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Made An Eagle While In Florida | Burnt Pine Golf Club

August 16, 2019

I hope you all are doing great today I’m
out here at burnt pine Golf Club and Sandestin in Florida the last video was at
Indian Bayou that was the front nine there had some comments saying that a
bunch of y’all travel to this area and was just wondering if you drop a comment
below just recommending some other courses for everyone wanting to know some
good recommendations for traveling down here for where to play golf that would
be greatly appreciated we’re gonna be playing the back nine’ here at burnt
pine today got done playing the front nine
shot one over eight pars one bogey didn’t really get anything going that’s
okay we’re just saving the birdies for y’all to witness and see number ten here 408 yards from the plate
were a couple yards in front of it you want to stay just left of that
bunker that you can see off in the distance on the right side I’m gonna
take driver kind of an aggressive play I’m hearing we’re gonna tee it high let it
fly y’all saw that sunglass catch that
was a tight tee shot tighter than I gave it credit for however we’re right there
split it right down the middle take that all day every day it’s on the left side
my right hand is pointing over there but one side of the green where you are
gonna get a little sandwich good distance there just a little
shorter pin-high spun back just a fraction a good position to make a
birdie on the first hole up the back nine
all right guys huge shout out to Anthony for having me out here today
this course is awesome where can they find you
San Destin Florida Bart pieing golf club come check us out I thought we did it I
thought we did it burn the edge alright for on number 10
we’ve got driver here on 11 par 4 371 see that middle bunker out there in the
middle that is our target hopefully you split it down the middle – good tea shots in a row right here on
the right side of the fairway about 55 yards left – a back left pin don’t really want to be long to that pin
however probably could have played a little more aggressive there I was a substantial Hill right there
that I did not get it up all the way sorry about that second putt there that
was on time-lapse it was glaring on the screen didn’t realise I had time lapse
had to move the camera real quick made the putt onto 12 pretty good look right there about 15
feet left to right for birdie that’s a three for me on 12 number 13
425 yard par-4 kind of want to take it right in there oh no it all wrong unfortunately that
ball splashed right out in there so we will be taking a drop right here those Goodspeed however one over through
the four holes that we played here on the back nine on to 14
wow what a par-3 225 yards so a back pan don’t miss it right don’t miss it short
really don’t miss a left – either you need to hit the get here from the tee
box but it bounced right there over there not the best ship shot however you
didn’t want to leave that short 20 feet left here for par see if we can’t roll
it in all the way around that was a bogey
however there’s where it landed on the wood
those last two holes were tough that par-3 was a very difficult par-3 didn’t
have a great tee shot however you know salvaged bogey bogey home class to were
to over through 14 here on the back nine how about this walk to the tee back here
on 15 looked at that new number 15 par 4 444 yards anything right of that pin
that you see off in the distance is no good want to keep it left that’s what we did here’s where we are
96 yards left to the pen all right that’s bar here on 15 par 5
number 16 515 yards it’s a tight driving hole might get
aggressive here there wasn’t a whole lot of room the
fairway does tighten up found ourself in the bunker 200 yards left here gonna hit
a 6-iron that’s the best shot I’ve hit today
can’t believe I got it over that lip had to get it up quick very happy with that
swing especially after making a couple bogeys in a row a few holes back put
ourselves in position see if we can’t get an eagle boom that’s an eagle right there we
haven’t we haven’t had an eagle on the channel in a little while right there
back to even par Eagle right there knock those two bogeys right out the window
yes on 217 par 4 375 yards we’re gonna sting it 150 yards left – a back pin we’ve got a long pun ahead we just played that off the green and that was a three-putt well kind of a
to put since one of the putts was off the green but yeah that’s a bogey number
18 par-5 bends to the right over those bunkers our lines gonna be just to the
left of them it sound pretty good pulled it just a little bit right down here in
the rough but do have a pretty good look at the green on this lengthy par 5 265
yards left here we’ve got hybrid in hand I didn’t come here to lay out hit that one well it was pulled a little
bit a little left but should have a decent looking it up and down walking up
to my ball it is alright got about 25 yards left it was a little
long left that hybrid flew a long ways not a very good first part I thought was
gonna be quick that is a par on 18 one over on today’s
nine holes here at the back nine at burnt pine golf club had so much fun
thanks again to Anthony for having me out here today you know made some bogeys
wasn’t our best today however that Eagle did help a lot on the score for today’s
round that was fun haven’t had an eagle here on the channel
in a little while hope you’ll enjoyed coming along and if you did and like
this kind of content please throw a little thumbs up that like down below
subscribe as well if you haven’t already and again guys really appreciate you all
tuning in the growth on the channel has been incredible appreciate all your
support and we’ll see you only see ya


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