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Kuta Beach, Bike taxi, Mobile sim – BYE BALI

August 22, 2019

My return flight is scheduled at 4 pm its 11:15 am Almost everyone from my team has left as they had a different flight I am travelling by Thai Airways which is at 4 pm So I am passing the time and exploring this place No one is insisting to buy. How good is that! No one is bothering This costs 40,000 IDR But she is saying that its ok to bargain in this market Use your bargaining skills We Indians are expert in bargaining I asked her to go ahead because I think she was creating noise behind me This is a typical market in such tourist place Girlfriend!!
Oh! he made me emotional Now, please don’t start teasing me on this matter They were intentionally creating noise after seeing the camera This is Art Market in Kuta Thats the beach Kuta is a happening place in Bali If you love shopping, don’t forget to give a visit to the Art market You will find a lot of tourists from all over the world at this place You will get a Telkomsel sim for 200,000 IDR and get 7 GB of internet data He was asking for 300,000 iDR But he offered me a discount of 100,000 IDR So the final cost is 200,000 IDR approx 1000 INR, which is very expensive You must have got an idea of a sim cost. Its better ask 2-3 shopkeepers to get the best deal This is Kuta beach You’ll see many tourist relaxing, getting a massage… Some are doing water activities I am not going ahead You can use this paid shower facility after the beach activities Bali traffic is pathetic During our trip a lot of time got wasted in traffic jams Thats why, this is one-way zone That gentleman is trying to cross the road he is on the zebra crossing, still no one is stopping for him This is a difference between Russia, European countries and South-east, South Asian countries You must have seen in my videos that traffic stops for the pedestrians using the zebra crossings They respect the right of pedestrians Did you see how he reacted when I refused to go with him! Imitating Deepika Padukone (Tamasha movie) I am going to visit this departmental store wow! its airconditioned! what a relief!! Milk is known as Susu… like Malaysia Thats gabah restaurant it means, I am on the right way I am now going to visit Discovery mall probably he was selling drugs I have reached Discovery mall Mr Dewa said, that this is probably the largest mall in Bali So lets go in its very hot and humid outside open from 10 am to 10 pm its 12:30 pm now I am going back to the hotel wow!! the weather is so cool..
fantastic.. fantastic.. ‘pun intended’ I am sweating again he seems to be a big fan of bollywood music Many people have asked me this question how to select a place to stay in a tourist destination? we receive such queries on the facebook group of TouristHelpline Let me share the answer to it Check the ratings and feedback provided by the guests on famous websites like… booking.com, yatra, makemytrip, agoda, etc. check the reviews of the hotels check guest’s ratings, not the agency’s ratings now we are going back but I got an important information how can a budget traveller travel in Bali? there are lot of hostels to stay for a budget traveller but how to travel ! there are bike taxis, called Ojek by the way, she is Brinda from Kolkata She is a journalist from the Telegraph newspaper She was the only one in our group who could understand the Balinese language She has spent her childhood in Indonesia That is how she knows a lot of things about this place That is a Grab bike taxi Can ojeks be booked online? Yes, sure But if you don’t have an app, you can approach anyone of them on the road they will take you anywhere This concept is quite old in Bali its like using a taxi or autos in India You can find these Ojeks easily on the road They are also quite cheap he is saying… their prices are fixed they have a fixed rate for kilometers You can also get a bill on your mobile phone if you use their mobile app its like Uber and Ola (in India) We have reached the airport I’ll meet you soon after completing the airport formalities That airplane will take me to Bangkok after a layover of 3-4 hours Thai Airways will take me to Kolkata So the trip is completed now I will reach Kolkata at 1 am I experienced Malaysia airlines while coming to Bali Now return flight is with Thai AIrways Thanks to the organisers of this trip Thanks to Indonesian tourism authority for inviting us in Bali They invited journalists to show their country.. beautiful Bali and then we can inform you about those places using our platforms like newspapers, youtube channels, etc. so that you can get inspired and come to visit this wonderful place Now I am going to board the plane This is November 2017. The year is going to end now Now, lets meet in 2018


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