MaineLiving – Fly Fishing – S2 – Episode 18

August 23, 2019

♪[Music]♪>>Bob Howe: Well, let’s go, take a walk in the river. ->>Erin Ovalle: All right! ->>Bob Howe: Okay? All right!>>Erin Ovalle: How long
have you been doing this?>>Bob Howe:
Guiding or fishing?>>Erin Ovalle:
Fishing, your whole life?>>Bob Howe: 50 years.>>Erin Ovalle:
50, so you are like what? 52?>>Bob Howe: No! 62!
->>Erin Ovalle: Really? ->>Bob Howe: Yeah! ->>Erin Ovalle: We go down this
way? ->>Bob Howe: We are. We’ll try to be respectful
to all the other fishermen.>>Erin Ovalle: Okay.>>Bob Howe: So we’ll let
these guys fish here and we’ll go find
another place. ->>Erin Ovalle: All right! ->>Bob Howe: Okay? We always have to be
respectful for it.>>Erin Ovalle:
That’s a mosquito!>>Bob Howe: That’s okay. He ain’t going
to eat that much.>>Erin Ovalle:
I am feeling lucky. ->>Bob Howe: Haan? ->>Erin
Ovalle: I am feeling lucky.>>Bob Howe: You are
feeling lucky, huh? Okay, now, we want to see
your line is down there and we want to
cast it up there, so your fly will ride down on
the water, on the surface, okay?>>Erin Ovalle:
Oh, I see it, yeah.>>Bob Howe: So I am going
to help to pick it up. Half cast. Okay, you see your fly?>>Erin Ovalle: Oh, where?>>Bob Howe: It went right by,
you got to mend that a little bit.>>Erin Ovalle: Here! Fishy! Fishy! So you just keep doing
this until you feel it?>>Bob Howe:
Yeah, until you see him.>>Erin Ovalle: Oh, come on!>>Bob Howe: False cast once.>>Erin Ovalle: Oh, I
see what you just did. I see him, I see him, I see him. ->>Bob Howe: See it floating,
you mend the line over like that so it floats naturally.>>Erin Ovalle: You think
the fisher watching him?>>Bob Howe:
Yeah, from underneath. [Laughter]
>>Erin Ovalle: Do you see any?>>Bob Howe:
No, you don’t see them. ->>Erin Ovalle: Are they there? ->>Bob Howe: They are there. Okay, try it again. All right! See it right there.>>Erin Ovalle:
Yeah, I see them.>>Bob Howe: Oops! You see that fish hit it?>>Erin Ovalle: No. Did it?>>Bob Howe: Yeah. It pushed them
upfront. ->>Erin Ovalle: Oh no! Are you serious? ->>Bob Howe: Oh yeah! ->>Erin Ovalle: Did he get it? ->>Bob Howe: No! You didn’t set the hook.>>Erin Ovalle:
Ah! What do you mean? Like I have to… I have to be faster?>>Bob Howe: You have to be…
you have to when you see it hit you set the hook
like that, right?>>Erin Ovalle:
Oh! Tell me when you see it.>>Bob Howe:
All right! And then…>>Erin Ovalle:
What did you see?>>Bob Howe: He came up like this
from the bottom, and grabbed it. ->>Erin Ovalle: No way!
->>Bob Howe: Yeah. Now you got to explain
to these people that you have never used
a fly rod in your life. ->>Erin Ovalle: Do I look bad? ->>Bob Howe: No! But these people…
they will say, what the heck,
why are they struggling?>>Erin Ovalle: Wait! These
people or these people?>>Bob Howe: No, the
people you are talking to.>>Erin Ovalle: Oh! Wait! I am struggling? [Laughter]
>>Erin Ovalle: My God! This
is… I mean I saw a fish.>>Bob Howe: You’ve done well.>>Erin Ovalle: Oh my gosh! Well, you guys
should try it!>>Bob Howe: Yeah.>>Erin Ovalle:
Tell us about your philanthropy.>>Bob Howe: Well…>>Erin Ovalle: Do you
want to talk about it?>>Bob Howe: I like to bring
beginners, hunting and fishing, and I like to bring
American heroes.>>Erin Ovalle: How many?>>Bob Howe: Well, I bring
about 400 guys a year, hunting or fishing,
for free…>>Erin Ovalle: I see them.>>Bob Howe: …and it
doesn’t cost them anything to bring them
and their families, put them up and bring
them fishing and hunting, and we have been doing
it for a long time and…>>Erin Ovalle:
What’s it called, again?>>Bob Howe:
Pine Grove Programs. But, back then
it wasn’t a program, it was just me taking
the guys fishing. Then, when I bought The Lodge,
we said, well, I’ve got some empty beds,
we might as well fill them with veterans.>>Erin Ovalle: Oh cool!>>Bob Howe: And it
just grew from there. ♪[Music]♪
->>Erin Ovalle: Do I get the stamp of approval? ->>Bob Howe: Of course!>>Erin Ovalle: Okay!

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