauren] Well the rain
did come that first night, and the second night, came the snow. – [Kirk] Oh my God. (ice crunching) – Morning.
(Kirk laughing) you like the snow? – [Kirk] This is kind of messed up. – [Emily] Yeah. (ice crunching) – Snow and palm trees,
this is really strange. It does make it feel
sorta Christmasy though, which is kinda cool. – [Lauren] By the third day,
most of the snow was gone. – [Kirk] Where are we headed? – We’re gonna go see our mast. – We’re on the most southern
part of our journey thus far, and it is the coldest. (Lauren laughing) Oh look it, there’s
Mike and Cindy leaving. – [Lauren] Oh yeah. – All right, let’s go find our mast. – [Lauren] (laughs) someone’s happy. (upbeat music) – [Kirk] There she is. – We can sail again! She doesn’t look too bad love. – [Kirk] No, everything’s
still all wrapped up. – [Lauren] Yeah. (upbeat music) – [Kirk] Cool, think we’re gonna remember how to put everything back together? – That remains to be seen, that’s a big question mark. I mean you took a lot of photos, right? – [Kirk] No you were taking the photos! – Oh right (laughs). – [Kirk] You took a lot of photos, right? – Yeah, but you took a bunch before we even left Wisconsin I thought. – Mmm not really.
– Mmm. Yeah I took a bunch of photos. – [Kirk] Okay. (Lauren laughing) – We have four days until we’re scheduled to have our mast re-stepped. What do we have to attach to
it before it actually goes up? – [Kirk] Our wind vane, our
VHF, and our wind indicator. – Oh that’s it? – [Kirk] Well, and all
the halyards and stuff. And I also want to figure out if we can put a different block up here for running our spinnaker
halyard internally. So yeah, we got some work to do. Jeez I almost forgot about our boom. (laughs) that’s an important piece, that’s over here. – It looks perfect.
– Yeah. All right well, at least it’s all here. – Yeah. – [Kirk] Look at that, that’s pretty good. – Yeah.
– They put foam over the whole thing.
– All the way over, yeah. – [Kirk] Well, I think we
did a pretty decent job. – Yeah, yeah look at
this carpet on the end. (knocking) (Kirk laughing) The sun feels good.
– Yeah. – In this 40 degree temperatures. – [Kirk] Shall we get breakfast? – Breakfast, I’m hungry.
– And the mast. – Breakfast and mast. – Sunday morning mast. (Lauren laughing) So, I’m going to be
unwrapping our mast here, gettin’ everything ready to
get put back on the boat, get it re-stepped. We’re gonna maybe do a few upgrades. We’re gonna look at
replacing our mast headlight with an LED, and our
deck light with an LED. And then we’re also going to try and get the halyard for the
spinnaker run internally. But first things first, we
gotta get this thing unwrapped. ♪ And I don’t know ♪ ♪ What to say ♪ ♪ What to say to you ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ It’s always sunny where ♪ Well I got everything off, and I still have all the rigging tied up ’cause I need to come
back with the spreaders, and all the other tools and
things to get everything sorted. She looks okay, not
too worse for the wear. ♪ So bright so bright ♪ ♪ You can stare at the sun ♪ ♪ You can tell me anything you like ♪ The next day we gave the mast a good bath. We used soapy water and Simple Green, and ran the entire length
of each stay as well. We wanted to make sure we got
the mast as clean as possible because we weren’t sure
when we were gonna have an opportunity like this again. After the bath, it was time to install the new exit sheave for
our spinnaker halyard. – That’s going to be the
end of that basically, so I’m gonna put a hole there, – Mmhm.
– And then I’m gonna cut, – Oh that entire,
– Yeah. – [Lauren] You’re basically
cutting a giant almond shape, – [Kirk] Hole, yeah. All right just watch
the, there’s gonna be, (drilling) – [Lauren] Holy hell Kirk. You’re cutting a hole in our mast. – Cut a big hole in the mast. (Lauren laughing) – Yeah, it’s a little scary. (drilling)
(upbeat music) – [Lauren] Look at that,
brand new VHF antenna, pretty snazzy. ♪ You can stare at the sun ♪ ♪ You can tell me anything you like ♪ ♪ I’ll take you away to the sunshine ♪ – [Kirk] After completing the work on the lower part of the mast, we had to install an identical
exit sheave at the top. ♪ You can tell me anything you like ♪ (upbeat music) So, when you’re tapping the screws, you want to go forward, like a quarter turn, and then back a little, and then forward a quarter turn, and then back a little, ’cause you don’t want to
build up too much pressure, or else you’re just gonna
rip the threads out, ’cause you’re literally cutting metal, but it’s like really fine, you know? Bruce taught me that. So thank you Bruce. (knocking) Sweet. – [Man] So basically it
goes around my finger, coming from the opposite direction around, and I can pull both the standing part, and the working end to tighten the knot. – That’ll work, okay. All right so now, what
I want you to do is, where’d that other end go? – It’s right here.
– Right here, okay. I want you to take that end
and pull on that from here, and you can start to coil it up. – [Lauren] We’re running
on the lines on the mast before it gets stepped this afternoon, when we become a sailboat again! (upbeat music)


  • Reply Thomas Hough March 29, 2019 at 4:35 am

    When cutting into an alum mast do not leave square holes as this can be the start of stress cracks. Ensure you leave round edges everywhere. No place for a crack to start.

  • Reply HWwelds March 29, 2019 at 5:27 am

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