Kerala to Europe | EP:22| Sink hole, Pebble beach, wadi shab, കാഴ്ചകളുടെ പൊടി പുരം… ?
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Kerala to Europe | EP:22| Sink hole, Pebble beach, wadi shab, കാഴ്ചകളുടെ പൊടി പുരം… ?

December 7, 2019

Hello welcome everyone Today is tuesday and it is 10 in the morning. Right now I am at Grand mall in Oman where I stay. I am in all the riding gear and today we will be going to Sur From Muscat it is around 180 KM I will be exploring many places while going to Sur. We only have to reach there by evening. I will explore the maximum. In the Mutrah episode, you might not have understood, but something happened in that episode. When I was in the parking lot, packing everything up, my helmet fell down. And in that fall, my mic got damaged I didn’t knew it. I started vloging not realizing it. I went to Ganesh bros shop and talked to him a lot. Finally when I was editing after reaching home, the helmet camera had no voice. I thought I was screwed. But I had a plan B Trying to add sound from room. But when I realized that it wont work, I did plan C. It was to add background music to the video in those missing parts. That is how I uploaded the video But we have nothing to worry about now. Every day after waking up, I test all the mics before starting the vlog. We should learn from our mistakes. There is no point in staying sad. I did ride for about 60-70 KM as of now. We will be seeing the sink hole at first. I started to hear about it only after coming to Oman. We will see what do we have there. People say that there is a lot to see. That is the highway. I took an exit from the highway What you see straight from here is the sea. We are at the location and I am not sure about the exact location of the sinkhole. This is the way to sink hole You can see many cars and trailers there. Highway is on the other side. We have to take a round to reach here. There is no Google Map for this road. We are finally here We can park the vehicles here. This is near the entrance. We are not allowed to wear shorts here. We have to wear modest clothing while coming here. Visiting time is from morning 8 to evening 8 There are no tickets. We can now get in. There is a washroom on the left and on the right, it is empty. We can see the highway. This is the path They have build a park around a sink hole. The sink hole was formed when a meteorite fell into earth thousands of years ago. Just like a hole that forms on the ground when we throw a stone into the ground with force. In this case this was a large meteorite that pierced into the ground We came through there and we are going through this path Time is around 11:30 and we still have visitors here. We have hills on one side and we have sea on the other side. This sinkhole is between both of them. What you see first is a board saying no jumping. Let us seewhat we have here. We can get down into the hole. There are steps so that we can go down. We can swim if we need to. The meteorite must have came from that side and should have pierced into the ground in such an angle. You can understand its shape from here. There are lot of people swimming in the water. That is the step which I told you about. Since we are not allowed to jump, we have to go through those steps. This is the entrance. Right now we have many Tamilians here. So finally we are going into the bottom of the sink hole. If there was a piece of meteorite I could take that home This is what we get to see from the bottom. The water looks really good. Since it is dark towards that side, it might be deep there. This is the top. There is a board here stating that the government is not responsible for what ever happens as a result of swimming in this Here it is not deep. But if we go into that side, it would be deep there. This is salt water since sea water is getting mixed with this. Let us go back now. The entrance is free. It is a good place to relax. It is only about 50 KM from Muscat. You can swim here and you can do snorkeling if you have the mask Even if there might not be fish in here, you can see till the bottom since it is very well lit. It would have been great of we had a lift here Now we have the pebble beach and Wadi Shab to see We have three more places to see before we reach Sur. Since it a holiday in UAE because of its national day many people has came here to see Oman from UAE There are many Dubai vehicles here. I told them we could meet again in Dubai. Also, on this coming saturday I will be crossing the UAE border. There will be a rush because of the nation day. It will get over in 2-3 days. After that we could cross the border easily. On 13th we will be conducting a meetup at Royal Grill restaurant in DIP I will do a meetup in every country and we will be doing it in Royal Grill at there because they are our food partners. Those who are planning to come can register their names by calling the phone number in this photo. There are no charges or tickets. So now we are leaving this place. Those people whom you just saw was people from Tamilnadu They came here from Dubai for vacation. I am so happy because, even non-malayalis recognized me You saw the first kid who came to me. From that we can know that he is a regular viewer of our videos. We have to drive 31KM to the next stop. I am so happy. This is a great news for me that even non-malayalis started recognizing. Thanks a lot for the love. We are at the Pebble beach now. When I came slowly it started to skid But when I stood up it came smoothly. The name Pebble beach is because of the rocks there.I can understand that from the rocks on the path We have an option to go down through here. And now we have arrived at Pebble beach. The reason why it is named Pebble beach is because, we have pebbles like that we put in the aquarium. all over the shore. There are lot of tiny pebbles in this beach. From here to the other end. When we walk, we can feel it. All of these stones are of the same grey color The shade changes a bit towards water. The pebbles here are much more smaller. There are vehicles that come through here. Aamina is there as you can see. There are lot of colors The waves are fizzing I am the only one here. It is beautiful to watch. Look at the color, it is blue The difference between us Malayalis and people here is, they keep the beaches very clean They are promoting this beach because of the pebbles here. Many people in India put wastes into the sea. Even the condition of shore of Arabian sea in India is very pathetic I dont think it is going to change anytime soon We have to promote the tourism by keeping everything clean I dont think that the tourism department is doing anything good for places in India as of now Let us go from here. I hope you have got an idea of pebble beach We have two more locations and then we will reach Sur I have to cover the maximum views in 30 minutes because the internet is getting more expensive for people who watch this video. I am trying to reduce the length of my videos so that you can watch it without any issues. Since this is a travel video, I have to show you everything that I see I can even reduce it to 10 minutes. But there is no point in doing that for a travel video. Thanks for watching my videos. It is around 1 KM from pebbles beach to here. This is the path to Wadi Shab There are lot of vehicles here. I showed you a stream in the desert. You told me that I didn’t zoom. This is a place just like that. I have no idea what the ticket rates are. We are here in Wadi Shab, We have some guests here These vehicles came from Kuwait. They came from Kuwait through Saudi and Abu Dabi Here there is a boating facility This is basically a lake in the middle of a desert. Let us see what is the ticket charge for boating. The ticket costs 1 Riyal, which is 180INR This if for one person. The boat can fit 3-4 people. We have a family with us. They have been here with me since the sinkhole They are here from Dubai. This is the boat to Wadi Shab We have started the journey. Aamina is there on the shore. They told that we would go 3KM inside There are some grasses here. You should understand that this is inside a desert. I thought we had boat till all the way inside. But it is not so. We are walking in between the mountains. We have water in one side. We will find something after this long walk. We have been walking for so long now. They could have taken us in that boat. We are only a fraction of the way into the destination We have a lot to walk and I might stop after some time. There is nothing other than mountains on both the sides. The soil here should be fertile to grow plants like this here. It is pretty cold in here because this place is covered with mountains and no sun rays reach here. We are only around 250 KM from the starting point. There is a lot to walk. These people have kids with them. We would have to walk for around 45 minutes. It will be a good spot for people who do trucking. I also wanted to cover one more location. Let me stop the walk here. We are humans and we wont be able to stay energetic all the time as we see in ads of Boost or Horlicks. We are back at the shore. Come here only if you are willing to walk. Or else you would have to come back like this. People with kids should take care. I have been here for around 15 minutes. I had a chocolate. and I also had water. By this time many vehicles came here. All of these vehicles are from Kuwait. They came here as a team. All of those vehicles are very expensive. Mine is the least expensive. All of them are wondering how I am driving a bike with low CC. I told you guys that we only need small vehicles Look at the view that the rider gets with the display and other equipments. This deels like a car. The main difference is that this will cost you around 36-40 Lakh INR while, while our bike costs only 1.5 Lakh INR We also have a Hayabusa there and it is an Omani vehicle. There are no more stops. We are going directly to Sur. Time is around 4:30. I started from Muscat at around 9 We took this long to reach here because we stopped at many places in between That is how we should travel. There is no point in over speeding. We should see all the views. You should know that one we go through a route, we wont be going through that place again. After leaving Oman, we wont be able to come back to Sur. So that is why we have to travel slowly and explore while we travel. Only then we will be able to enjoy our ride. Aamina is here. Those people you see behind me are Malayalis. This is a Kornish area. At night we will be going to see turtles. There are very old tortoises here that are very special. We will be going there after 8:00PM. We will see again the the next episode with such views. What you are seeing is tortoise laying eggs.


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    Sinkholes are cavities in the ground that form when water erodes an underlying rock layer. Two types of sinkholes exist. One forms when the roof of a cave collapses and exposes the underground cavern. The second type forms when water dissolves the rock underneath soil and creates an underground chasm
    A sinkhole, also known as a cenote, sink, sink-hole,[1][2] swallet, swallow hole, or doline (the different terms for sinkholes are often used interchangeably[3]), is a depression or hole in the ground caused by some form of collapse of the surface layer. Most are caused by karst processes – the chemical dissolution of carbonate rocks[4] or suffosion processes.[5] Sinkholes vary in size from 1 to 600 m (3.3 to 2,000 ft) both in diameter and depth, and vary in form from soil-lined bowls to bedrock-edged chasms. Sinkholes may form gradually or suddenly, and are found worldwide

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    ഒത്തിരി സ്നേഹത്തോടെ,തുടർന്നുള്ള യാത്രകളിൽ എല്ലാം വിധമായ ആശംസകളും!!! കാനഡയിൽ, വിന്നിപെഗിൽ നിന്നും ജോബി ജേക്കബ്

    ഈ വിഡിയോ 3മിനുട്ട് 26 സെക്കന്റ്‌, മല്ലു ട്രാവലർ ദയവായി കാണു !!!

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