LIFE ON A SMALL SAILBOAT Working, Cooking, Sailing & Exploring in our Tiny Home – Ep 108
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LIFE ON A SMALL SAILBOAT Working, Cooking, Sailing & Exploring in our Tiny Home – Ep 108

November 22, 2019

– Good morning. Today we’re gonna do a day in
the life of a free range sailor. I’m not sure what’s gonna happen. Already this morning, we had,
we were woke up inside a cloud which was really cool. Normally, Troy gets up around 6:30 and I normally wake up at 6:30, but I lie in bed for
like pretty much an hour, which is what I did this morning. I lay in bed for an
hour and I just watched the cloud coming across the hatch, and then I got up and wiped down the boat ’cause we had a lot of
condensation on the boat from the cloud. (laughs) – Some people might call it mist or fog. – Or fog, but I like to call it a cloud. Welcome to Free Range Sailing. – [Troy] Join us as we
sail around Australia, visiting its wild places in our 30 foot, 50 year old sailing boat, Mirrool. (gentle music) – [Pascale] Living off the land and sea, while sailing a yacht that
costs less than a new car. – [Troy] We show that it’s
possible to have big adventures with a sea-worthy boat
on a very modest budget. (waves crashing) – Troy has already had his first coffee. I haven’t had my coffee yet
so I’m like, I need my coffee. – We call that coffee entree. – Coffee entree for we
don’t always breakfast, like we probably won’t
have breakfast today ’cause we haven’t been very active lately. If we’ve been busy like diving
and doing lots of things, we’ll have breakfast and
Troy is working on the ship’s log.
– Ship’s log. – So yeah in the morning,
unless we obviously have to get going and sail somewhere, we normally have coffee and do some work. So that’s what we’re gonna do this morning and then we’ll see what else we get up to for the rest of the day, but we do plan on going for a sail later
this afternoon, so yep. Coffee time. (peaceful guitar music) (metal clanging) (coffee grinding) (metal clicking) (lighter sparking) – Another part of a day in
the life of Free Range Sailing is obviously making the videos. This is the primary computer we use. I’ve also got another one there that sometimes when I’m
editing, I’ll do it. I’ve got this little computer
that I do internetting stuff so we’re probably a bit over-computered, but what I wanted to point out is when we’re editing Free Range Sailing, our energy requirements has just, poof, gone through the roof. – Yep.
– Hasn’t it? Before Free Range Sailing, this boat used to run
on 30 amp hours a day. That ran the fridge, lights, everything, radio, whatever. Now we can chew that
up in just a few hours. When this thing starts making videos, it can pull 10 amps. – Yeah, it’s insane. – 10 amps, you know like, hour on hour. So that 30 amp hours can be done (clicks
fingers) just like that. – But also because we’ve
got this big, fast computer, we get the editing done a
lot quicker than we used to. So we have more time to have adventures and do stuff which we’ll
get on to later today. – Later today. And we can make a quality video. So that’s something to just think about. If people wanted to
document their travels, if you want to do a good
job of making videos, it’s actually very energy intensive, and that’s why we had
to upgrade, you know, we had to spend quite a bit
of money on upgrading our– – Solar. – Our solar and that’s purely so we can charge cameras, run computers.
– Computers. – And all of that stuff like that. So it’s a bit of a hidden
cost and on a 30 footer, it’s a lot of extra weight. – And extra space. – And extra space. So, it’s actually hard
to run just a computer, some people say why don’t
you have an electric engine which is a few kilowatts. Even running this is a
big deal on a 30 footer if you don’t want to have a generator. (soft ambient music) – So that was our morning, pretty much we’ve just spent it editing, and we’re gonna go for
a big, long beach walk and maybe a little bit of a hunt. We’re gonna go check out a creek or a kind of swampy area behind the beach this afternoon on the SUP. But first, we’re gonna have some lunch. I’m gonna heat up
leftovers from last night. We had, last night we
had vegetable massaman. (upbeat electronic music) To do anything on our boat, we gotta pack everything
up first, don’t we Troy? Like these beasts of computers. But if we had a bigger boat, we’d probably have a nav station and one of the computers
would be able to stay there, packed like, shut down, but not having to put it away in a bag every day. – Yeah, I would strap this
computer to a fixed spot. I see we’re having my
favorite breakfast, leftovers. – It’s lunch, but yeah. It’s your favorite anything. – A brunch?
– Leftovers. – Oh, it’s proper lunch,
it’s half past 12. – Yeah I know, that’s what I was saying we’ve been editing all morning. – Oh, wow.
– So we’re gotta go out and do something. – Yeah, well, I always
sort of meant to do this because the wind wasn’t meant
to show up until about now. – Yep. – And also it’s a slack tide. It’s slack high tide, so we
can finish this and go in. – Straight on the SUP.
– And go for a walk on the beach if you want. – That was the plan, yep. Okay so we’re gonna turn the engine on and go a bit closer ashore so we don’t have to paddle as far. (laughs) ‘Cause we’re slack. No because we can, the tide’s come up now. (upbeat electric guitar music) (boat engine whirring) Still five meters. – [Troy] It’ll change soon. – Coming up. – [Troy] Okay, so see that color change? You want to be sort of ready. – To turn? – [Troy] Really shallow just to (whistles) get us outta there. – So we’re in four now. I guess it doesn’t matter, we can just anchor in four. – [Troy] Yeah. – Should I just turn around? – [Troy] Hang on, what’s it saying? – 3.7. I’ll just turn. – [Troy] Turn that way. – Oh. – [Troy] What’s our depth now? – Three. 2.7. – [Troy] Give us a look there. – 2.5. 2.4 at the back end. You want me to go to the anchor? – Yeah, but if we drop in, if we drop the actual pick here, we’re still gonna hang back and that’s why I wanted to drive in and have a look. Yeah, so throw the
(mumbles) stick on there. (upbeat guitar music) (waves lapping) You’re so crazy. – I’m a crazy person. In here? (ropes tapping) Where am I gonna thread it? Oh yeah, one round like
that to hold it down. (Troy mumbles) 1.8 meters. – [Troy] What did I tell you? (Pascale laughs) – What did we need, 1.6? – [Troy] No, 1.8.
– Okay. – So what we did here, Pascy, is it’s 2.9 now on the
tide curve, all right? So we banked it in, what, 1.8 meters? – [Pascale] Yep. – All right, so 1.8 meters difference, if we look, we’ll be, what, 1.1? And that’s at about half past five. – [Pascale] That’s near
the bottom of the tider. – Yeah, so we’re gonna get out of here at, let’s say four o’clock. That’ll be 1.5 meters difference. What’s the difference between 1.5 and 2.9? – [Pascale] 1.4. – Whoa, you’re a genius. (Pascale laughs) – Yep, so, we’ve got plenty. You know what I mean? – [Pascale] Yep. – We’ve got 40 centimeters under the keel by the time it’s ready to go. Is that enough? (laughs) I think it should be all right. – [Pascale] And the water
is like a swimming pool. – It is like a swimming pool. So let’s go have some fun. (relaxed funk music) ♪ Ba da da day ♪ ♪ Ba da da day hey hey ♪ ♪ Slow down ♪ ♪ There’s no need for us to rush babe ♪ – We found the creek
pretty easily, didn’t we? – Yeah, we just walked inland. (Pascale laughs) – And it looks fresh. I think I’m gonna go for a swim. (gentle guitar music) (water splashes) This is cool. – [Troy] Pretty ready to spend
a night here now, aren’t you? (Pascale laughs) – It’s so close to the beach. It’s crazy. – We’ll go and see where
it comes out further down. (Pascale mumbles) (water splashes) I like google. – Yeah. (laughs) It’s flowing quite fast actually. It’s flowing that way. – [Troy] Hm? – It’s going that way. (water splashes) (Troy laughs) – Yeah, flowing to the sea. – Yep. – Brr. (footsteps in water) – I like to think that this barnacle may have one been attached
to a whale’s flipper. (waves lapping) (boat engine whirring) We just set anchor. As the sun was setting,
we’re here at Moon Point, and we moved here because
we’re expecting northerlies today or tomorrow. So we thought we’d scoot down here. There are a few other boats
around, but that’s okay. We are pretty hungry. We’ve been snacking on
nuts and fruit to get here. So I’m gonna cook us up some dinner. Maybe even Troy will help me. Actually, he’s doing the dishes
which is pretty legendary, so he might be off duty
for helping me cook dinner. (laughs) And this guy’s hard at work. (scrubbing) So we’re having potato
rostis for dinner tonight with smoked trout and a nice salad on top. (food sizzling) What is going on here? (Troy laughs) – Part of our land treats
was a bit of smoked trout. So I’ve just taken the skin off it, and it was so delicious, I can’t imagine anything
not wanting to eat it. So they’re not gonna eat the skin but I am gonna put a hook in it, and I’m gonna throw it overboard. What do you think? – [Pascale] See how we go. – It’s worth doing, isn’t it? – Yep. (knife chopping) I’ll flip him, but I’ll use the plate. Hopefully I don’t melt the plate. – [Troy] You won’t melt the plate. – Okay. (clanging) Look at that. (food sizzling) It’s so crispy. Very yummy. Oh, I grated my fingernail as well when I grated my thumb. – [Troy] Mm, bonus. – [Pascale] I just did a bad thing. I burnt my baby. – The old flip the rosti and pour hot oil out of the pan onto an ankle trick. – [Pascale] Mm. (Troy laughs) – Hot ghee. Who would’ve thought
it would burn so well? – [Pascale] Me? (Troy laughs) Should’ve been more careful. – Too late now. – [Pascale] Bon appetit, mon cherie. – Merci beaucoup. So what is it, darl? – [Pascale] I hope it’s not too cold. It’s a potato pancake
with a smoked trout salad. – Mmm. – [Pascale] Is it good? – It’s delicious. Who’s our (mumbles), someone’s like, “That guy’s smart. “He always says it’s delicious.” (Pascale laughs) Get that camera out of my food. – [Pascale] It’s movie night.
Why aren’t we having popcorn? – I think I made myself
allergic to popcorn. – [Pascale] It’s sad.
So what do you have instead? – Nothing. – [Pascale] But you’re
drinking something now. We always have this in– – Turmeric latte, but it’s not really a– – [Pascale] Replacement? – No. – It doesn’t mean we hold
hands or take windy walks. What it really means is,
we’ll try to keep him out of as much trouble
as he inflicts on me. I give him a hard time. Keeps him in check. But really, he’s like my brother. – [Troy] Ready for noise? – Yep. (beeping) Ready for bum crack? – [Troy] Ready for bum crack? (Pascale laughs) (boat engine whirring) (Pascale laughs) – [Pascale] Camera. (Troy gargles) – [Troy] This help? (Pascale laughs) (relaxed funk music) – [Pascale] Thanks for joining us for a day in the life this week. If you enjoyed the video, please don’t forget to
click the thumbs up button and to subscribe to our channel. If you’d like to grab a Free Range Sailing t-shirt or hoodie, they are available for a limited time only by clicking the link on the screen or in the description of this video.


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