Jason Dudek Shows How to Fish The Duo Realis Spybait
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Jason Dudek Shows How to Fish The Duo Realis Spybait

January 13, 2020

How you doing Jason Dudek with Omnia Fishing. Let’s talk little bit about spy baits. Spy baiting has been relatively new in the last few years. It’s brought to the United
States from Japan by Duo Realis. It’s a great technique for clear water.
When the bite is tough this is definitely a bait you might want to try. The key with this bait is the features that it presents. There are
three different features to this thing. One is called the plume effect
which means that both of these blades are spinning at the same time
which creates a turbulence behind it. This turbulence is behind the bait and
the fish is drawn to that. Another really key feature is the list. A list
is just that it rocks back and forth like that what that does is it creates a
flash each time it rocks back and forth. And on the drop the other feature is the
shimmy now when that bait is falling down in
the water column the thing is shimmying down back and forth these blades are
spinning and you’ll get a lot of bites as the bait is falling and shimmying. And then you just start your retrieve, a slow, methodical retrieve. That’s the new process for spy baiting. Give it a try and get all your products at Omnia Fishing!

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  • Reply Nathan W. January 11, 2019 at 12:50 am

    Spybaits are KILLER! Highly underrated and unknown tactic, have caught so many solid fish in clear water with them….

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