Liveaboard SailBoat Life: My First Time Hauling Out
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Liveaboard SailBoat Life: My First Time Hauling Out

September 12, 2019

Three novice sailors set out to Spain
with the vague idea of sailing the Mediterranean. Five days after arrival we
sailed 111 miles to Mallorca. We had an arduous time getting to Ibiza as well as
back to mainland Spain. After a quick road trip around Spain we’re back on the
boat and preparing for our next 100 nautical mile sail. This here is called a wind vain. It’s a
type of auto helm. When we got the boat this was broken. We just med moored here in this marina and we had one of our lines accidentally
going on it so pulled it even more so it’s pretty completely broken so I’m
gonna take it off. That’s what a broken wind vain looks like. We found an open slip and began our Mediterranean moor which you can see by the exhaust that we
are very new and the Med moor is difficult. This is my fourth ever successful Med moor. Nice job. Jackson. Dylan has been busy
cleaning out the drains in the head using a chemical to do so. That’s so
bright. Which like burns through whatever’s clogging it and we were
having a bit of draining issues here so I figured agh if we have leftover stuff
maybe we should put it in the sink. So Dylan put it in the sink. It burnt right
through all the pipes in the sink. Oh my goodness. Whoa. What is this stuff that
we’re working with here? Not good. No. This is sanitary hose that we’re gonna use
underneath the kitchen because it’s all they had. That amount of hose was like 20 bucks. Tara and Jackson put on a coat of varnish and we went to bed eager for our
sail in the morrow. It rained dirt last night. All of this came out of the
sky. Yeah and we just varnished everything so. Cast off port side, cast off the bow. Cast off the starboard and unfurl the
head sail and sail outta here. Go ahead and cast it off Jackson. Tara, I’m going to start unfurling the head sail so give me some slack. Jackson, what’s that caught up on? That main, that jib, that sheet. Yep, it’s all off. Okay, cool. The wind just died. It’ll be a lot easier to cast the stern off first. Okay. We’re gonna come around this. We’re gonna furl in the head sail and then jibe. So let’s prepare to jibe. All right so good ahead and let’s raise the main sail. So Tara, ease the sheet. We’re sailing to San Carlos de la Rapita where we will be moor anchoring
for a few days and then hauling out the boat and cleaning it and working all.
We’re going to miss you Javea. You were wonderful. So what happened and what did you just do? The head broke so this is a bucket of s*$%. I grabbed this big aluminum pole, known as a whisker pole in sailing lingo, and pulled out the
Genoa as we settled into a run at the heading of 31 degrees, which we stayed at for pretty much the rest of our 25 hour sail. So we’re gonna read the Genoa. What that
means is we’re going to make the sail smaller and the reason for that is so
that there’s not as much stress on that sail and then because it’s starting to
get relatively windy. I mean we’re probably sitting at fifteen knots of wind. Maybe a little bit more. Genoa it’s like super light so
we’ve been cruising at like seven knots so we probably want to bring that down
to about six knots. In Sant Carles de la Rapita we finally lined up a boat survey
after over 400 miles on the water. Slightly leaking. Yeah. So you’re looking for movement of the
rudder on the stock also any structural movement and we’re not seeing any. Good news. And then we hammer sound it to look for delamination. We promptly cleared the deck and began
our boat work. These are blisters. This is like a tool.
It feels like you’re cleaning up a wound to be, preparing it to be dressed. I would like to. No se exactamente, pero quiero. One to one ay? I filled all the
blister pits and holes with two-part watertight epoxy. There were two spots of delamination on the deck. We drilled holes and filled the fiberglass with epoxy. That’s a mighty big box you got there. Dometic, coming in clutch. For the win. Mobile living made easy. We got another one, Tara. That many holes. Okay, I’m going to need your help now. Ohhhh you are, I hope you fly. Oh you fly for sure! Nice. How’s it going? Good to see ya. That looks great. What are you up to? Taking apart the head. So this is a sanitary hose that s*$% goes through and over time it calcifies, gets calcium deposits,
and so if you look in here you can see that the diameter is like half maybe a
quarter of what it used to be. All that gray build-up there. That’s calcium. Back in the water it was the first time
to try out our new dinghy davits. It was un-gusseted. Not quite loose. First time using the dinghy davits. I’m drifting away! Jackson! I got you buddy! As you can see I have never done this
before. We set off on our next 170 nautical mile
sail to Cadaques, Spain. Expecting to have to motor the latter half of the trip, we settled into our journey. Thanks for watching. Subscribe if you
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